Friday, September 3, 2010

Farewell White Jeans

laying on the couch after dinner and wine at Gloria's last night for Liz's going away to Chicago (i'll miss you!). leg propped on Roberto. last white jeans wear for the year.

Oh the white jeans, such a staple throughout the spring and summer months. I remember buying these jeans at the Gap thinking, I'll probably never wear these. ppppffffffttttttt. As I'm wrong about most things, I was wrong about that. I've worn the heck out of these white jeans, I believe they are going on their third year with me. Such a faithful pal they have been. Casual when they need to be with flip flops, more dressy with nude peep toes when necessary.  Good ol' jeans. When my mom was here last May and we were at Neiman's Last Call for about oh 4 hours, she said, shouldn't you get another pair of white jeans? I should have, but after hour 4 I was in dire need of an iced tea, so we checked out and left and I'm left with my lone pair of Gap jeans. Not the most glamorous. But they get the job done.  

Seems that all ages share the affinity for the white pants/jeans look. Every time I drove down Knox this summer a plethora of trendy girls in white jeans and cute tops were flocking into Capitol Pub or J. Blacks. There was my confirmation that they were still "in". Then you have my mom and her generation, big fans of the white jean look. They just strike a cord with everyone making you feel bright, summery and sophisticated; as well as, more fun and light than the regular denim in those sweltering summer months. But now, Labor day is here and I personally still live by the rule, "no white after Labor day." Not everyone is as hardcore about this, celebs included. I still adhere to the rule. No white pants or shoes after Labor Day. Too bad because I love me some white shoes. I used to have this weird thing with wearing white flip flops with everything because they made me feel skinny? I know, weird. Finally, after months of Jenny and Sarah telling me how awful they are, I retired the white flip flop look forever. Sigh. 

live and learn. farewell white flip flop. 

There is ONE time, one veryyyy special time, when I got away with white shoes after Labor Day rule and that was December 12, 2009. It's my wedding and I'll white if I want too.....

i'll also Chanel if i want to

am i still paying these off? the answer is yes.

sorry, i'm not sorry. Chanel+white shoes=perfection (thank you, Mrs. Ashley Blair Edwards for helping me make the decision to go for it.)

See you after Easter 2011 my white jeans and shoes. I would say that I'll miss you, but I'm so ready for fall this year that it would just be a lie. Give me tan boots and a big sweater STAT!

p.s. had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. It was a beautiful moment. 

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