Wednesday, October 6, 2010


On Monday, I posted that Robert did not say "OU sucks" during the Texas fight song out of respect for his grandparents. In retrospect that was a very naive statement and I can't believe I actually typed it and believed in my heart that it was true. 

Let the record state that it is very FALSE. 

Robert informed me that he has said, "OU sucks" MANY TIMES. 

Especially during pledgeship when he was forced to sing the fight song over and over and over. So basically, he's screamed "OU sucks" over and over.  


Still, love conquers all, because I still love my longhorn husband even after this illusion of him editing out the "OU sucks" is brought to light. 

Also, let the record state that OU does NOT suck. 

Peace, Love and Boomer Sooner, alexis

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