Thursday, October 8, 2009

is any one else bothered by this??

Fast food is getting cheaper. See below. My question: HOW?

$1 Burger Offered at Jack in the Box

[2009-09-14] Jack in the Box is featuring its Big Cheeseburger—also known in Texas as the Big Texas Cheeseburger—for only a buck, excluding tax, at participating restaurants for a limited time.

"It'll be hard to find a more affordable burger that's bigger and cheesier than our Big Cheeseburger," says Tammy Bailey, division vice president of menu marketing and promotions for Jack in the Box Inc. "We know our guests' wallets have been pinched by the recession, so we wanted to offer an affordable option during these tough times."

The Big Cheeseburger features a jumbo beef patty topped with American and Swiss-style cheese, mayo, and ketchup and is served on a jumbo bun. The Big Texas Cheeseburger features a jumbo beef patty topped with American cheese, mustard, and pickles and is served on a jumbo bun.

I know we are in a recession. I know prices are going down on many things that Americans care about , so we will be encouraged to buy -but a DOLLAR for this cheeseburger. What I’m confused about is if these fast food chains (i.e. Jack in the Box) were just massively overcharging when this same burger was $3.99 or if they are now manufacturing the food in a way that it’s somehow cheaper? That’s a frightening thought. What is really in that burger? Are people out there, like, “YES! The Big Texas Cheeseburger is only a $1.00??”

That’s all I’ve really got on this topic…just baffled by this cheaper fast food thing….

Friday, September 25, 2009

past, present, future

There are some things that you can’t stop, that the human life will experience no matter what –death, sickness, stress. These things are inevitable. I guess, some people sum it up to “death and taxes”. Are these the only two things that we can’t avoid? Maybe so, but I believe we also can’t avoid beauty, love and the miracle of the human spirit.

The death of Patrick Swayze is what reminds me of this . He battled pancreatic cancer. He had the best treatments, his spirit was strong, but he couldn’t stop the cancer, he couldn’t stop the sickness, he couldn’t stop death. The older I become the more aware I am of the precious passage of time and the short span of a human life. My Granny died of pancreatic cancer too. My strong, active, full of life Granny. My eyes still fill with tears thinking about how she’s gone. I miss her. I’m going to miss her at my wedding, I know I’ll miss her til the day I join her at the “pearly gates” or whatever heaven is like. Oh how funny, I just remembered that when I was pulling in to work this morning, I was listening to Radiohead, Videotape – "when I’m at the pearly gates. this will be on my videotape." How weird to think of. Will there be a videotape played of our lives when it’s all said and done? Only God knows this – I’m guessing the afterlife is all too grand for the human mind to comprehend and that’s okay with me. I’m still trying to comprehend that I’m marrying someone that makes “heaven a place on earth” – (ooo baby, do you know what that’s worth?!)

Speaking of my sweetpea face (that's him in the above incriminating photo - BOOMER!) he’s on his way to the big D this very minute to pick me up to head to Houston for our first shower. How weird is it that the shower is for me? I’m the one getting married? I think Robert and I both feel this way. Earlier this week he said to me, “wait, we’re going to get presents this weekend?” to which I replied, “yes, honey, it’s a SHOWER.” We are going to be showered with gifts. Speaking of, I’ve been constantly reading all things bridal on the web and came across this: The History of the Bridal Shower. It’s sweet and I thought I’d share….

The History of the Bridal Shower

Once upon a time a young Dutch girl fell in love with a man who had a kind heart and a handsome face, but little in the way of worldly possessions. All who knew him adored him, for he was so good and gentle that whenever he and came upon someone in need, he would always share his meager portion with them.

She loved him for his sweet nature and his great beauty, and did not care that he was only a miller, while she was the daughter of a wealthy and powerful man.

But her father, a wealthy townsman, had already selected a groom for her. When the miller approached him to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage, he flew into a rage and barred the miller from ever laying eyes on his daughter again. The girl was full of gried, for she truly loved the miller, and lover her father also. She pleaded with him. She tried to reason with him. But her father was known throughout their village as an obstinate man, and he refused to see why she would choose a man other than the respectable, well-to-do landowner he had picked out for her.

At night he could hear her crying, but he hardened his resolve and said to himself, “This love that she speaks of will wither with age, but the man I have chosen for her owns land as far as the eye can see, and flocks of sheep with wool as white as the hair on my own head.”

He told his daughter that if she did not listen to him, if she did not marry the groom he had selected, she would be his daughter no longer, and would forfeit any claim to his fortune, including her dowry. “If you go to nothing,” he told her, “you go with nothing.”

But his daughter was wiser than he about the ways of the heart, and knew she would marry the miller who never hesitated to share his bread with the poor. Still, she could not stop crying, not for the loss of her fortune but for the rift that had settled within her small family.

When the townspeople, who revered the miller for his generous spirit, heard of the girl's tears, they gathered to see what they could do. The miller, who had always given to them, needed their help. While they did not have much, they all had something they could contribute to help the young couple start their life together.

They came to the mill in a long procession, all of them bearing gifts and good wishes. The miller could scarcely believe it, but the girl nodded her head sagely. “He who gives everything will never be without,” she whispered, and they thanked the townspeople profusely as a pile of coverlets, porcelain, and cooking utensils grew at their feet.

