Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pumpkins and Fairytales

At my little duplex, I have a little porch, my little porch has a little ledge. My little ledge is now ready for fall.

ehhh. my little ledge is kind of dirty. 

Why do women/girls love pumpkins so much? Is it the Cinderella thing? When the fairy godmother turns the pumpkin into the carriage did our female minds immediately forever fixate pumpkins into something that is whimsical and magical and associated with fairytales?

fairy godmothers do not eff around. 

When late September comes and the pumpkins start showing up at the grocery stores I become irrationally excited. Is it because I love fall? Is it because I need to get a life? Or is it because, deep down I still want to be near the fairytale? Pumpkins=Cinderella/Fairytale=Problems Solved

Regarding fairytales, I believe Carrie Bradshaw said something like "we have to rescue ourselves". My mom was constantly reminding me when I was single that "life isn't a fairytale". Needless to say the "fairytale" mentality is one that girls fight with especially after the bad relationship cloud of destruction enters the picture.

I happen to believe the delusional fairytale mentality sweeps far broader than the relationship/finding a Prince bit. For example, I meant a Prince Charming and still I clamor for things. I expect Robert and I to always get each other. I think sometimes, I expect him to read my mind. Now THAT is the fairytale - it doesn't work like that! We've got to constantly communicate and work on each other. When that's happening life is far from a fairytale, but I know that it's part of being in love and in a marriage. 

I also get caught up in wanting the fairytale job that I'm passionate about. There's nothing wrong with that, it's good to want a job you love. But, it keeps snowballing. Before I know it, I'm sure I'll be dreaming about a fairytale house with fairytale children and dog. It doesn't end. I'm asked when will it be enough? and When will I look around and see that I'm already living in the fairytale this very moment? 

Today, I was reminded that the root of me clamoring for these things in unbelief. Am I not convinced God cannot supply my needs and help me be content? My thoughts would indicate that I definitely don't. I'm convinced that I know what I need and it sends me into a cycle of unhappiness that I can't switch off. 

Until, I stop and remember God. The only thing that satisfies my intellectual questions, my spiritual needs, my emotional woes. Also, the only thing that can fix my jaded perspective when it needs it.

With that, when you see pumpkins this fall remember that even though life isn't exactly a fairytale it is a gift. 


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I rarely regret keeping things simple. Last night for Bob's birthday dinner, the theme was simplicity. Simplicity to avoid stress and simplicity to ensure that it would be good. On the menu was a pan fried ribeye, homemade garlic mashed potatoes and peas (the man loves peas?). (Rolls were supposed to be a part of this - but I had oven issues) Once this meal was done, I looked at it on the plate and determined it was a very 1950's meal. I don't know why. It just seemed that way. 

if only i smiled when cooking...

I love cooking a good meal, I do, especially for a special occasion, but I'm here to tell you ladies and gentlemen, it's not easy -even when you keep it simple. Making sure your mashed potatoes aren't cold by the time the steak is ready. Making sure the steak is done, but not burned when you're not really sure what it's supposed to look like. It's sort of stressful. Especially when you want everything to be perfect for a certain someones' birthday. Last night when I was cooking, I felt this unnecessary pressure. I had to tell myself that by being stressed, I'm ruining the whole object cooking my husband a birthday dinner. Especially since he could hear me occasionally yelling at myself from the kitchen. "Do you need help in there?" Bob asked. "No, no, it's your birthday, everything is fine!" I said as the kitchen filled with smoke. (TIP: Bacon grease on the bottom of your oven=smoke.)

Everything ended up fine and I think Bob liked his birthday dinner. Mission accomplished. Then the cleaning ensued. Of course, there was no way I was letting him help. No one should wash a dish on their bday. By the time I cleaned up, I realized how little the amount of time was that I had with Robert and thought THIS is why people go out to dinner on their birthdays. pppfffftttttttt. I like to cook and I don't mind dishes, but on Robert's birthday, I would have liked to have no stress and just been able to enjoy the moment and spend actual time with him. Next year, we're going to La Madeleine. HA. JK. But, maybe we will go somewhere, so I can have a conversation with him that doesn't include the question, "Are you sure you like the steak?" and the statements, "You don't have to eat anything. It might not be good." 

