Friday, October 1, 2010

Sleeping with the Enemy

reenactment of robert and me

Well, not exactly. I didn't sleep in an OU jersey last night, I DID however sleep in an OU t-shirt, so that's kind of close. Also, I'm not clever enough to come up with the "Sleeping with the Enemy" title. It's taken from this article. (Thanks you WWAGS for letting me know about it.)

I, Alexis Gold Neal Scarff, Sooner Born and Sooner Bred, married Robert Fantin Scarff a Longhorn since the day he was born, a Spur at the University of Texas. (Spurs are the guys that take care of Bevo.) 

sidenote: I do love the Raiders too, shout out to my alma mater, but my Tech friends know you can't shake the OU out of me. My gosh, what are Robert and I's poor babies going to wear on gamedays? Texas t-shirt, OU pants and Tech socks? Someone call a child psychiatrist.

At my wedding reception, at the end of my dad's speech he began to talk about the day that Robert asked him for my hand in marriage. My dad said he gave Robert his blessing and told him to go tell my mom (my mom already knew it was coming of course. mom's always know.). My dad said after the initial emotions of his daughter getting married passed - it hit him, "my daughter is marrying a longhorn". Then he said it reminded him of a little something that his parents used to say.... My dad grew up in an OU saturated environment. My Granny and Papa were OU alumni. Sooner born, sooner bred - duh. At this point in my dad's speech, my dad's two older sisters, my two aunts, pranced up to the empty dance floor. This was a complete surprise. I was thinking, "OMG, what is happening??"

They proceed to pull an OU visor, an OU hat and two OU flags out of a Victoria Secret bag and begin this hilarious poem/song about how they'd rather go anywhere but the University of Texas. I wish I remembered it verbatim. I'll email them and ask them for it after this post because it's just a classic.

mommy and daddy speech giving

 is Franni wearing OU Crimson? i think so!

i'm thinking..."what is happening here?"

"omg, are my aunts doing an OU skit?!"

"they definitely are!!"

"omg, I love my aunts."

Robert thinking, "is there an OU skit happening right now??"

"yes. there. is."

did i mention my aunts are OU alumni too oh and KKG sisters?

yep, OU skit at my wedding. true life.

omg. i love my aunts and OU. 


Robert fully knew what he was in for this weekend by marrying me. I'm going to be obnoxious and annoying. I'm probably going to take my huge OU flag to the fair tomorrow and wave it around wildly while spilling beer on myself. But the beauty is he gets it. Tomorrow we'll root for different teams. He always takes games pretty seriously and tomorrow so will I. Still, no matter what, I know we'll have fun. It's so much more than just a great game, it's the tradition, it's the reunion with your friends. It's OU/TX. It's beautiful. 

Tonight, I will be sleeping with the enemy and tomorrow I will console him when his team loses and then be can go back to normal people and start the countdown for OU/TX 2011 :)

"You go with it the way it is. And I've gotta say it's exciting. It's everything you want out of college football. So why go change it?"- Coach Bob Stoops about the OU/TX game - let the tradition live on!


Anonymous said...

The wedding thing is hilarious. We are frenemies this weekend...but I still hope I run into you and your stupid sooner flag. Haha.

alexis scarff said...

haha. total frenemies. the flag didn't make it to the game in the rush to get to the fair, but wish we would have ran into you guys too! seriously went to bed with "Texas fight, Texas fight, OU sucks!" in my head - oh the effects from sitting on the Texas side...