Monday, October 31, 2011

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away

The Lord giveth Jessica Simpson a baby.....

I get that she announced her pregnancy news on Halloween, but seriously? This pic is weird. We get it, you're going to be a "mummy". Still weird. Maybe I'm just not that into Halloween? Maybe someone paid her a lot to do that? Not that I think the fashion mogul is hurting for income. 


The Lord taketh away the marriage of Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian.....

Kim filed for divorce. Kris claims to be devastated. Idk, kids, idk. 

I DO KNOW...they did make some $$$$$ off this whole thing. Check out Kardashianomics. Girl made some money off of this wedding/marriage/divorce biz. I still want to believe they loved each other, but I'm kind of a sucker like that. 

Okay, that's all. Look at me blogging about pop culture. Just call me Perez Hilton. 

Also, I've texted Robert both of these things today. Like he cares. My gosh Kris's hand is huge. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

and the secret ends....

Secret Pregnancy Journal - Entry 5 - The Final Installment

Here I am blogging on a Saturday...Robert's gone up to Buffalo Wild Wings in Garland where alllllllllllll of this business began. Once again, The Longhorn Network is the only channel airing the Texas game. I decided to skip out on this feild trip to Garland because I'm coming off a rough 24 hours. Puking was NOT involved, but nausea and headache and being bed ridden was involved. Misery was involved. Whining was involved. Sleep was involved. Extra strength tylenol was involved. The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion: Part 2 was involved. Robert making me Easy Mac was involved. Frustration was involved.

I'm over not feeling good ladies and gentlemen, over it. I'm over not being able to do normal things. For example, staying awake past 7 p.m. to watch the world series, going to my best friend from childhood's birthday dinner, eating 3 meals a day instead of 10. This is the reality of my day to day life and it's just getting dumb.

Saying that, I do know it's worth it. It sounds like I'm feeling sorry for myself and I definitely have moments were I do, but I know I'm fine. I'm just pregnant and there have been many a pregnant woman that have been FAR worse off than me. Yesterday was bad, but I'm making it through most days with just tiredness and nausea. That's a breeze! Walk in the park! ha. pppppppppffffffffttttttttt. Obvi, I'm not exactly enjoying being pregnant quite yet, I do enjoy having a little life inside of me that Robert and I made. (eekkk, little graphic. sorry?) I can't wrap my head around motherhood, but I have always wanted that and it makes me pretty excited. Terrified, scared, but excited.

(OMG and i'm watching the Rachel Zoe Project The Birth Episode and I'm bawling and I die.)

Mmmmkay. Where did I leave off on this journal? Week 8 of pregnancy, I believe. It's pretty uneventful now because this just was the countdown to when we started telling our friends which happened OU/TX weekend. Which is kind of cool because Robert and I met that weekend 3 years ago. Oh look how far we've come.  First comes love, then comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby carriage....


Honestly, I had no plan on how to tell my friends. I wasn't even planning for it to come out OU/TX weekend, I was really wanting to stick to this 12 weeks bit. Plus, it seemed oddly daunting and any scenario I came up with in my head just sort of stressed me out. And really, I rationalized, who cares...just another pregnant chick, like the ones on Facebook, uploading sonogram pics. (Except, I just can't do that. No offense.)  Plus, I was feeling like death and didn't really want to "hang" with anyone during this time and start the whole story on page one. Even phone convos were wearing me out and the thought of that big one seemed so not fun. My one concern and necessity of how this news came out was in the telling one of my dear best friends, Jamie, the news. She lost her angel baby, Jonathan, when she was 20 weeks pregnant earlier this year. She and her awesome husband have been strong and totally trusted God, but it hasn't been easy. I knew she was going to be nothing but happy for me, but in my head, I thought she would be preganant again way before me and this change of plans was just weird and unplanned. I decided no matter what happened I would tell her first before any other friend.

And that meant before Sarah. (Hi there, Sarah...I'm blogging about you.) Soooo, I pretty much tell Sarah everything. Unless you specifically tell me "do not tell Sarah", chances are I'm telling Sarah. (Except Bible study confidentiality...Sorry, Sar ;) ) Sooooooooo, needless to say, it was hard not to tell her that I was pregnant for a full month. I sort of avoided her, because she knows me so well, that she would completely know something was up. At the pub crawl, right before when I was waiting for my nachos, she looked at me and said, "are you okay??" I was NOT okay, but I lied and said yes. Even over email she was suspecting things. There was a week there when she emailed asking me "if i wanted a baby" because she said I was sending out "baby emails". These "baby emails" were pics of my gorgeous cousin Ruthie and her new precious baby Joy to a couple friends and my replies about Madeleine's brand new beautiful baby, Hadlie. It was just a "baby week", but Sarah felt some sort of vibe and emailed that to me. I immediately forwarded to Robert...."she knows!!!" I said. I then replied to Sarah, "you know I love babies!" Vague- yes?? But, true and want it or not, it was happening, so I was choosing to want it, but also be vague to Sarah about it. Lying by omission? Maybe. But, I just wasn't ready to tell yet.

So, the thought of telling people OU/TX weekend came about because I had a doctor's appointment the Thursday of OU/TX week AND then it fell into place that Jamie and her awesome husband, whose name is Jack, were going to stay at our place Friday night (on an air mattress - one bedroom here, folks) and that we would get a little bit of time to hang out before we went to a big group dinner with all of our friends. These two things: a. getting word that the baby was okay and b. having a opportunity to tell Jamie in person, gave me the feeling that I should at least tell Jamie the news and then go from there.

Jamie and Jack arrive. Cute as ever. I give them the 4 second tour of our home. Robert and Jack are in the living room watching our large television. Jame and I are in our room, just talking girl stuff. There's a sonogram picture out on my dresser that she somehow misses, but then she notices a toy giraffe on my nightstand that my mom had sent the future baby Scarff. "why do you have toys, Alexis??" (okay, i also have this stuffed pug i sleep with that my mom got me for Valentine's Day 3 years ago). I kind of dodge that question, but then I was dying of heat and I peel off my cardigan, (which was boomer sooner red...duh) and I still have my band aid on from when they had taken my blood the day before. "are you sick?" Jamie asks me seriously. "no no, i'm not sick." I assure her. and then it hits her, "omg, are you pregnant???" I just look at her and say yes and tell her the whole story. We hug, it's happy :). We pop some champagne she had brought Robert and I. I have a sip.