When the procession of people had tapered, the two were amazed at the bounty their neighbors had shared with them. A party sprung up, and when her father heard the sounds of rejoicing, he came to the mill. When he saw all that the townspeople had done, he felt a great shame. With heavy legs, with outstretched arms, he approached the. His daughter ran to him, and they embraced with great tenderness.

To make up for his coldness, he decided to give the young couple a fine house to live in. To thank the town for showering his daughter and soon to be son-in-law with gifts, he made a magnificent feast in celebration of the marriage, and invited all of the town's inhabitants, young and old and rich and poor alike.

And the bride and groom lived happily ever after

Sigh. I hope that’s a true story, but it’s probably just a fairy tale – it’s sweet though. The miller, the father, the flock of sheep, the caring townspeople – it’s a little different these days. When Robert asked for Daddy for my hand in marriage, I wish his reply would have been, “How many flocks of sheep have you acquired?” NOT, that I’m comparing you to the miller, Roberto, if anyone is the miller in this scenario it’s me. I digress - some things aren’t so different from this tale, showers are still people coming together celebrating and selflessly giving. I haven’t even met most of the people in Houston that are hosting this shower- to them, I’m a stranger from New Mexcio, but since they love the Scarffs, they welcome me without question to the point of throwing a dinner party for me and buying me presents?! I need to remember that is the essence of the shower. Instead of almost developing an ulcer about what I’m going to wear. There will be margaritas and Mexican food there - also a departure from the first shower - but, I’ll be fine, yay tequila. Oh dear, me and tequila will be on “my videotape”.

In other news: I’ve set a goal for myself. I don’t expect anyone to believe me, BUT, I’m going to try to post every Friday. Once a week, surely, I can do this.

Okay, over and out. Have a great weekend.

“It’s amazing Molly. The love inside. You take it with you.” – Patrick Swayze as Sam Wheat in Ghost

Friday, August 21, 2009

friday afternoon delirium

This is going to be a random post. I'm sort of tired, yet wired; therefore, delerious. The day started out being a low self esteem day, but now it's just one of those days where I can't stop laughing about the state of things. Mostly because Mary and I usually can't stop laughing about everything that happens at the office, thank God for her (and thank God for Sam....haha.)

Soooo..... I got my oil changed today and of course I got the call that I needed some sort of leak repaired or I would have major damage soon. The price for those repairs...$1200. I asked, can I still drive it for a while, the answer was yes and so that means the answer is no to the repairs. Why is it that it's impossible to just get an oil change? Something else is always wrong. I guess it probably is possible that your car is fine when it isn't 10 years old...whatever, I love my car and it's leaking parts.

Something else fun that's happened today is that Mary and I arrived at work at 7 a.m. so that we could leave at 3 p.m. YET, I'm still here and Mary didn't leave til 4:00. Why you may ask? Well, I'll tell you. While everyone else in corporate America gets up on Monday ready to hit it hard and gets to the office bright and early-- my boss, gets in Monday AND everyday between 10 and 11, eats lucnch, does whatever, usually leaves by 2 or 3...3 is pushing it. It's usually not 3. Yes, this makes my job easier being that I'm his assistant, but it's like I'm so used to this schedule that when it's altered, especially on a Friday when I've been counting his early departure, I am baffled by his sudden devotion to work at 3:30 on a Friday? I want to shout, "Leave! Please leave!!" Now, he's left and I'm sitting her blogging......4:37....ppppfffffttttttttt. Fridays....I'm burnt out this Friday and I can pinpoint what it is exactly that I'm burnt out of, but I just need some sort of rejuventation? A deep breath is all I'm going to get right now because I'm about to get on the road for the 5 hour joy ride to Lubbock, Texas. Little sister is moving into the dorms tomorrow! Oh to be young again.....

Small wedding update and vent. I can't seem to pick an invitation. Everything that I love is too expensive and everything that isn't too expensive I wrinkle my nose to. I love paper and stationary, but these are things that you can cut the price on. Why is cutting the price on things never fun? I sound spoiled. I am spoiled! I'm getting my dream wedding in Santa Fe to my dream lover (ha, painfully chesey), why do I insist on dream invitations too? Count your blessings, Alexis, count them...there are millions. I haven't picked out a cake yet either? Oh well, we'll get there, we'll get there.....I read on the Martha Stewart wedding blog today, that it's all about the details. Oh the details....if only I could figure out the big things first.

There are always decisions to make in everyone's life, whatever they are for you, small or big, may they enhance your life in some form or fashion. Okay, that's all the insight that I can muster in this state of mind.....

Time to hit the road, pray for my little sister as she approaches this fantastic time in live!!

Have a great weekend....xo

I just re-read this. How pointless...oh well....oh well. pppppfffffffttttt.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mary's New Favorite Blog

How appropriate is it that I write a blog about nothing and nothing is what I post!!! ppppffffftttttt=nothing!!! It is but a pppffffttttt in the cyber community!! I've averaging one blog per month, that really shouldn't even be called a blog. Maybe a blo or even a bl. "Alexis writes a bl." (and yes, Friends fans, this was taken from when Phoebe says, I don't even have a pl...)

