Friday, April 13, 2012

the end is near

Pregnancy is winding down. It's 40 weeks long and I'm at week 37. eeekkkk. Weeks 34-37 have been eventful. I guess? Regardless, I will recap....

Week 34 begins...Roberto goes to Seattle for business.
As you may be aware Seattle to Dallas is far. You also may be aware it's not exactly suggested to leave your 8 month old pregnant wife home alone in this "delicate state". There just wasn't a choice in the matter, he had to go and I had to stay. He made plans to come home Easter weekend and the two week stretch of praying I didn't go into labor while he was gone began. Honestly, God was so good to me during this time. I never ever felt alone or lonely or worried or scared. This is all 100% due to good, good friends. They were always checking in, always making me know I could call them at any time, always asking me to do things, always THERE. I'm too hormonal and it makes me want to cry. Instead of being a wreck during these 2 weeks, I actually found myself having fun? ha. I missed Robert a lot, but I enjoyed the surplus time with the girls. Let's be real, I'm going to have no life for a while after the baby to get in some "normal" things in with the girls while I can. Manicures, walks, movies,'s the little things that really made a huge difference those 2 weeks.  

The weekend of week 35 brought an extra special treat. Sarah, Jenny and Lindsey planned a staycation at the Omni downtown together. They didn't let me help pay and I'm still upset about it. ha.  Have you ever staycationed? I highly recommend it. I felt out of town and far away and it was needed and so so wonderful. Why is sitting by the pool with the girls the best thing ever? The Omni and the Omni pool definitely delivered. The views were great, the people watching was great. It was a perfect 24 hours. On top of that, Sarah gifted me a massage at the Omni spa. Incredible. Spa time/relaxation time...nothing better for a pregnant gal.

no big deal. just in the spa.

oh hey Dallas. view from our room.

the screen says "Sarah Smith" #fancy
vacay feet pic
beached whale sunning

a book for baby boy signed by the girls. love it so much. and cups from Swoozies purchased by Debbie, oh i mean Jenny. ;)

How did I not get a group pic of us? Jenny and Linds, you're not being featured on the today's blog. I know you're upset.
So, week 36 obviously started out with a refreshing state of mind due to the staycation. Then, surprise, Robert came home a couple days early! Yay! Daddy's home!! haha. That's weird to say, but kind of fun. Also, week 36 began my weekly doctor's appointments. I came in this week a little worried because my feet looked like this.
*for mature audiences only.

why am i sharing this? the girls really got a kick out of the extreme swollen state of my feet. glad to provide chuckles when i can.
Robert told me my feet looked like his grandmothers. NOT a compliment.
The swollen feet thing is common in the last month of pregnancy and I knew that I had been on my feet a lot more than usual the past 3 or 4 days and that was likely the cause. I wasn't too worried about the doctor's prognosis, I thought she might not think it was a big deal at all. But, I guess it was something to address because she (my doctor) advised me to go buy medical compression socks.

trust me, you don't know how it is to feel unattractive until you wear compression knee highs.

They're like super tight spanx for your feet. They are really depressing, but they work great and keep the swelling at bay. I'm currently on day 5 of compression sock wearing. I'm sure I have fully disgusted all of you with these. Happy Friday! Compression socks!
I can't believe this adventure called pregnancy will be coming to an end so soon. Still, I feel so far away from having an actual baby. Yet, I'm not? Maybe it'll hit me in the delivery room.
Oh and I can't mention weeks 34-37 without bringing up the nursery progress. Thanks to Jenny, Lindsey and Ana, I have somewhat of a nursery put together!! Robert has helped too. I really couldn't have done it without them. Too. Overwhelmed.

The untrained eye can't see how much they did. Linds got the slipcover on that chair. I had tried 3 times and lost the battle. It was like some sort of mathmatical puzzel I couldn't solve. She also put the bedding on the crib. Jenny organized the drawers and got our changing table looking like a changing table. Ana has provided intensive interior design guidance and continues to, plus she gifted us with the longhorn. Nursery Mondays with Ana is a good time, we should have a show! Robert has had to hang all this stuff up...longhorn, curtains. It sounds like I've done nothing. ha. I think I have helped in some capacity, I don't know what right now? ha. It's still not done, but we are getting there. One step at a time.   

That about wraps it up for now...I'm going to act like a baby and head out.  #birthjoke #ha ppppfffffffftttttttt (sadly, one of the guys at work really told that joke this week...ugggg, okay a little funny...but uggg)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

too much

There has been just too much on my heart and mind to get out a post lately. But, my husband has inspired me this morning to crank some posts out, so I'm going to try to keep ppppffffftttttt alive.

You know what else is too much- my little sister is 21 today!! The big 2-1. I just can't believe it. I feel a little like a parent since I have seen much of her growing up. I was 7 and 1/2 when she was born. I remember all her phases in life. I remember her learning words. She called an ice cream sandwich - comish mockish. She loved those comish mockishes. She called me - geckees. Alexis is a little tough, so Geckees it was. I watched Barney with her. I babysat her. I missed her so much when I went to college. I was so proud of her throughout her middle school and high school years. She made better grades then me, was a better dancer, had a much better head on her shoulders and a much better fashion sense early on and was and still is an all around badass person. In college she became a Kappa and I've loved sharing that "bond". I'll never forget when she went through rush and she was so shocked how great and cool the Kappa girls were. (ummm, obvi she thought i was HUGE nerd, but shockingly I was on point when it came to getting her to try the sorority thing. ha) I could go on and on...I beam with pride on the daily due to her. No one can make me laugh like her and she's the only person I can truly boss around without feeling bad and that's fun sometimes. ;)

I love having a little sister so much. I am so glad God blessed our family with Augusta 21 years ago at 8:45 a.m. :)

her current fb prof pic. watch out world here she comes. well, watch out bars, here she comes. she's already told the world what's up. ;)