I feel like a boulder was lifted off my shoulders, just by telling this one friend. "does everyone know??" she asks. "no....only you!" I reply. We bounce whether or not we should tell everyone the news at dinner and we decide we should. I know Jamie couldn't keep the secret and I was ready to tell too. The one person who I knew wouldn't fair well with the surprise news at dinner was Sarah....

We are the first people to sit down. Brooke and Ran join. Brooke is 7 months pregnant and seriously looks like a model. I tell them. Kendall and Danielle and Matt come, I tell them. Happy, all is fine. Then, Sarah, Jill, Adrienne, Gibson, Mary and Ande come. Lots of commotion. I'm dying to get it out. I tell them I have some news. I tell Jill and Sarah at the exact same time which was cool. Not so cool to Sarah, she upset with my delivery. I get why, that's not really how our relationship works, I usually tell her things first. I just do, but this time, it's different, I thought she would understand and she did eventually, but initally, she was pretty upset. Jill feels happy for me :). Adrienne is excited. Gibson is sweet and supportive...totally surprised. I let Adrienne know that her Chicago wedding was totally the catalyst for this pregnancy. Mary and Ande both probably thought I was lying at first, but they were excited. My favoirte quote of the night was from Ande aka Rhonda..........."I'm just trying to figure out how you've been lying to me the last month." hahaha. Honestly, I was still trying to figure out how I didn't tell anyone either. Karns and Matt get there. I tell them. They are sweet and happy. Everyone is. It's a good feeling to have the moral support of friends.

Sarah and I talk after dinner, I'm upset that she's upset, but I really can't re-do what's been done. Also, I don't have the energy to beat myself up about it, I apologize, she apologizes. I know she's worried about a million things concerning me and my pregnancy and future. That's what she does, she worries for me, but this time, she can't because this is so out of both of our hands. I'm going to be okay, everything is going to work out. I have faith in God that it all will. Robert's movie, my job, future living situations. Yes, we have a lot going on and a lot to figure out. But, I have faith in God's plan. This is his plan and I'm accepting it everyday and praying for help on every step of the journey and that's just about all I can do. I know Sarah will be there with me too and for that I know I'm very lucky gal.

The next day I tell Ashley...who is also pregnant. So cool we are doing this together. I love her so dearly. I tell Lauren, best friend since birth. I've been dyinggggggg to tell her. I really want her to get prego now :). I felt like I was kind of getting used to telling people now. Still sort of weird, but a little fun. I call other's throughout the week, email a couple more. Texted Jenny and Lindsey even though they found out about it Friday night post dinner. (Sorryyyy)

Speaking of dinner.......forgot to mention we had dinner was at Javier's. Which is a pretty special place. Why? Well, it's where Robert and I's first date was....oh andddddddddd it's where Robert propsed to me :) :) :) and now it's where I told some of my best friends that I was pregnant. Oh the circle of life...........or something like that

So, the news was out. Didn't make it to the 12 week mark, but I did almost make it to the 10 week mark??

Hello world, I'm pregant. Alexis and Robert are pro-creating. Shout it through the streets. ;)

Monday, October 24, 2011


Secret Pregnancy Journal - Entry 4

So, the rest of the week was pretty uneventful. I kept on trying to get through the work days without throwing up in front of someone and falling asleep at my desk. Oh the things you take for granted....

That upcoming weekend a dual birthday party for Robert and his friend, Andrew was on the roster. Andrew's girlfriend and I were hosting it at Andrew's house. He lives in this awesome house with his brother that is perfect for entertaining. We were going to watch the Texas game that started at 2 and it was just going to go on into the night. When the idea for this party came about and I agreed to host it, I was not pregnant. I wasn't worried about how I was going to get through the day, I was a normal person just wanting to throw her husband a decent dual birthday party. Of course, now being pregnant and coming off a fairly rough week of puking, the birthday party had a new spin to it. The theme for me was no longer, pace yourself with how many moscow mules you are going to consume. The theme was now - survival. How was I going to make it through this thing without people noticing I wasn't drinking and without getting sick.

I didn't know, but I didn't think it would be too hard. Luckily, it wasn't. It was going to be a pool party, but it was a humid and cloudy that day, so that wasn't an issue. Pool time avoided. Thank you, God. I had packed a 'kini, but I was dreading the possibility of putting on that thing. I know I was just 6 weeks pregnant here, but trust me, my body was already a completely different body. The slow conversion into becoming a whale was beginning. Anyway, I just did a lot of sitting and sipping on a very watered down ginger beer on ice. (Ginger anything really helps nausea/morning sickness.) Robert made it for me...maybe he put sprite in it too?? I'm not sure, but it was pretty good and I guess it worked because I didn't even get sick that day...yay! Success! Granted, I probably wasn't the best hostess and social butterfly at the party...but the theme was survival and survival was accomplished. It sounds so intense, but it really is survival mode during morning sickness days. Remember, just imagine being hungover....

We also told our first friend the news that weekend. BW, Robert's bff, came down to come to the dual b-day party. He was staying with us and we thought it would be best to tell him because he might notice me throwing up or something weird. Once again, Robert's manner with telling people this news is not normal. We are driving to Chic-fil-a to pick up a nugget tray before the party. It's me in the back and BW in the front and Robert driving. Out of nowhere, Robert says, "Alexis is pregnant." and BW replies with something like, "oh wow, I mean, congrats." I mean, what do you say?? It's such an awkward thing to tell people. There's just no right way to do it?

The weekend was a success and I'm glad to get another weekend of pretending I was not pregnant out of the way. On Monday, Robert found out that he had to go to Seattle for work on Thursday for about a week. Normal, rational, non-pregnant Alexis would know that she would miss Robert, but would be okay with this.  She would know that it would go by fast and that she could get in some good girl time, catch up on cleaning and watch a lot of girly television while Robert was oot. Not normal, completely irrational, pregnant Alexis was NOT okay with this. Okay enough talking about myself in the third person.

I pretended to be okay with this for a day or so. Then I had a big huge breakdown about it and just being pregnant in general. Robert leaving for a short while made me realize how dependent I was on him during this time. I was totally emotionally dependent on him.  He was the only one who knew I was pregnant, he was the only one who would get me saltines when I was dying. I was scared that he was leaving and I just started to feel really alone. Then I started to realize just what in the eff was about to happen and how drastically my life was about to change.