Sometimes, simplicity means keeping it simple for yourself. So you can simply smile at your husband on his birthday and not look like a ragged homeless women by the end of the cooking and cleaning.

Life lessons, just keep coming at me. ha.

Onto another topic....

I've noticed that Tory has decided to keep it simple this fall and I like it. 
Here we have the Patent Eddie Ballet Flat.

Goodness, I could totally live in those. I actually had a pair from the Gap two falls ago that weren't to far from this. I'm sure they had major differences, but the same basic concept is the same. Just simple can be simply fabulous and functional. 

I mean, you do have to make room for the fun and trendy now and then in fashion, but you'll never regret that simple piece that goes with everything.


In sports, I've seen that you have to nail the simple rules or you make mistakes and it can be fatal to your game. You've got to get the basics before you can more on to the complex plays.
Lastly, simplicity is king on the dance floor. See the below video. This was at one of my best friends' wedding. Obvi, it was a great time. She's the beautiful bride dancing about :). If you watch carefully at the left of the screen, you'll find Roberto fist-pumping his heart out on the dance floor. The fist-pump. It's simple. It's fun. It's genius. 

Never be afraid to keep it simple my friends.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthdayyyyy to Youuuuuuuu

name that baby!

Sorry about the quality of this picture. It's actually a picture of a picture taken by my trusty blackberry. That smiling chunk of a baby is Robert Scarff. Referred to often as Roberto or Bob here on ppppffffftttttt. My gosh, could he have been any cuter!! What a little tubbster!! I don't know what a tubbster is, but it looks as though Robert could be one here!

Fun Facts about the birthday boy:

He's a life-long fan of the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Longhorns. (Sorry, baby, didn't feel right about putting a longhorn on my blog the week of OU/TX, so it had to go upside down. Boomer!)

These streets made him feel brand new

He lived in New York City for almost 4 years after college.
He's working on a film based off of the book above, You Can't Win. In my humble opinion, the book is brilliant and insightful. Robert has found that it appeals to a pretty wide audience. My Grandma even liked it. You can buy it here, if you have any interest! He astounds me daily with his work ethic towards this project and I can't wait until it all comes to fruition. Obvi, you can imagine that making a film is NOT an easy journey, but I know the knowledge and experience he's gained from this process will be priceless. I'm so proud to be with someone who is pursuing what he loves, even when there have been bumps in the road. Those bumps only make you stronger, I believe. 

He's an only child. Surprisingly, not spoiled though! Though he did get confused once when I was using his brush. "You're using my brush?", he said. To which I replied, "Yes, only child, I'm using your brush." I don't know why I think that brush story is so funny. I mean that was his brush, why would I brush my hair with his brush? Hilarious. When you share a bathroom with a sister you grow so immune to her stuff being your stuff and vise versa. I forget that I need to phase Robert into this stuff instead of just cold-turkey using his brush without consent.

Lastly (and this is sure to make everyone sick) but he's perfect. Or at least for me he is. Not a day goes by where we're not laughing and having fun. He's endlessly teaching me things and making me a better person and more importantly he's endlessly loving me and showing me what love truly is. There's nothing I can't tell him and I'm just thankful that I know him, let alone that he gets to be my husband. I feel blessed beyond measure. So with that, I say happy birthday to my husband!!! I'm so glad you were born. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

State Fair Time!!!!!!!

this really is a good movie. yay musicals!

Today is the first day that the State Fair of Texas is open! This means it's almost here - the Christmas to every OU and Texas fan - OU/TX!!!!!

Oh it's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!

Beers in the waxy cups, corny dogs, turkey legs. Red and orange everywhere. Oh it's grand!

My dad loves to say that he was conceived on OU/TX weekend, why or how he knows this I don't know. But, I do say- thank God for OU/TX - definitely made my grandparents excited!! Okay - TMI - I know.

Also, I met Robert two years ago on OU/TX weekend. Actually, I blogged about it here! I can't imagine my life without him. I love him so dearly. Again, thank you God for OU/TX! It's possible that I might not have a dad or a husband without this amazing annual football tradition??