Anyway, Mary has already informed me that she has a "new favorite blog"...the writer of this blog is engaged and blogs about the cute ideas that she's doing for her wedding among other things. It's good, I've read it and I enjoyed it. There it is...go ahead, make it your favorite blog too. I'll just be here writing my "bl". And you know, maybe one day I'll get there, get to the level of being like "the spooniest" and blogging about my wedding and the sweet little details of it. (I guess I better make it quick, I'm getting married in 115 days.) I really can't even process the little details because I feel like I'm making all of these decisions at lightning speed and as soon as I decide one another comes about and I have to focus on that. I barely remember what I'm deciding let alone have time to blog about it. (Probably the effect/beauty of a short engagement.) Plus, I don't want to broadcast everything because I want people to show up and not know what they're stepping into. So, while I love the "spooniest" type blogs by those fabulous creative people out there. I'll have to remind myself that the theme of my wedding is simple and the creative elements at my wedding will be the people....because that's what makes it special.

And like a wedding which is special and unique to the couple getting married, what makes a blog special is that it is unique to the person that writes it. Some one's passion, opinion or commentary is shared. So, while, it is true I am a changed, I'm an engaged girl, the blog will reflect that because it can't help that. I cannot solely blog about the wedding because I am not solely about a wedding. Though society really does breed you to be. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "This wedding is all about you. You're the bride." It's like a breeding farm for narcissism. What do I want? What do I need? I! I! Me! Me! There are even tv shows that document this, Bridezillas on WE (yikes). The reality is that society is partially right, a wedding has A LOT to do with the bride, but the thought of all this focus on yourself if enough to give anyone a heart attack. All that has happened to make this wedding possible is that that two people are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together and share this joy with people that they love. How does the simplicity of that turn into anxiety over bridesmaid dresses? I don't know, but it always does. I've really had to refocus several times in this process because I have literally forgotten that I get to marry the love of my life when I'm in tears about the guest list. Does the writer of the "spooniest" have this problem. I'm not sure...

In essence, I suppose what I'm saying is that I have a semi-urge to blog about wedding things and sometimes I might. I'm girly and I like this stuff when I'm not stressing out about it. Andddd this wedding business is a big part of my life right now, BUT it's not MY LIFE. Sooo, I will blog about whatever pops up in my mind, whether it be the center pieces at the reception, the financial crisis or who knows what else. But, I will keep trying to share my life with you, my or non-wedding related....

"All you need is love." - John Lennon and Paul McCartney (See you tonight at the Cowboys Stadium, Paul. I'M SEEING A BEATLE TONIGHT...that should take my mind off wedding stress!)

Monday, July 20, 2009

hi, everyone, hi!!!!

A whole lot has happened in the world in the past 31 days....the King of Pop has passed, John is minus Kate, Nick/Jessica both find themselves single AND dozens of moms have joined Facebook. These happenings will probably each get their own commentary and post if I can ever get back into the swing of this blogging business. When you begin to blog, even about nothing like myself, then suddenly turn off the blog switch, it's not easy to turn it back on. It's not like riding a bike or getting back on the horse; but more like jumping in a cold pool and swimming up to the top. It doesn't feel good a first, but by the time you come up to the top to take a breath, you're warm and you feel comfortable again. So here I am, treadding water in the pool, blogging, blogging because a whole lot has happened in my world in the past 31 days.....

On June 19, 2009, the man that I love and admire in a way I never thought possible asked me to marry him. In 146 days I'm going to have a new last name and a new husband. Never again will I be Alexis Neal. I will be "Robert and Alexis". I will be "Alexis Scarff". I will be "Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scarff". I couldn't be happier about this and I know this is going to sound a tad "Jerry Maguire" of me, but I couldn't feel more complete knowing that I'm going to be part of Robert, God-willing for the rest of my life. The more I learn about marriage are realize that it is the new creation of two people becoming one person, the more mystified and in awe I am of it. I'm really more in awe of my fiance. I. love. him. Thank you God, for Robert Scarff. and thank you God for Ghostland Observatory. and thank you God that we both liked Ghostland. and thank you God for Sarah who bought my ticket to Ghostland Observatory. I could go on, but just really thank you God....

I could also go on about the highs and lows of wedding planning, but now that I feel more in the flow of blogging you can hopefully ride those waves with me. The wedding waves......whew....they can be a wild ride. Good thing, I've got best person imaginable, (Robert, that's you!) riding them with me. See below for some wedding waves...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the table

How fascinating is it that each of us are made so completely different? I recognize this when I think about the spectrum of my friends. How they range from the most out going and boisterous to the very laid back and calm. When I think of all the intricate differences of people's personalities and spirits I can't help but think, how's there's no way there's not a God. How else could all of the amazing individuals I know exist and be who there are? This brings me back to my friends and how crazy I am about them. I could go on all day about each one, but I think their common thread is this-they all bring something to the table.

I've been hearing this phrase more and more lately. "They don't bring a lot to the table." or "He really brings a lot to the table." You know what it means, but I'll attempt to define: it's when you're out, you a bar or at dinner with a group and everyone around you is in little conversations and somehow you get engaged in a conversation with someone that you haven't really talked to or gotten to know and all of the sudden you're nodding, your talking back at their comments, laughter might occur and a sense of satisfaction always follows. This person is interesting, sincere and educated on some topic that you're not and you walk away from that conversation thinking, "wow, he/she really brought a lot to the table".

I love when I'm surprised with someone bringing something on the table because the opposite of these "table" conversations is usually quite painful and causes me to use my fake laugh; which Mary says, distinctly sounds like this....huh huh huh--how ugly. I should take all steps to prevent my fake laugh ever being used outside the work place (where it is absolutely necessary to function)...