I was sobbing to Robert two nights before he was leaving....."but I can't even go to Norman with my friends. even if they knew I was pregnant, I'm too tired to enjoy it!!! I can't even go to dinner with my friends because they'll know I'm not drinking. I'm never going to be able to drink again with my friends. my life is changing FOREVER!!!" Granted once the morning sickness passes and my friends actually know that I'm pregnant, life will get a little easier. I was being dramatic. I realize that I will drink again with my friends. The thing is though, that my life will never be the same. I'm going to have a baby (God willing), I really can't just pick up and go to Norman or have dinner with my friends anymore.  Life was changing and it was changing in a big way and frankly, I was upset about it.

The pregnancy books and websites tell you that you will have mixed emotions about being pregnant. Even if you've been trying and you feel totally ready. I didn't imagine it would be this much of a mix of emotions. And yes, you DO feel bad when you have these emotions because it IS a complete blessing to be pregnant. It's a gift from God and you hate yourself for feeling upset about it. But, for lots of mamas, it's just part of the process.

The next day was better and the day after that better still. Deep breath. Everything is going to be okay. This is when I've got to trust that God has a plan for me and knows what He's doing. I trust...I have faith. It gets better.

Robert leaves early on a Thursday morning. Later that morning, I have my first appointment at our OBGYN's office. I'm going to get another sonogram and meet with the nurse practioner. Robert was going to come, but since he had to leave, obvi, I was going alone. No big deal though, I'm just meeting the nurse practioner. I can be a single independent mother today. I get to the office and I'm sipping a sprite. Sprite was the only thing I could drink at this point. Water just sounded horrible. I take the sprite with me to the sonogram. They are used to this right? Pregnant women sipping on sprite? I get another freaking vaginal sonogram. Hear the baby's heartbeat (awesome) and see that other extra sac. Everything is fine, but that extra sac, which she says should just go away. Alrighty. I wait for the nurse practioner in another room. I start to get paranoid that she'll judge me for drinking a sprite and I throw it away. She comes in. She's like the most gorgeous Indian girl I've ever seen. (Indian like bindi, not feather) We talk all about everything you talk about. She's great. Then at the end of the appointment, she springs it on me that they need to take my blood because of the extra sac.  They have to check my hormone levels or something. Seriously? That sac needs to get a life. It's not getting a life in my uterus and it needs to go away.

I ask her if it's okay if I lay down on the table to get the blood taken. I explain that I'm totally fine with it, but I faint sometimes and I just want to be careful. She is like sure of course you can. Great. I lay down and I'm am taking deep breaths. I am telling myself that this is NO big deal. I am thanking God for nurses and doctors. I'm trying to recite Bible verses in my head. "the Lord is my shepherd, i shall not want. he makes me lie down in green pastures...i can't remember the rest"  I actually went to my 7 year old shot/giving blood tactic where I would think about Disneyland. Yes, I was laying there thinking about Disneyland.

The nurse comes in and I'm laying down and looking at the wall refusing to look at her because I know if I see the needle, I will do something weird. She is nice and really good and does her job and takes the blood. Somewhere in there I faint. I wake up to the nurse practioner waving that amonia thing in front of my nose asking me if I'm okay. I'm okay, I say. I have fully sweat through my clothes. They are drenched. She asks me if I've eaten today and I tell her yes, crackers and sprite. She comes back with water and peanut butter crackers and just tells me to keep laying down. I felt like I laid in there for like 20 minutes...time was going really slow. I finally sit up and eat the crackers and drink the water. I was totally fine, but I just felt like an idiot. Thankfully, the nurse practioner was great. She told me that her sister does the exact same thing, I still know they wrote: CAUTION: WEIRDO on my chart or maybe CAUTION: This one will be FUN in the delivery room...she can't even give blood. ppppffffffftttttttt. Surely, this gets easier? When? Surely???

That night one of my best friends is in town from Chicago for her high school reunion. She calls me to meet up. I tell her I fainted giving blood today and I was just too wiped out. True life, but also, I'm pregnant. Whoops. The next night is Friday and it's my first time to see another one of my best friends....pregnant!!! Ahhh...Ashley!! She was so so cute and we had the most fun dinner with her bestites from high school. I tell her that I wasn't drinking because I had a headache from my boss smoking that day in the office. Again, true (yes, I have a boss that knows I'm pregnant and keeps smoking.) and also, oh p.s. I'm pregnant, so so sooo hard not to tell her. I know I want to wait but still, just so hard. After dinner, I debate going by a party that another best friend is having for her roommate. (i have so many best friends?? haha.) I feel really tired, buttttt, I haven't seen Lindsey or Jenny in so long and I really want to see them. I feel like it will be harmless just to stop by for a second. So I go by, I quickly realize that I'm not going to make it. Lindsey shoves a cupcake in my hand and I eat it as I say hi to everyone. I pour myself an Squirt to drink and hope no one notices me not put vodka in it. One of my favorites, Ben, takes a sip of it and is like, "yeah, that's just Squirt." haha. I start to get really tired and feel sick and realize I need to leave before I throw up. I totally sketch out and realize pregnant girls just cannot party even for like 20 minutes. Again, my life changing before my eyes. Bitter and sweet.

That weekend, I didn't leave the house except to get food. I mostly stayed in bed and it was great. I bawled my eyes out during Sex and the City II like it was Steel Magnolias?? #pregnancy

Robert got home that next Wednesday, his birthday. I had survived with out him....just barely, but I survived.... :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

songrams, saltines, sac(s)

Secret Pregnancy Journal - Entry 3

So, my next new pregnancy hurdles to cross were

1. telling my co-workers and bosses. ahhh
2. TYSO pub crawl sober
3. sonogram

My mom and I decided that I should tell people at work in case something weird happened there, like me fainting, and they didn't know I was pregnant. I'm a fainter so it's a possibility. At first this wasn't too bad. I got warm reactions, a couple surprised ones, but mixed with warmness. My fave reaction was from my work mom, she teared up. So sweet. I was scared to tell my boss, my head boss. His reactions to things are unorthodox. He is unorthodox, so I didn't know how that was going to go down. I told most everyone on Thursday, but didn't work up the courage to tell him until Friday. He's at my desk and I say, "I have some news....I'm pregnant!" He responds with, "I knew you were pregnant. You've been so ditzy lately." Seriously. When have I been ditzy?? When I was feeding your cat?? OR Was it when I was going to pick up your lunch?? Whatever. I laugh nervously, then he is nice and tells me congratulations and asks if I'm going to stay or if we need to start looking for a replacement for me. I assure him that I will be there for the next 8 months (aka I need insurance). He tells me that having a baby is A LOT of work. He has a four year old, so he has recently been through this whole deal. Of course, he also has a non-working wife, a nanny, multiple babysitters and a cleaning lady that have helped raise this 4 year old. "Yes, I know they are a lot of work!" I reply. Duh.