I relish in every OU/TX memory and can't wait for many more with my beyond wonderful friends!!

good job with the horns down, Karns!

BOOMER!!! I. cannot. wait. Icannotwait!!!

How will I explain this?

These are my keys. Yes, I have a Taco Bueno key chain. Why, you ask? Well, one of my very dear friends, Ande Le Courtney used to work there. "Used" to. Sadly yesterday was her last day. She put this key chain in my birthday card. If you've never had a friend that works in corporate behind a fast food chain- you're missing out. Free food, coupons, merchandise! Not to mention - the great stories. Back to my key chain...if someone asked me before yesterday the reason I have a Bueno key chain. I could answer, "Oh one of my best friends works in advertising for Bueno!" Now, I would have to say that she used to work for Bueno and that just starts to sound like I could be lying and that I really got the key chain free because I ate my 100th taco or something along those lines and I'm just making up this "friend that used to work there" story. 

Regardless, this key chain is staying on. I will proudly display it because it will always make me think of Rhonda aka Ande Le Courtney. Not only was it her last day at Bueno yesterday, but her last days as a Dallasite are winding down. She's heading north to the bright lights of Oklahoma City. 

Can I imagine these last 4 years with out this chick living in Dallas? I cannot. I'm so thankful we had memories here together!! I know it's not a good-bye, but a see you real soon!! 

small ode in pics of Rhonda:

ppppfffffttttt hearts you forever!

Today's entertainment....

We've been fatboothed.

The culprit: My sister. The victims: The Scarves. The reason: Unknown.
Robert's response to this picture: I couldn't look like this if I tried. 

My response to Robert: Oh poor Mr. Perfect Metabolism!!! I feel so sorry for you!!!

I could probably look like this after two weeks of eating whatever I wanted to.

(well, maybe a little longer than two weeks. maybe not, i like sweets. and bread. and cheese. and wine.)


Oh, I forgot, I haven't shown Robert my picture yet!! Welcome to what Al will look like after pregnancy!!


I still wish I had more of Aunt Leah's fudge. You can't stop me, fatbooth.  

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nantucket: Day Five

How do days go by so fast when you're on vacation? It's like you blink and it's over. Thursday-Monday seems like ample time to get a good vacation in, right? I'm here to confirm, that it's not long enough, ladies and gentlemen. Then again, what is long enough? I could definitely stay a good couple months in Nantucket and not get my fill. Maybe even a year? Oh well, oh well, just have to be thankful for the time that I had there and know we enjoyed it to its' fullest.

On Monday morning, we said good bye to Boney and Teri :(. Their flight was at 9:00 a.m., ours wasn't til 6:00 p.m. Robert and I got a full day to play.

You might not find this cool unless you're a dork like me. How cool is that? This sign was on one of the old houses that is now a shop. I'm so inspired to read Moby Dick after my closeness to its' beginning. I'm also really scared. Boney said it's the toughest book he's ever had to get through. The only other book that has stretched his mind more that Moby Dick is the Bible. Goodness. Robert has started it and then stopped it because it's so dense. Maybe we could get through it together. Husband and wife reading aloud Moby Dick to each other every night. How romantic.
Guess where we are here?? That's right, the pier lookout place. I'm not usually a fan of birds, but this little gang of ducks were so cute. There were about six of them, though this pic only catches three. I commented to Robert how it looked like they were just being carried by the ocean. He said, yeah, but don't they say something about ducks like how it looks like they're just floating but they're really working so hard under the water. I thought of their little legs kicking so hard below the water where we can't see. It reminded me of God, how we don't usually see physical proof of Him, but he's there working so hard for us, trying to guide us through the life's ocean.

This should be posted on the what NOT to do in Nantucket website? Why did I do this? Couldn't tell you.

Here's one of the big fishing boats docked up at the pier. You can book a fishing trip, which we didn't do because it's late in the season. Robert and his dad have done it and say it's really fun. 

How comfy do these look? I know they look kind of funny, but that top part is a waistband and I could just imagine that I would live in those around the house in the summertime. Also, I heart seersucker. I snapped this pic, so that my aspiring fashion designer sister can sew these for me. The were 50% off and still like $150. Yeah right, Nantucket, I don't think so.

