Friday, September 3, 2010

A Circus Mind

I think since I don't have an older sibling, I've always thought that my friends' older siblings were extra cool. You'd think that would fade as you get older, but it kind of doesn't. Lindsey Cox is one of my best friends, we were roommates our freshmen year at OU. That will always be one of the best years in my life. For some reason, I kind of considered Cox's older brother and sister sort of like family. It was the closest thing I had to family there and I always loved seeing them and loved knowing someone in the sea of new faces.

Cox's brother Ryan was just always so effortlessly cool and funny. I figure he most likely thought I was a HUGE dork so I tried not to speak much in front of him when Cox's parents would come in town and take us all to lunch. Recently, I've got to see him on some visits to Austin and he still pretty much defines the effortless cool and funny thing that he always has. I can talk more in front of him now, so that's positive too. haha. (Plus he took me to Torchy's Tacos for the first time, so I am forever indebted to him. Yum.) Even cooler is that he wrote a book of poetry. Who does that? How random/awesome/literary. Not boring-put-you-to-sleep poetry. But words, phrases and thoughts on bands, rock stars and pop culture. I've only skimmed the book, but planning to read it all and gain some insight. Love the idea behind it all.

Cover of the book. Cox's parents back in the day. GREAT pic. 

The Forward:

“Where do I get my ideas from? You might as well have asked that of Beethoven. He was goofing around in Germany like everybody else, and all of a sudden this stuff came gushing out of him. It was music. I was goofing around like everybody else in Indiana, and all of a sudden stuff came gushing out.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Where do I get my ideas from?  I was goofing around in my parent’s house listening to the guitar race around the living room during Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” or having my Mom show me how to play a Beatles album backwards for the hidden clues to Paul McCartney’s death.  From those early days I always took careful notes about the history of a band, legendary rock n roll tales, the influence of musicians on musicians, and the meaning of songs personally and culturally.  This book is a reflection of those notes.
Jewels and Binoculars,
Ryan Cox

Pretty cool. Right? I'm intrigued. 

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