Whew. Okay. Glad that's over. At this point I wasn't feeling nauseous. Tired...yes. Emotional...yes. Not nauseous. It's definitely still sinking in that I'm really pregnant. I'm not acting or really feeling any differently. I look the same on the outside. It's a weird transition.

But, Mother Nature/God was about to remind me I was pregnant. I just had to wait a couple days for the fun to begin.

That Friday night, Robert and I go to Terreli's to celebrate our news. It's the new Terreli's. We sit up on the roof while we wait for our table. "yes, thanks, waiter, I'll have a water." This is when we have a bit of a "Come to Jesus meeting" about names. Baby names.

Robert and I have been discussing baby names since the night we met. I'm not joking. One of the first questions he asked me at Ghostland was, "would you name a son, Skip?" To which I replied, "like Skippy?? no, Skippy is the name of an ice cream truck driver." Robert and his best friend had this thing that they were going to name their sons, Flip and that is why he asked me that. And that is when I fell madly head over heels in love with him :). ha. Also, in our early dating life, we emailed jokingly about what names we liked for kids. So, of course, since we've been married, names have always been a topic of conversation. But these were always casual conversations. Fun conversations. Not serious "this is a real decision" conversations.

Robert and I agree and see eye to eye on a lot of things. But, one of those things is NOT names for children. I mean, whoa. I didn't expect it to be like this. We do NOT agree. Robert has his heart completely set on a couple names that, honestly, I pretty much hate. Sorry, honey. I won't state the names, because I feel bad. He genuinely likes them and it's sweet, expect that it's not sweet because I hate not agreeing. ha.

Earlier on that Friday, one of my co-workers/kind of bosses took me to lunch. I told him the issues Robert and I were having with this naming bit. He was says to me, "Look this this what you've got to do. You've got to sit Robert down and say. Listen, I love you, but those names do NOT work for me." I'm pretty much the godfather of non-confrontation and/or being passive aggressive. So I do not do the whole "sit down and say something direct" very well. But, I told Robert this story and we were laughing, but I think we both realized that we are seriously going to have to figure this out. Robert recognized that night that his names were starting to upset me and he might need to stop calling our unborn child by those names. #anxiety

We actually start to compromise and talk about names we both like while waiting for our table. Sigh of relief. Common ground. Compromise. Just like that country song..."I'll start walking your start walking mine!! We meet in the middle neath that old Georgia Pine!!! We'd gain a lot ground, if we'd both give a little....ain't no road too long...we meeeeeeeeeeeettttt in the middle!!!" So there we are at Terreli's neath that old Georgia Pine. Talking baby names. What is going on here? The world is flat.

We waited forever for our table and ended up having a late dinner. I was starving and ended up eating entirely too much. We see Kendall and her mama when we get up from our table. I just love them, they are so fun. They ask us to stay and have a cocktail. Ahhhh. It's so hard not to say, "I can't because I'm freaking pregnant!" haha. Instead, I tell them I'm way too full, which was true too. We go home. The next morning, I am waking up earlier than I do for work to do a Heart Walk thing for Danielle's work. It was awesome, so glad she asked us to do that. There's a little group of us there. Kendall, her mama, Gibson, Danielle, her bf, Matt and Sarah. I feel like they are just going to be able to look at me and be like "you're pregnant!". haha. No, that is not the case. Gibson and I even had a convo about birth control/pregnancy. This is when I sort of feel like my "secret pregnant" life started. I wanted to tell them SO bad, but at the same time I knew I wanted to wait.

I come home from the walk. I want to have a really restful day because I knew I was going to be active that night. That night was the pub crawl for TYSO. I could not miss this pub crawl, I was committed to this pub crawl. And I was going to crawl from pub to pub pregnant or not. So, I nap, we eat a little lunch, we go shopping for our 80z costumes. I nap again. Then it's getting ready time. I eat an ice cream bar thing, thinking that will tide me over for a while. We go to Sarah's get all ready. Sarah offers me wine. I decline, saying something like, "i'm just thirsty for water right now!" which i was. We head to Barley House where the registration is. Sarah and Ande very smartly order food. What does the pregnant girl do?? Yeah, I don't eat. I meant to, but I was busy chatting and registering that I just didn't get to it. I didn't know how crucial eating was to pregnancy at this point. I thought I'd be fine. I was drinking plenty of waters, that were vodka and water mocktails, so I was fine. Right? WRONG.

Very very wrong.

We get to the first bar. All is well. I'm kind of dancing. I'm wearing glow sticks. I even put on my sunglasses at night, so I really looked/felt like I was maybe drunk. I held a beer. I am like a total actress. Julia Roberts, here. Also, Gibson and Rhonda bought me drinks, which I gave to Robert. haha. Thanks for the drinks, girls. When we get on the bus to head to the second bar. During this bus ride, I realize I am very hungry. But, it's not a normal hungry feeling. It's more like a "something is wrong, this is an emergency I need to eat" kind of feeling. At this point I'm wondering how much longer I'm going to make it. I set my original goal to go for the whole thing, that tapered down til maybe midnight. Now, it was 10:00 and I was about to put out the white flag and surrender. We get to Molly Maguire's which is conveniently across the street from our home. Hmm, it would be awfully easy to walk home from here. But, I really couldn't think about that yet because all I could think about was food. I ask the waitress if I should get the nachos or the potato skins. She says nachos, I immediately wonder what is wrong with the potato skins. I wait, not patiently, for those nachos to get there while trying to carry on conversations with people that were getting drunk at a pub crawl wearing 80s.

That's when I realized my days of eating "like a girl" are over. I was about to eat nachos in from of about 80 people I was on this pub crawl with, when no one else was eating and I didn't care AT ALL. I mean usually, even if I was really hungry, I'd talk someone into splitting something with me and just have a bite, especially if I was drinking. Those days are over. I had to eat and I didn't care who saw me and how disgusting it may be.