Of course, like every other thought I have, I come upon a moment of self-reflection and ask, "Do I bring something to the table?" I pray that I do and not the antithesis, but I can't really have a conversation with myself, so I guess I might truly never know. I know that with this thought in mind I will aim to bring something to conversations I'm involved in, whether with a stranger or my mom, I hope to "bring something to the table"- not by dazzling them with my interpersonal skills or with an witty joke or funny story, but just by listening, by being present and sincere- which I feel are the main factors when "bringing something to the table" and things that everyone is capable of attempting. You don't have to be the most interesting person in the world to "bring something to the table" all you have to be is yourself and just listen. Of course, I'm preaching to the choir here, because you, my friends all "bring something to the table"..... thank God or we wouldn't be friends because I'd have to use my unattractive fake laugh all the time.

"Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after." - Anne Morrow Lindberg

Monday, June 8, 2009

Daaa da da da daaaa da (graduation song)

About two weeks ago, Robert and I went home to see my little sister graduate high school. I had forgotten what a hopeful time of your life that is. Remember the stars in your eyes when you would think about college and the future?? I know I fantasized about my future friends, my new fun college life, my classes, the parties, the football games... I probably didn't get to much further beyond that, but, I think I assumed that college was the answer to life, all you had to do is have fun in college, figure out what you wanted to do with your life and everything else falls into place. pppppfffftttttt. Is that ever how it happens for anyone? Don't let me confuse you, I loved college and I wouldn't take a second of it back, but I think it was very romanticized in my eyes. I thought that I had already gone through the business of "finding myself" in high school, and now, I could be like, "Hello, world, here I am..." I didn't know that hard decisions and big mistakes would lie ahead, I know that sounds terribly naive, but let's face it, I WAS terribly naive. I shopped at Pac Sun for Pete's sake. I liked Roxy, I had like four Roxy dresses that I thought I would wear out in college. Why did I think the surfer girl thing was cool? I really couldn't tell you. And it's really neither here nor there, but I would say that my fashion choices were a reflection of my sheltered existence? There's me below. ha.

Anyway, during my sister's graduation ceremony, Robert and I literally laughed aloud several times during the speeches that were delivered, I think one of them referred to the class of 2009 as "adults". Okay, really, I'm 25 and I'm not sure if I'm an adult yet. Actually, I can confirm that I'm not. Sometimes I think I might be on the brink of adulthood, but then I realize how absolutely juvenile I am 80% of the time. Like the fact that the registration on my car has been expired since December and I can't make the 5 minute drive downtown to renew it or that I started a blog that has TEN followers (I love each of you!) and that I neglect it on a daily basis. I'm not a girl, not yet a woman, I don't know what I am, but presently, I don't feel too adultish.

I can't pinpoint exactly what else was particularly funny during the speeches, but it was just the whole theme of it all. How then students had accomplished SO much and how now they were ready for what life had to bring. Why can't someone be honest at times like this? I guess you just can't. You can't stand up there and say, "Guess what, it's only going to get harder and guess what you're not ready for any of it. Oh and also, you're going to mess up a lot and it's going to suck." No one ever says that, but it is the truth. Perhaps, at 18, the truth is a little too much and it's better to believe the fairy tale. Plus, there's no way that at that age, you could grasp the whole refining process of growing up. How relationships refine you, situations, good and bad and in the end you become who you're supposed to.

Since that weekend I've found myself wanting to overload my sister with information. I feel sort of like a parent because I want to protect her from all of my mistakes. I want to tell her what to do right and what to avoid that is wrong. Over and over in my head, I've written a letter to her even though I know it won't help, she'll have to go her own way and make her own mistakes and learn the hard way like everyone else, it doesn't stop me from wishing she could have a perfect, happy life in college and beyond. See below for the top ten points my letter would hit.....

10. HELP- Everyone needs it, never be afraid to ask for help.
9. DRUGS- Just please don't. Addiction runs rampant in our family.
8. FRIENDS- Surround yourself with people that bring you up, never down.
7. THINGS- There are nice to have, but don't bring fulfillment or happiness.
6. CLASS- Knowledge actually is power. Don't be afraid to be dorky.
5. ALCOHOL- Use moderation. Less is more. Trust me on this.
4. MOM- This is going to be annoying, but she's usually right.
3. MONEY- It really doesn't grow on trees. How miraculous???!!!
2. BOYS- Listen to your heart. Really listen, it won't steer you the wrong way.
1. DREAMS- Follow them, absolutely NOTHING is beyond your reach.

How chesey has this post been??? Pretty chesey!!!! GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 2009!!!!!!

"Education is a wonderful thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing worth knowing can be taught." - Oscar Wilde

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well, what a coincidence!!!!!!!!!!!

I've always thought my life mirrored Britney' high school she coming into her own...I was coming into my own. Then, she became really successful...I got into college. Then, she had a shot-gun wedding in Vegas...I asked a random to Kite and Key. Then, she dated Kevin Federline....I had a boyfriend that liked Linkin Park. Then, she had kids....I got Doug the Pug. Then, she had a mental breakdown...I began therapy. Then, she has a comeback...I start a blog. And now today on this very day, I was 30 minutes late to work, and check B. Spears last night, ya'll..........I'm telling you, the same wavelength, she and I, the same wavelength....

Spears' Vancouver concert halted for 30 minutes
2 hours ago

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — The new and improved Britney Spears apparently isn't a fan of cigarette smoke — or any other kind of smoke, for that matter — while she's performing.