If you've never had Nantucket Nectars go to Einstein's Bagels and get one right now. (Einstein's is the only place I can find them in Dallas.) They are the BEST juices. Obvi, they started in Nantucket and here's where the magic began. At the end of a pier in a tiny breakfast restaurant.
After all our walking and shopping, we decided to take 5 on the steps of the Methodist church right off the main square. Doesn't it kind of remind you of the Kappa house in Norman? Just beautiful.

the view from the steps

baby on the steps

Our shopping and walking continued and we found ourselves in a leather crafts, pocket knife, jewelry, shoe and expensive jacket shop. It was really unique and manly and just screamed "Jeff Neal" - my daddy. This was a lab just hanging out in the store. He was so cute and sweet.

here's a man literally leather crafting! my dad does this on a small scale, so i thought this was neat.

Enjoy the flora of Nantucket.

My friends, this marks the end of my maiden voyage to Nantucket. This little sign was atop the little airport. 

I feel overwhelmed and blessed that I was able to even take a fun trip like this. Technically we're not financially there yet - Robert's parents definitely stepped in on that part. To be taken into someone's family as one of their own is humbling and fills you with love. (Not that you have to go on a vacation with someone to feel that way.) I just feel lucky and blessed. Two years ago if you had asked me if I thought I'd be able to take a long weekend in Nantucket, I would have laughed in your face. Or perhaps, I would have cried. It's crazy to look back on where we've been emotionally and spiritually. Crazy especially for me since I've had some dramatic ups and downs there. But, just like the ducks little legs, God was working hard for me. He carried me through support of my family and friends and somehow here I am, still a work in progress, but a far cry from the mess I was in two years ago. Thank you God, for sticking it out with me and thank you dear friends for loving me.

Jeremiah 29: 11-13
11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. 

Nantucket: Day Four

Oh what a perfect day this was. The sun was shining the air was crisp. One of those days when you walk outside and you're just suddenly aware of how lucky you are to be on this earth. We walked the 5 minute walk to the Episcopal Church that Robert's parents have gone to a handful of times that they've been there. I know, you might be thinking, church on a vacation? Trust me, you want to go to the churches in Nantucket. They're old and beautiful.

I was happy to be going. I was excited to tell my mom about it, she's loves the Episcopal faith because that is the church she grew up attending. We grew up in Methodist church, but she and my dad have now been regularly attending the Episcopal church in C-bad since my sister and I have left. (Gosh, sometimes, it's still weird that I'm grown up and don't live with mommy and daddy anymore.)

I was also happy I was going to have some moments to think about the Creator that gave us this day to enjoy, a husband I dearly love and friends and family that mean everything to me. The experience exceeded my expectations. This church touched my heart. The children in their church were involved in several aspects that adults usually do throughout the service. Two children, not more than age 12, read Bible readings. To hear a child's voice read the Bible is just touching. Little ones, probably 8-12, passed out the the offering bowls. Also, I was surprised to see in the bulletin how much this little church had going on. Many ministries, social gatherings, Bible studies. It was neat to take a glimpse into a church community that was clearly loving it's member and the town around it. I think I was just expecting a sleepy little church with drifters coming in and out. I was wrong, this church was in full swing and it blessed me to be a part of it, just for that day. The sermon focused on a parable that I totally did not get at first read. The minister was to the point, smart and funny broke it down. It taught me about the character of God, how deeply he loves us and cares for us - which is always a welcome reminder.

Roberto and I after the church service. 

artsy pic i tried to take of the church

back at the house pic under scenic arch. wool dress isn't doing much for my figure here. pppffttt.

This day was Boney and Teri's last day on the island, so we tried to do all that we could. We took a drive around and ended up going to check out a beach that I don't remember the name of. I would make up a name, but Robert will call me out on it. 

pathway to beach

where's Waldo/Bob?

seriously perfect day.

Scarves on a beach

Robert and I, being the adrenaline junkies that we are, went down to the water. Boney asked Robert to sit his toe in the water and tell him how the temperature was.
Here's Robert's toe in the water. I think it looks more like a lyrical dance move. Very graceful, honey.