So, the nachos come and I'm so happy. I'm like, "these are going to make me feel so much better!! yay, nachos!!" I eat the nachos. I wait for a second to feel better and how to I feel?? Well, I feel like I am going to throw up like right that second. I go to the bathroom, thankfully there is a stall open. I immediately throw up every bit of those nachos. I hear two girls out side waiting for a stall, "eww, someone is throwing up." I want to die. I do not want to leave this stall. I pull myself together and try to leave with dignity as I walk by the two normally dressed girls in my 80s outfit. They probably thought I was really wasted or bulimic. I just wanted to scream, "i'm pregnant you bitches!!!" So after that, I definitely decide it's time to leave, I not sure that I won't throw up more. I get Roberto, and we jet. I try to hastily explain to people that I ran into the throwing up situation and I text the girls where I went. I was done. No more pub crawls pregnant. No more.

I sleep that night, but the next day is bad. Throwing up all day. Again, it's like being hungover, but like the "alcohol poisoning throwing-up the lining of your stomach" hungover. I was in bed and didn't eat all day. That's when I learned the hard way NOT to ever have an empty stomach. Your pregnant body will make you pay. The hilarious thing was that my friends thought that I was really hungover. Again, I wanted to scream, "i'm pregnant you bitches!!!" but, I refrained. We missed another date to go watch a Cowboys game with friends that Sunday. We are going to have to have NO friends because I cannot seem to get out of bed on Sundays for one reason or another to rally to hang out with them. Thank you, pregnancy.

The next day is Monday. I have a sonogram/ultrasound, whatever they are called. I'm hoping I am going to be able to make it, that is how bad I felt. The appointment was at 10:30 and I definitely called in sick for the day. Robert was being awesome and asking if he could get me anything throughout Sunday and Monday. Finally on Monday, I'm craving Saltines and Sprite. Robert walks to Texaco and comes back with Sprite and Gram crackers. I'm like, "honey, those are not saltines." Does he not understand that I am dying here?? He then proceeds to get every cracker and chip product out of our kitchen and bring it to the bedroom. Again, NO saltines in there and now I'm just surrounded by food that just makes me want to throw up more. I mean, I hate to be a diva or whatever, but OMG, I just want saltines. Robert finally gets the message and saves the day and goes for a saltine run.

So before your first sonogram they tell you to drink 28 oz. of water so your bladder is full. It helps them see the little ball in there. When they told me this at my prior doctor's appoint, I was like, "no problem!! i drink lots of water anyway!!" ppppppffffffffttttttttt. Yeah, it's a problem when you can't quit throwing up. We are driving to the appointment, I'm trying to drink/chug body is, no stop!!! We pull up to the office. I get out of the car and throw up liquid everywhere. Well, so much for a full bladder. These people are just going to have to DEAL. I check in, I wait, they call me back, put the gel on my tummy and no they can't see anything, I need to drink more liquid. You would think they said I had to run a half marathon, I mean it just was exhausting. So, Robert and I sit in the waiting room and I drink all these beverages they provide for you...well, just sprite and water. What should be on the TV while we are waiting, well it's the Food Network and who should be on there...well, it's Paula Deen...and what are they making??? Tailgate food. Seriously. Kill me. It's so weird because I love the food network, but it was making my nausea spike to higher levels, I couldn't even watch. Omg, my bladder is full call me back already.

They finally do. I really have to pee, so I think I might have accomplished my task at hand. The sonogram girl puts the gel on my belly and this is happening. Robert is in the room too. I'm waiting for it to feel like a movie, but it doesn't. I just have to pee and throw up. She puts the thing on my belly. Robert can see the screen and I can't. Then she hits me with, "oh, i think we are going to have to go in vaginally." Excuse me?? You can do that?? News to me. Okay?? I'm not going to argue. Oh and if you're pregnant and not comfortable with the word "vaginal"...get comfortable with it. It's everywhere. Anyway, she asks me if I want to insert it or if I want her to? Ummm, whatever you prefer I say. She's like, "oh, I'm a professional, I do this everyday." I was like, go right ahead then, have a party. (okay, I didn't say have a party) And then of course she's like, "just relax". OH OKAY, I WILL.

So, she goes on in and Robert starts to see something. "What is that?" he asks. "oh i can't really tell yet." she says coyly. Then she finds something and turns on something else and we hear the heartbeat. Isn't that insane?? That early we hear the heartbeat?? It was pretty cool. There is a freaking heartbeat that is not my own inside of me. She hands us a cd of the event and she tells me that we should hear from our doctor the next day. Of course, you always pray everything is okay, especially that early. We are thankful to hear a heartbeat.

The next day, I'm sitting at my desk eating saltines and my doctor calls. "So, you have two sacs, she says, but one didn't make it. One is full of a healthy baby so far and one is empty. It will eventually just go away. It probably happens more than people think, but not everyone gets a sonogram this early." Okay, this is sinking in. Two in I COULD HAVE HAD TWINS??? I love twins, twins would have been awesome. My mom did say it was a possibility, I have a great aunt and aunt that have had twins, but I never really thought it was a possibility. I cannot imagine telling my friends not only am I pregnant, but I am pregnant with twins?? Oh gees. BUT, the reality is, I'm not pregnant with twins. I'm just pregnant with one little guy/gal, so I don't need to worry about that. It's still processing though- two sacs. I call Robert and tell him. He said, "I knew I saw two in the sonogram!" Goodness. I tell the lady I work with. She was like, "no wonder you feel sick!! ". I eat more saltines.

Next up, I go to meet the real Doctor that will deliver the baby, actually they have me meet the nurse practioner first. More we goooo....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sh*t starts to get real

9/29/11 - Secret Pregnancy Journal - Entry 2

So, before I go into to our adventure to the gynecologist. I'm going to have talk about a couple things.