The 27-year-old pop star left the stage for about 30 minutes during a concert in Vancouver on Wednesday night, apparently because of smoke in the audience.

According to The Vancouver Sun, Spears' concert was halted about 15 minutes into her performance, and an announcer told concertgoers to put out their cigarettes. Some audience members grew impatient while waiting for Spears and her troupe to return to the stage, the Sun reported.

After she returned and ended the show, Spears — who has been to rehab and is on the comeback trail after a long stretch of troubles — told the crowd, "Don't smoke weed."

Spears' publicist, Holly Shakoor, issued a statement apologizing to fans about the delay. The statement said "crew members above the stage became ill due to a ventilation issue."

Spears began her "Circus" tour of the United States, Canada and England on March 3 in New Orleans. Her father and attorneys are exploring the possibility of expanding the tour to include more shows in Europe and Australia.

"That's hot."

Yes, Paris Hilton, uttered these profound words and managed to make them popular, but I don't think she was talking about something that was literally hot, actually I'm quite sure of it. I, on the otherhand, am going to talk about something hot. Something really hot, something that some would put in the category of a type of torture, something called Bikram Yoga. It's a 90 minute yoga class that consists of 26 postures in a heated room of 105 degrees. How does that sound? Detoxifying and unbearable at the same time? That's what I assumed. I thought that it sounded like a challenge and a cool thing to try, but something that would never be "me" and something for only the really hardcore people out there. (see below for hardcore people, they're the husband and wife that own the Bikram Yoga Studio in Dallas.)

I heard of "hot yoga" when I moved to Dallas, Sarah was doing it and so I gave it a shot. One of her friends had lost 10 pounds by sticking to this activity three times a week. Loosing 10 pounds? Sounds good to me. It wasn't Bikram Yoga, it was at a studio called Sunstone. I went once and didn't really take to it and decided I was more of a run/lift weights kind of girl when it came to working out. Last summer, my wonderful friend, Annie, was into Bikram yoga and told me how much she was loving it; this motivated me to try this hot yoga again. When someone so passionately testifies about these positive changes in their life, it makes you take notice, you know?

My mother was in town on Labor Day and the Bikram studio was offering a free day of yoga, so my mom and I trotted on up to the yoga studio. I wore shorts and a t-shirt, my mom who refuses to wear shorts or t-shirts wore work-out capris and a long sleeved shirt. We walked into the smoldering yoga room and everyone else is practically in bathing suits. Then our instructor walked in and I began to get really scared. He is wearing a speedo and maybe weighs 90 pounds. I immeadiately knew that we were in trouble. The class started up and I am trying to relax and enjoy it, but it is hard. It's hard to adjust to the heat, it's hard to focus on what you're doing because you're so distracted by the heat, it's just hard.

And then there's my mom, she's in fairly good shape, but I think it was a tad more than just hard for her. By the end of the class my mom is not following instructions and doing her own thing and the instructor had to ask her to "stay with the class". Of course, my mom, took this personally and begins calling the instructor Mango. You know, the Chris Kattan character in the Saturday Night Live skit? (if not, see below) Anyway, my mom keeps whispering to me, "Manogo, needs to let us out of here." This is followed by Mango asking my mom not to talk. Mango and my mom are not getting along. I feel sorry for my mom, who is attempting yoga in what feels like the center of a volcano in her winter outfit, but I equally feel sorry for Mango who is just trying to help my mom get the most out of this 90 minute hell she is going through.

The class ended and my mom and I are just laying there, starfished on the floor unable to move. (When the class ends everyone is laying, we weren't the weird people laying down.) My eyes were closed and I turned my head to peek over at my mom, she looked dead. She slowly turned her head and looked at me and we died laughing. It was definitely out of delirium, but there are just no words to describe how you feel after that first class. Surprisingly, it's spectacular! I realize that sounds insane, but I felt physically and mentally better than I had felt in months. I had just worked my entire body. Inside and out, every muscle. It felt amazing. Yes, it was the hardest thing I had done since my high school track days, but I now saw why people loved this practice and PAID to do it everyday. Even with my mom's conflict with Mango, she felt the same way. She bought me a month of unlimited Bikram yoga, so that I could keep it up for a while and we leave the studio. We both felt so invigorated for the rest of the day, I was even a little sore. I love being sore, I know, it's weird, but I love it. I guess, maybe because you can tell something is actually working and your body is changing. Soreness makes me happy.

So, since this time, depending on my finances for the month, I have been doing Bikram yoga. I just finished a month of it and I won't be able to do it for while so I just wanted to soak in and also share what I learned during a class a couple weeks ago...

It was about half way through what is called the "standing series" and I was slowly making my way through the class. Sherry was teaching this paticular class. Sherri is probably in her 50's. She a very petite little yogi and I like her classes because you can tell she loves teaching them. She said something that I hopefully won't ever forget. She said, "You must remember the most important thing in yoga is to listen." I must have been feeling really cocky that day because I thought I knew what she was going to say. I thought she would say that the most important thing was a certain posture or drinking water or another multitude of things. I was so wrong, the most important thing is just to listen. Later on in the class, she repeated herself, "Remember the most important thing in this class is to listen and the second most important thing is to breathe." I've heard this since my first Bikram class, all the teachers say it, "find your breath", "remember to breathe" this wasn't too unexpected. But, I reflected on it throughout the rest of the class and it really helped me.

