Friday, September 10, 2010

Culinary Adventures with Bob and Al: Labor Day Treat

All summer I've been dropping hints about my desire to get a sno-cone and complaining about the lack of sno-cone stands in Dallas. On top of this in August when it was miserably HOT, Mary would send the occasional picture of her afternoon Tiger's blood sno-cone and it only heightened my intense desire for the icy treat.

Last Monday, Labor day, Bob and I went on what we thought was going to be a pleasant walk in the turning fall weather. Turns out, it was still summer. It was sticky and 90 something degrees and NOT fally. Again, I start talking about how bad I want a sno-cone and how I now know where a sno-cone stand is now (somewhere on Garland Road?) and how I'm just going to have to "take myself there". Hinting that Bob wouldn't take me on a sno-cone date. Wow, have I become that girl? Yes. I'm a baby. Anyway, Bob wouldn't take that flack and when we got home he declared that he would make me a sno-cone. I was skeptical, but it turned out to be quite refreshing, yummy and easy and I thought I'd share....

All you need:

a blender

ours was a wedding gift from Cox. gracias senorita. 

simple syrup (click to get recipe. really easy and a must for mixing all sorts of cocktails)

pomegranate juice, preferably of the Pom juice brand. a little pricey, but super healthy - packed with those anti-oxidants. We've had almost all the flavors and liked them all. Pom cherry, Pom blueberry, Pom nectarine. 


last and most importantly. ice. 

not this ice. i'm funny.

From there just fill the blender half full with ice, add a little simple syrup, a little pom and Volia! Sno-cones!

really good! thank you, honey. i'll stop complaining now.

We thought it could have used a bit more Pom...but it was still pretty pretty good. It would also be pretty pretty good with vodka/rum. hehe. 

Guess I'm ready for happy hour, glad it's not even noon yet. pppppfffffftttttttt. TGIF. 

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Anonymous said...

You know...that does look delish! Is it wrong that I was thinking the whole time "Vodka Pom Sno Cone here I come!".
What a fun treat for you from your hubby...