I'm 8 weeks pregnant now. It is so hard that my friends don't know. I'm like leading this weird double identity life. Non pregnant by day. Pregnant by night. Sounds just like that movie "The Saint" right? Ha. bad joke. Anyway, I am used to having a core group of friends that know what is going on in my life. I want to wait til I'm 12 weeks pregnant to tell everyone for several reasons.
1. your doctor actually recommends that you don't tell anyone before than because the first 12 weeks because you are at the most risk to have a miscarriage during that time. They even say not to tell your parents. Intense. Yeah, couldn't do that.
2. I am still trying to process this. Hello?? I am pregnant. This means a lot for anyone, but I have a couple other steps I have to get through. One being I have to stop taking the anti-depressant I'm on. It's pretty stout stuff and this poor baby doesn't need to be taking it. So, I'm tapering down off of that and will be off it completely in a couple weeks. That = me possibly being more unstable than normal. The second factor is my job, Robert's job, our stability, our one room duplex. I know God will provide. I know we will be totally fine. Robert is a rockstar and a hard worker and makes me feel secure about it all. BUT, there is a lot that Robert and I had to talk through. I needed to be assured of all that stuff you freak out about when you realize you are having a baby. All that I was really thinking is "WE ARE NOT READY FOR THIS." Maybe that thought will fade by the 12 week mark, but I doubt it. :)
3. and finally as excited as I am to tell everyone, part of me doesn't want the attention. I think I got a life's worth of that when I got married. ha. Now and the coming year was supposed to be the time that I was going be happy for my other friends having babies and accomplishing things. I wasn't ready for this. This wasn't my time to have a baby.

Those are my thoughts on the waiting to tell at the 12 week mark. Re-reading the last couple sentences, I need to realize that apparently, I'm wrong, apparently it IS my time to have a baby. God made it happen and since I attempt to trust Him. This is my time to do it. Really trust Him. So, I'm praying for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. This is part of me now. Or as my psychologist would say, "part of my truth". :)

Can I also talk about something else real fast? Just a little vent. I AM SO TIRED. I'm sort of a sleepy person anyway, but now it's at a whole new level. I'm going to bed earlier, sleeping harder and I'm extra drowsy during the day. I could lay in bed all day and be happy. I know because I did this last Saturday and Sunday. I did laundry during this time, so I didn't feel completely worthless. And have I been sick and nauseous? Yes. Uggg. Yes. I've thrown up. Some days I throw up all day. Some days just once and I'm good to go. Nauseous...almost all the time. I'm learning how to keep the nausea at bay though. Basically eat all the time. Like every hour. I mean seriously, if my stomach is empty at all, I immediately want to throw up and usually do. So, yeah. I'm eating all the time. Awesome.

Things I can eat
-Saltines (i basically eat a sleeve of them a day. not joking. Pregnant women alone must be able to sustain the Saltine market.)
-Kraft mac and cheese
-Ritz (i've not blossomed to ritz bitz with cheese, ritz bitz with peanut butter and ritz snack mix)
-Capri Suns (i know. werid.)
-m and m's
-mini kit kats (occasional. but, yeah, i'm fat)
-toaster strudels (weird again. i haven't had them, but definitely bought them.)
-Cheerio's (plain)
-sometimes pizza
-sometimes queso, tortillas and other mild mexican
-fruit is starting to sound good so that's finally something healthy...yay

That about covers my diet for the last month. The mere thought of anything else kind of makes me nauseous/throw up immediately. Hopefully this will lift after the first trimester. We will see. Also, this semi-vegetarian is eating meat whenever she feels like it. Honey badger does not care.

and sidenote: being pregnant for me is an AWFULLY lot like being hungover. It's uncanny. And you know how awful it is to be hungover at work? Like the worse? Well, don't feel sorry for me...but yeah...welcome to pregnancy.

Okay....soooo, Robert and I going to the gyno. He was really so sweet to go with me. I mean, I know he's the father and all, but that cannot be fun for a guy. It's just uncomfortable. I don't know how I'd feel going to a penis doctor with him? (Not that penis doctor's exist.) Soooo, it's September 7th and we go on in to my doctor at Medical City. Robert is already in awe with all of the women's magazines in the waiting room. Good Housekeeping, Parenting, Children Mags, More, People. You know the basics. He digs through them and finds a Newsweek to read as we wait. (The Newsweeks are for women like Sarah and Miranda Hobbs.) We are called back to the room. I have to pee in the cup first and then I go back to the room and wait for the doctor. Robert is mystified with all the models and diagrams. Isn't it FUN to be a girl? ha. The doctor comes back and tells me that I definitely pregnant, my test came back very positive. Very! Well, okay! I mean, it's sort of surreal. A trained physician is telling you that you are definitely pregnant. We don't discuss too much. She doesn't deliver babies anymore. We talk about a plan to taper down off my meds and she schedules me for a sonogram before she sends me to another doctor. It's scheduled for the next Monday, the 12th. AHHHHH. How am I going to get a sonogram and not tell my friends about it??

Also, HOW, did I not know that my gyno for the last five years doesn't deliver babies?? hmmmm. My head really is that in the clouds, isn't it? Am I surprised about where my head is? No.

Robert and I decide to tell our parents and grandparents after we get the "yes" from the doctor. This was fun. Expect, that Robert had absolutely NO bedside manner with this. (I take that back, he did with his Mamaw. She cried, which made me want to cry. It was very sweet.) But, telling his mother was a completely different story. He did not even give a warm up to his poor mother, such as, "Hi Mom. How's your day?? Oh that's nice. Well, Alexis and I have a little bit of UNEXPECTED news...." No, he did not do that. His mom answers the phone and he says, "Alexis is pregnant." in this flat voice, while checking his email. I mean??? No. He might have well had say, "It rained here today." or "We had pizza for dinner." Then he says, "No, no we didn't plan it." I'm just staring at him in awe. Then Robert's mom asks to talk to me because obviously, I'm going to be acting more appropriately. We are excited and I tell her about the pregnancy test in Garland at Buffalo Wild Wings and our first doctor's appointment. Blah, blah, blah. She was probably cringing and confused about how redneck I am to take a pregnancy test at Buffalo Wild Wings, but hopefully the news of her first grandchild made her forget that part. Meanwhile, I am calling and texting my mom off the hook and she is not calling me back. Seriously?? The woman who calls all the time and texts me paragraphs is not answering her phone?? Today of ALL days.

Let me go back and tell you that my mom is "ready for grandkids". She conveyed this to Robert the first time I brought him home. We had been dating a month. I leave him alone with her for TWO seconds and she tells him, "you know, i'm ready for grandkids." I mean, out of the blue, no one was talking about grandkids. Thank the lawd he didn't freak out and catch the next bus out of Carlsbad. Instead we laughed about it together because obviously, he was the one. ;)

Since we've been married my mom has really changed her tune on this whole grandkids bit. She has been trying to play this "wait to have kids" card. I can see it's a big masquerade, but I let her tell me "how much work kids are" and "how expensive they are" I'm not aware of that. I tell her, "mom, we are not even trying. and I KNOW."

