Friday, October 14, 2011

Suri Envy

I'm came across this last week, it brought back all those old feelings that I call....the dreaded Suri Envy.

Of course she's tackled the long skirt trend before I could even buy one. And that that vintage Valentino or something?? Never seen one like it. And what is in that bin?? Does Suri do crafts?? I'm sure she has a booming Etsy site. Not even going to touch the shoes and the fact that she could be tackling another trend "color blocking". Oh and way to have that "game face" for the cameras. That's always good to have in your arsenal of skills at AGE FIVE. Look straight ahead. Don't smile. I want to feel sorry for you, Suri, dealing with the paparazzi and all. But, I physically, mentally and emotionally cannot. 

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