Just listen and breathe. The simplicity of that is almost way too much for me. I feel like those two things could make so many other things easier besides yoga. Worry, tends to sneak up one way or the other. Don't let it. Listen to others, listen to yourself, I think the wisdom that comes from that will quickly overcome our fears and anxieties. And breathing...such a small concept. How often, really though, do you just breathe? It's almost hard to do JUST breathe, but how necessary is it? Breathing is everything. Let yourself breathe, relax in the moment and just let whatever is going to happen, happen.

LISTEN AND BREATHE........LISTEN AND feels nice, doesn't it?

Friday, March 27, 2009

more than a shampoo....

You know the idiosyncrasies that you don't notice about yourself until somebody else notices? I have one. Multiple shampoos and conditioners. I have a lot of them. Robert has pointed this out and he's right, I do have lots of hair care items. It's not necessarily on purpose or that I'm constantly buying them, I somehow seem to accumulate shampoos, conditioners and deep conditioners. I completely blame my mother for this. The woman buys detergent at the dollar store to save money, yet insists that she, my sister and I used "good" shampoo. Every time I go home or she comes to Dallas we have to stop at the salon so she can buy me an Aveda product. "Good hair is important," she says. I'm not complaining, it's fabulous. Aveda-making people smile, one bottle at a time.

She's been like this since I can remember. When I was little I can recall seeing the Nexus bottles in her shower that I wasn't allowed to use. I was probably mad about that because I was really into my hair in grade school. I was consistently fighting with my bangs to look right. Every morning I fought the battle with my curling iron and hair spray. Scary. Later on when I was in middle school, she started using Nioxin, it smelled like peppermint and I always felt special when I was used it, she had become more generous in her later years (maybe she felt bad because she had my sister..ha, jk). I'm not sure what happened in my mom's shampoo life from this period til she discovered Aveda. She might have fallen off the band wagon of salon shampoos and dabbled in Herbal Essences, but about my junior year of college she had a complete about face.

She has always had opinions about my hair. If I got highlights my mom would have to rate the colorist, "Not as good as your last one." or "Oh, you need to keep going to him, he knows what he's doing with your hair." So, I knew I was in for something when she asked me out of the blue, "What shampoo are you using?". I remember being caught off guard. I had a part time job and I had been getting more frequent lectures from both parents about trying to cut back on taking money from their "money tree" and she was worried about my quality of shampoo? Confusion.

We stopped that day and she bought me the Aveda Damage Remedy shampoo, conditioner and deep treatment. She said that my hair looked fried and it needed help. She was probably right, I chi-ed it to death everyday. Even since, I've tried all sorts of wonderful Aveda products. There's Shampure, Brilliant, Sap Moss and on and on, but it was the Damage Remedy that caused the replenishing I needed. My mom claims that it "brought my hair back to life". Gees, was it that bad, Mom? I guess so. Anyway...we like Aveda, we're believers, so this explains allllllll of my hair products.

Last year about this time, I was in the shower, you know washing my hair like I normally would and I found my self staring at the bottle of shampoo I was using. It was called, Color Conserve. I remember sighing heavily because my life felt colorless. I felt colorless. I wanted the color back, my happiness and simply the ability to be myself again. Credit card debt, uncertainty that I should live in Dallas, my Granny's recent diagnosis of cancer and the incorrect way I dealt with it all had sucked the color out of me. I stared at that bottle of shampoo wishing that there was a product that I could apply that would "conserve" my color. That wouldn't let things in life wear on me, that I could be the same person that I was before I made mistakes and before things were complicated. I put the bottle down and looked at my other shampoos and conditioners. Hello, Smooth Infusion. I remember wishing that this one literally could be applied and produce the effect of "smoothness" in my life. Then, I see the old faithful shampoo that brought "my hair back to life" - Damage Remedy. I remember sincerely wishing that Damage Remedy would work. That if I used it, it would fix the damage in my life. I wish it would fix my Granny, it would pay my bills, I wish it could tell me where I'm supposed to live and if I was on the right track. I want the damage out of my life and I want the color back and at that point I didn't know how to get there.

That's the thing about life, trials and tribulations are inevitable and there isn't usually a quick fix, but eventually light and purpose can be found in dark moments. A little while after that emotional shower I realized that I did have a Damage Remedy - It was God and my relationship and access to Him. I did have a Color Conserve - It was my family and friends that God placed in my life. I did have Smooth Infusion - It was faith that my prayers would be answered in some fashion, no matter how hard that was to believe. It wasn't easy to realize these things, but somehow, I did....Aveda- more than just a shampoo. ha.

I have a little book called Hope for Each Day by Billy Graham. This was the reading a week or so ago and I feel like it sort of relates to this. Enjoy :)

Life with a capital "L"

The Son gives life to whom He will. -John 5:21

The moment you come to Christ, the Spirit of God brings the life of God into you and you begin to live. For the first time you begin to live with a capital "L". There's a spring in your step, a joy in your soul, and a peace in your heart. Life has taken on a new outlook.

There's a whole new direction to your life, because now the Spirit of God has implanted within you the very life of God, Himself, who is eternal. And that means you will live as long as God lives!

Too many Christians let themselves get bogged down by the cares and routines of daily living. Don't let that happen to you. Ask God to help you live each day with eternity in view.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

false alarm. i almost had a heart attack.