Regardless, I was really excited to tell her and I know that she would FREAK out. Plus, she really has been needing some good news, since her doggy died. :( Finally, I reach her. I tell her, "Mom, I went to the doctor today and I'm pregnant!" A high pitched scream started at the other end of the line and did not stop. I told her about the pregnancy test the weekend before. The screaming commenced. Lots and lots of screaming. Happy screaming though :). She was driving home screaming and when she got home, my dad was there and I got to tell him the news. He was really excited too. He said he had been thinking about me a lot lately and now he knows why. I feel blessed more than my words can say to have those two as parents. Telling them I was pregnant might be one of the neatest things I've ever got to do. Telling my little sister was pretty fun too. Little sis is going to be a little aunt?? ahhhh.

That was a good day. I'm pregnant. :) Now, I'm wondering how I'm going to get through the TYSO pub crawl pregnant/sober and how this sonogram bit is going to go.....oh and now I've got to tell the people at work. Eeekkkkk.

Pug Headlines

My sis posted this on fb. Louis hearts pugs.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cat is out of the bag

Hi there, Well, if you don't already know, I'm going to share with you some news in my life. I am 10 weeks pregnant. During my phase of not telling anyone except Robert and my parents I wrote a couple "Secret Pregnancy Jornals" when I wasn't throwing up or sleeping. Thought I would share....xo

9/21/11 - Secret Pregnancy Journal - Entry 1

So, something weird and wonderful has happened to me. I am 7 weeks pregnant. No, we weren't trying. No this was not planned. But, YES, we are accepting this blessing with open arms.

Here's how I found out about this.

A month ago, my mom came to town for the weekend. Sarah and I planned a mini mom's weekend, her mom, her grandmother and sister-in-law come to Dallas too. We had several fun things planned to do with them. The weekend was a lot of fun. We ate, drank, shopped and just had good quality time. My mom also bought me some new bedding as an early Christmas gift for Robert and I that I was really excited about. Yay, Wisteria Outlet.

As all good things do, the weekend went by way too fast came to an end. Robert and I dropped my mom off at the airport. All was well. Until a couple hours later. I began to have an emotional meltdown. I didn't know what on earth was contributing to this? The bedding we picked out turned to be a little different than I expected when we brought it home, but I still liked it. I was debating if I should keep it or if I made a rash decision by getting the bedding. Was I upset over bedding? I could still take it back? This wasn't life and death. Did I think my Mom spent too much money on us?? Was I missing my mom?? Was I homesick?? I didn't know. All I did know was that I could not stop crying.

That Sunday afternoon droned on and as you can guess it was A LOT of fun for Robert. Bless his heart. He tried to do everything to make me feel better. Nothing helped. I was in bed for most of the day. I couldn't even muster up the strength to go to a dinner and Cowboys game watching date we had planned with two other couples that night. I was a mess. Unfortunately, I've had these kind of days before. The kind of days where nothing is wrong, but I am irrationally upset. It's called depression. I knew that I couldn't control it and I'd have to let these feelings run their course.

I went through the rest of the week sort of like a zombie. Not really being present at work, but just sitting there. Coming home from work and crying for no reason and wanting to go to bed. It was a rough week. I hate to tell anyone about these weeks and days because I hate to burden them with these heavy feelings. I hate that they will say everything right to make me feel better, but nothing will work. I used hold everything I could inside until I would implode. I don't do this anymore because, it's so detrimental to myself and all of my relationships and now I have Robert. I can't really hide from him how I've feeling. We life in 900 square feet. There is physically no where to hide. So that's a good thing. Talking to him about things helps me.

In the midst of all these freaking emotions, my mom and dad lost one of their dogs. It ended up dying and it was my mom's very favorite dogs (she has severalish.okay 6.) but, it really broke my mom's heart. This, in turn, broke my heart for her. So yeah, if you've lost a pet, we all know how emotional that is.

Somewhere in there, I decided I need to bite the bullet and find a new psychiatrist or psychologist. I've had one for the last 3 years and he's just not cutting the mustard. I cannot handle another appointment where he asks me if the medicine I take gives me sexual side effects. I mean OMG for the last time NO and p.s. doc, if it did, I would not be discussing it with you. He basically just wanted to discuss sexual side effects and the weather and obviously I'm having nervous breakdowns over bedding and my mom leaving town and I'm going to need a little more.

I go to my new doctor. The first appointment is two hours. I'm feeling okay on this particular day, so I'm thinking great, she is probably going to wonder why I am even here. Of course, when I get there I start crying about my mom's dog, so she can quickly tell, I'm not a very stable human being. I mean it was probably that or my history with depression or the fact that I'm on meds and have been for years probably told her that I needed to be there. We talked about everything you talk about in your first appointment. I've had several of these. Childhood, family, relationships. We talk about Robert and I. Somehow, we get to the subject of us wanting kids. We definitely do want kids. She asks how soon. I say we are not sure, we have no timeline yet, but not now. She tells me with all that is going on with me emotionally and the status of Robert's career/film, she thinks that we are definitely not in a place to have children. I agree wholeheartedly. We're going to wait, I assure her. We don't think this is the time.

ppppppfffffffffttttttttt. God had to be laughing at me. "hahahaha. you're PREGNANT!"

I get home and talk to Robert about all that I talked about with my new doc. It's a lot. It's exhausting. We talk about having a baby. I tell him that I am NOT ready. I mean, look at me, I've been crying for like 2 weeks. How can I bring a child into the world?? Plus, we are living on my salary. UNO salary until Robert's film is complete. That's not stressful at all. NOT at all. Imagine having us AND a baby on this one salary??!! No WAY!! Noooooooo way!!!

The week goes on. On Friday, we took one of Robert's best friend's and his wife dinner. They have a 2 and half year old and a ONE WEEK old at this time. We were taking them dinner to help them out while they are adjusting to their new bundle of joy. We go in and visit and I'm dying to hold the little guy. Of course, they ask Robert and I when we are going to have kids. Not for a while we say so certainly. Nope, this is not our life, we are not ready for this.