Here's my cliche write in the sand pic. It looks like Al hearts Boo but it's supposed to say Al hearts Bob. Speaking of AL. I've been fighting against the nickname Al since one of my best friends' Jill stated calling me it the end of my college freshmen year. I would beg her, "Jill don't call me Al, it makes me feel like a lumberjack." Alas, the nickname had stuck in Jill's mind and she couldn't stop. Somehow, Mary started calling me Al - I'm pretty sure just because she knew I didn't like it. Now it's snowballed to Sarah, Ande, Jamie and finally Robert calling me Al. Upon hearing Robert call me Al, Robert's mom commented, "Did you just call her Al?" Yes, mommy-in-law, you heard right. Al the lumberjack at your service. Actually it's sort of grown on me and I've accepted it (i.e. Culinary Adventures of Bob and Al). Although, I prefer the nickname Karns uses for me- Kitten. (Origin: Sexy Lexi, shortened to Sexy, then Sex, then Sex Kitten and now it's just to Kitten). Much more girly than AL, but it's hasn't caught on in the same way. I'll answer to both though - Kitten or Al, take your pick.

Here begins a series of pics at the look out pier. You've seen us here before.

Yep, Boney you are the best. 

Duh. Christmas card pic. Good thing my hair was clean. Not. Boney offered a girl and her boyfriend sitting on a bench right in front of us a dollar if they took our picture. (She actually ended up taking four pics, earning herself four dollars.) She didn't accept her payment.

pic of a church i snapped on the way to dinner. this church as a really great look out point at the top.

another feeble attempt at photography, but you can see the top of the church. 

Here we are in front of Teri's favorite restaurant in Nantucket, American Seasons. She is into good food and cooking, so when she has a favorite restaurant I take notice. I loved the atmosphere, I wish I would have snapped some pics, but I don't think I would have captured the restaurants' subtle ambiance. 

Here begins my series of food pics. beautiful heirloom tomato salad that Teri ordered for an appetizer.

this is cornmeal crusted fried oysters that i got for an appetizer. like whoa they were good.

here's the chicken fried quail that Robert ordered for din

best salmon ever for my din. 

Teri got an oven roasted cod with a lobster bolognese and crispy lemon rings.

Good-bye, American Seasons!

I took some pics on the way home (whispering: I was a little drunk!) I don't know if you can see it but above the address of this house we walked by hangs a little sign that says "Hunky Dory". In Nantucket, everyone names their houses. It's pretty cute, I loved walking by the houses and seeing all of the fun names.

See the window box full of flowers. Window boxes are major in Nantucket (yes, took that from R.Z.) Almost every store and house has a window box or two with an awesome arrangement of flowers. I loved them. I didn't love them as much as Robert's mom who took lots of pictures of all of the different flower boxes to get ideas for her own. She's an interior designer and is creative like that. I still can't manage to keep a plant alive. ppppfffttttt.

Oh and now we've come to Murray's Toggery Shop! (I like to say that with a British accent. I was actually doing so on the way home from dinner and making Robert's parents laugh. They were most likely thinking, "my gosh, who did our son marry and WHY??") What is a toggery?? I have no clue! But, it's fun to say!! They sell Nantucket Reds, "an island tradition" - a line of washed red clothing ranging from boxers to polos and pants. When Rhonda goes to Nantucket, I've no doubt, she will leave there dressed head to toe in Nantucket Reds :). We passed Murray's Toggery Shop every time we walked home. You can tell it's one of those special places that is more than just a store but an institution that's been there for years. You know like Harold's used to be in Norman :(. 

Here we are back home and obviously I'm still drunk because I'm taking pics of our room? Cool, Al. Oh well, here's a pic of Robert and I's room for the long weekend. Really comfy. 

I don't think this picture captures how steep and tiny these stairs were. So steep in fact, if you tripped down them, I'm not kidding, you would break your neck. Every time I headed downstairs, Robert said, "be careful." I was reallyyyy careful, these babies were treacherous. There was another set of stairs, but these were so convenient - we risked it. Again, Bob and Al - adrenaline junkies.
Goodnight, Nantucket! Love, Drunk Al.

The End - of Day Four