Okay, so, thanks to Sarah (she teaches me everything) I have become a bigger fan of Radiohead in the last year. I've always liked them, mostly because I randomly bought OK Computer during a retail therapy session at Target in Lubbock right after I transferred from OU to Texas Tech. Those were trying times and I attribute OK Computer to getting me through that fall semester- hmmm, maybe, OK Computer along with a lot of prayer and a lot of alcohol. God works in mysterious, mysterious ways.

Thank you OK Computer.

Anyway, back to present day Radiohead reflections, I didn't know they had such an underground network of intellectual, Thom Yorke obsessed fans until this past year. They do and they deserve it, lyrically and musically they seem to always hit the mark.

Currently, my favorite cd is In Rainbows and just now I looked up the lyrics to 15 Step because one of my favorite words is etcetera. It just says so much. I love it. So, of course, I love how Thom sings "Etcetera, etcetera" in 15 Step and I wasn't sure what he said after. Since it's sllllloowww at RPI today, I thought I would quench my curiosity and look up the lyrics. The song like most of theirs seems to have some layers that I wanted to uncover. To my horror when I Googled the lyrics and clicked on the link the icon below appeared with the lyrics for 15 Step underneath.

Immediate panic arose. No way. 15 Step on NOW 30? Radiohead is on a NOW cd? No. Matchbox 20 can be on a NOW cd and Lady Gaga can be on NOW 30, Radiohead cannot. Granted, I think I owned NOW 6 in high school. Whew, that felt good to get out, talk about skeletons in the closet. Back to my NOW 30/15 Step anxiety- immediate research was executed and I discovered that I assumed too quickly. The huge NOW 30 icon was only but a mere advertisement. Phew. That can really throw a girl off.

So, I thought, in honor of 15 Step NOT being on NOW 30 that we should all enjoy these lyrics from our modern day Shakespeare. (I took it to far, didn't I?) Related Side Note: When Robert was drunk on St.Patricks day (Hi Robert! You're cute!) he told me that Trey Anastasio said that if Jay-Z was born 300 years ago he would have been Beethoven. Okay? Is this legit or does Robert just need to stop binge drinking? I guess the appropriate question would be, is Trey Anastasio right or does he need to put down the pipe/bong/drug paraphernalia?

Alrighty...enjoy a spoon full of Radiohead, it helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way. I bet that's the first time, Radiohead and Mary Poppins have been combined. Except in my own head that is...jk, jk.

How come I end up where I started
How come I end up where I went wrong
Won't take my eyes off the ball again
You reel me out and you cut the string.

How come I end up where I started
How come I end up where I went wrong
Won't take my eyes off the ball again
First you reel me out and then you cut the string

You used to be all right
What happened?
Did the cat get your tongue?
Did your string come undone?
One by one
One by one
It comes to us all
It's as soft as your pillow

You used to be all right
What happened?
Etcetera, etcetera
Fads for whatever
Fifteen steps
Then a sheer drop

How come I end up where I started?
How come I end up where I went wrong
Won't take my eyes off the ball again
You reel me out and you cut the string.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I heart RPI

I know I talk about work a lot, but I really am convinced that our office is unlike any other. For example, please read the below email regarding what we are doing this afternoon...

Sent: Thursday, March 05, 2009 1:33 PM
Subject: 1st annual Postum Picture Pitcher Party "PPPP"

Please accept this email an as invitation to RPI’s 1st annual PPPP at 2:00 on Thursday, March 12. Proceeds from Postum will pay for a pitcher of margaritas and some munchies to share.

If we all have our pictures here by Wednesday morning, Cory has volunteered to scan them so we can look at them on the TV. If possible, bring a baby photo, a grade school/middle school photo and a high school photo. Embarrassing (but nothing that would scandalize) would be fun. Or just something no one would believe is a young you.

Let me know as soon as possible if this day/time doesn’t work for anyone.


Postum is truly the gift that keeps on giving here at RPI. I get to drink tequila this afternoon and look at old pictures of Cory?? How did I get to be so lucky?? I'll be making the margaritas and Kay's will have an extra shot in it. I hope this gets really awkward and sloppy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Free Salad day at Eatzis???

Cory just walked into the office claiming that it was "free salad day at Eatzi's". The little price tag that they stick on the salad to determine the price was.....wait for it....wait for it.......BLANK. Is this a fluke? Is this fate? Is Cory blessed by the lunch angels? He did get free chips at Qudoba once. He claims that he signed his credit card receipt and it was only four dollars for two Pellegrinos and his salad. Confusion then struck him, "This should be more like $14." he claims ran through his head; the cashier just put the salad in his bag, which caused him to peer into the bag and notice the mysterious unmarked price tag.

What gets me is that he just waltzed out of the store? Did he even ask someone what was going on? Granted, times are tough and if life hands you a free $9 salad, you take the free $9 salad, but is that ethical? Who am I kidding, it's Cory...Cory believes that whatever Cory does is always right. So there you go.

Just thought I'd let the Dallas citizens know that today could possibly be "free salad day" at Eatzi's. So head on down and be sure to pair yours with a Pellegrino (or two) just like C-Mac did.

Ahhhh! He just walked by with a classic C-Mac quote:

"Everything tastes better when it's free."

Does it Cory? Are you homeless? Who wants to bet he says something in his facebook status about the free salad?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thank you for the warm welcome Alexis. I am so happy to be a part of the ppppffffftttttt family. For those of you who may have noticed, I deleted my previous post. It made me a little uncomfortable when I read it again. And, by uncomfortable, I mean it made me feel sorry for everyone else who had to read it. So, it is gone forever in the internet abyss.