We go to Fuzzy's Tacos. We see our good friend Todd picking up food. His wife Madeleine was 8 months pregnant at the time. Mad and Todd are going to be parents, I exclaim to Robert...isn't that just crazy??! We have large margaritas and lots of food and go home and watch the Baylor/TCU game.

The next day, I wake up and realize, oppsy, I'm about a week and half late. Late as in "that time of the month". I didn't really think much of it. It's happened before. Especially when I'm stressed out about something. No big deal. I mean, I've been on birth control, there's no way something happened. Welllll, I did start it a little late after we got back from Chicago, but that's not a big deal?? I've done that before. Right? Right.

But, I keep wondering. I look down at my stomach and it's sticking out more than normal. I mean, no I haven't been doing my normal yoga schedule, but what is UP with this belly?? Should I take a pregnancy test?? I have one. We bought some right after our honeymoon because I skipped a period then and wouldn't that have been hilarious. Right after the honeymoon?? Yikes. Obviously, that was a false alarm. But, this time, I'm a little worried. I just have this feeling I need to take this pregnancy test. Especially because we are supposed to watch the first Texas game tonight and I don't want to be downing cocktails with a bun in the oven. I pee on the stick. It's one of those where 2 lines is pregnant and 1 line is not pregnant. This kind is the worst kind. Do not get this kind. One line shows up really bold and then this other line is faintly there. Well, what dose that mean??? That is NOT 2 lines?? That is like 1 and a half lines. Ugggg.

That afternoon I go pick up Sarah's dog at doggie daycare because she is oot. Then our plan is to head on out to Garland to watch the Texas game. WHY Garland, you may ask??? Well that would be because of the invention of The Longhorn Network. That's right Garland is the only place where they get this glorious network. We have planned to meet some of Robert's friends at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Garland to watch Texas play Rice. I know...I know...I don't know how this is my life either.

At this point, I think Robert was really in denial that I could be pregnant. He says he wasn't, but I'm pretty sure he was. He probably still is. HA. But, anyway, we stop by Walgreens on the way out to Garland. I ask him, "honey can we please go home first so I don't have to take this pregnancy test at Buffalo Wild Wings. In. Garland." He tells me, no we really can't go home because his friend has been up there saving a table and we really need to get up there. Great. Wonderful. Taking a pregnancy test at Buffalo Wild Wings. I mean??? And what if it's positive??? Finding out I'm pregnant at Buffalo Wild Wings??? No. Nononononononono.

But, yes. Oh yes.

So, we get there. Say hi to everyone, exchange pleasantries. Then I excuse myself to go to the restroom. I need to take this test. Mama needs to know if she can booze or not. I pee on the stick. I sit there and wait. It's one of those digital ones that says pregnant or not pregnant. Perfect. I wait, staring at the little stick and "pregnant" pops up. Well, holy shit, everyone. Pregnant. Pregnant at Buffalo Wild Wings. Robert and I joked on the way there that if the test said pregnant that I should come to the table and give him a thumbs up. I did just that. Walking up to the table, he looks at me and I give him the thumbs up. He cracks up laughing. I'm laughing. Is this happening??? I sit down, we nonchalantly try to hug and kiss. Pregnant at Buffalo Wild Wings. It's incredibly hard to sit there and not tell Robert's friends the joyous news, but we know it's way to early and I haven't been to a doctor yet. We play it cool. I drink water and order the sampler. (let the eating commence) Texas beats Rice.

The next day I'm googling things about finding out that you're pregnant....I come across this

Physical and Emotional Symptoms via 

You may feel out-of-sorts emotionally and be a bit testier than usual with family and friends. (OK, you can be a hellcat on wheels, or cry without warning.) Things that normally wouldn't bother you may bother you enormously. You may feel depressed or have feelings of depression that are unexplained. 

Well, wow. Seriously??? So this is the reason I'm having these emotional issues?? I'm not bawling about bedding and my mom's dog due to my unresolved family issues or my imbalance of serotonin??? Well shoot!! This is kind of nice. Thank you, pregnancy. 

Next up. Bob and Al go to the gynecologist

Suri Envy

I'm came across this last week, it brought back all those old feelings that I call....the dreaded Suri Envy.

Of course she's tackled the long skirt trend before I could even buy one. And that that vintage Valentino or something?? Never seen one like it. And what is in that bin?? Does Suri do crafts?? I'm sure she has a booming Etsy site. Not even going to touch the shoes and the fact that she could be tackling another trend "color blocking". Oh and way to have that "game face" for the cameras. That's always good to have in your arsenal of skills at AGE FIVE. Look straight ahead. Don't smile. I want to feel sorry for you, Suri, dealing with the paparazzi and all. But, I physically, mentally and emotionally cannot. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

It's OU/TX weekend. 

I love this weekend. 

I met Roberto, three years ago on this very weekend. What a magical weekend of love was OU/TX 2008. 

I mean...what is better than the Cotton Bowl on OU/TX Saturday??? 

The fall air...the running into people....the beer in the waxy cups....the Fletcher's corny all gives me chills. Cherished memories flood my mind when I think back to this weekend. My Daddy drove all the way up from New Mexico, 10 years ago!, and took me to the game my freshmen year of college. It is one of my favorite memories. Even though I was a little hungover under the weather, it was the best day ever. This weekend now serves as a reunion weekend for my best friends that went to OU. It used to be a time where we all stayed in hotel rooms together, shopped together, did really dumb things together, went to the game together. The key word there is together. We were all together, not a care in the world (besides what we were wearing) and it was amazing. Now, we are lucky if we can schedule a dinner altogether. Time passes, things change, but OU TX still comes every year. It's still giving us an excuse to be together, still reminding us how awesome it was to be in college and still creating new memories for us. I love this weekend and I love my friends and I want to cry now???? 

I'll refrain and just say BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Our first family computer was an Apple. It was all set up at our dining room table. I think I was maybe 8?? I'll never forget how excited my dad was. I'll never forget playing Kid Pix and other paint kid stuff on that thing. Little did we know what would be in store...the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad. Now we can't imagine the world without them. It's so crazy how much things can change is a short 20 years.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it." - Steve Jobs, 2005 Commencement Speech at Stanford University 

That's true wisdom, right there. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

please pray!

I'm going to link up to a post from one of my best friend's (very cute) blog. Click here to read. Please keep Oliver in your prayers. He's showing what a tough little guy he is and he's not even a week old yet!

Philippians 4:6

6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.