Instead, here are a collection of quotes I have adorning my bulletin board on my desk at home:

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. -Thoreau (a personal favorite)

You are almost there. - Fortune from a Fortune Cookie (got this fortune this summer the night before I took the Bar)

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun. - Katherine Hepburn (from a card Alexis got me for the fourth and final time I got called into Kappa Standards)

I love Latin. - Peggy Chambers (button we had to wear on our backpacks to get extra credit in Latin in college)

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? - Vincent Van Gogh (card from strueber included in a care package from finals last year, inscription on the inside "stop bitching and study damn it!")

And finally...

Victory 2008! - Oklahoma County Democratic Party (on a button that Mary gave me during the primaries last year)

Please feel free to comment.



Drumroll please...................

Introducing, the first guest blogger to grace ppppffffftttttt........Ms. Sarah Smith ESQ.

May I just say...BRAVO. Loved every moment of your post. I'm inspired.

Sarah, what should we co-write now? A tv show? A novel? A children's book series? A screenplay? I think this blog is only the beginning. I don't believe in wizards, but I like to think fairies and unicorns are a possibility.

Oh and don't get accustomed to Sarah's intelligent, error-free writing. I know you might feel as if the world shifted a little when you checked this blog (mostly to prevent from poking yourself in the eye due to boredom at work and/or you were over of Perez for the day) and to your surprise, you found Anna Karenina and not The Nanny Diaries, but don't fret... I'll be back soon with a pointless story about where I work or an introspection, a quote and some misspelled words and all will be right once more.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good News!

The economy is not doing that bad. Now, I know what you're thinking, unemployment is at an all time low, Obama is attempting to stimulate the economy, BUT I now know that things are not as dire as they seem. How do I know this?

I know this because someone out there is willing to pay $56.00 for 3 cans of Postum. That's right the bidding frenzy has begun and there are 6 bids-the highest at $56.00. If there are people out there that can afford Postum, a beverage that doesn't even have caffeine, then I think the economy can't be in that bad of shape.

Also, I don't think this Postum top bidder is exactly Melania Trump. Postum is not for the black American Express card holders or the Merrill Lynch executives who received large bonuses last year. It's just for the normal person, like you or I, working the 9-5. So, it's official, the normal person can still afford life's tiny luxuries and to someone that luxury is, you guessed it, Postum.

Melania Trump, thinking to herself, "No thank you, hold the Postum."

Yes, it's true that times are tough, but the bottom line is as long as people out there still can afford Postum, no one needs to be throwing around the term "depression". We're all going to be okay. You heard it here first, not exactly the Wall Street Journal, but whatever...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Cory's facebook status...

Okay, I'm totally exploiting my office lately, but I almost have to share this. Cory's facebook status last night.

"Cory has decided that Facebook and Blackberry's combine to create a blackhole in the middle of my existence... must uninstall."

Cory, get off facebook and spend time with your wife and children!! My gosh, what is the world coming to.

Today's status:

"Cory is recovering from an attempted assassination by his personal trainer yesterday... I am S-O-R-E."

Really, I can't take much more.

Corn Tortillas

I never know what the harmony in the office will be contingent upon, today, it was corn tortillas. The president of our company, Jeff, Trey and two of our company's lawyers had a noon meeting, so Jeff suggests they order in from his favorite place, Matitos. So, like a good assistant, I get the menu, take the orders and call it in. Every one's order is normal, except for Trey's. He wants three beef tacos a la carte and an order of corn tortillas. This is simple enough, just an order of corn tortillas.

Why does it bother me that he orders this side of corn tortillas? Does he eat them plain? Does he dip them in salsa? They don't really go with beef tacos. They go with fajitas, they go with queso, they do not go with tacos. I am annoyed with the corn tortillas. I order them, of course, but I'm panicked about them because if for some reason the corn tortillas do not make it to Trey, he will take it personally and it will cause his face to get red and I'll get nervous and feel inferior because I can't even order lunch without a mistake. I feel that Trey can see all over my face that I think his corn tortillas are stupid. I feel like the guy that took my order at Matitos can hear my disapproval of the side of corn tortillas over the phone. Why do I even care? Why have the tortillas become my pet peeve? They are just tortillas, to each his own, you know? If Trey wants to have corn tortillas for breakfast, lunch and dinner more power to him. Let it go, Alexis, let it go.

Needless to say, the corn tortillas made it safely to Trey's plate, where I'm sure he enjoyed them thoroughly. What's really my issue? I think I just need the weekend. I'm ready to not be someones assistant/waitress of corn tortillas...

TGIF --- these were Mary's first words to me this morning when I walked in the beautiful glass doors of RPI. Seriously, TGIF.

Postum Update: Mary received one inquiry about what the expiration date is on the Postum. It expired in February 2008. I feel like Mary and Kay are bootlegging expired Postum. Next thing you know they're going to be throwing Postum parties in basements. Yeah, I took it too far.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

1 piece of nicotine gum=4 cigarettes --The Office continued...

Here is another thing I don't understand about one of the employees here at RPI; if it's been 5 years since you've quit smoking, is it still necessary to chew nicotine gum in mass quantities? Apparently, it is. Hey, whatever helps you quit, I'm all for, but I don't get it.

Trey, the VP of RPI, chews probably 4 to 5 pieces of nicotine gum per hour. Not per day, per HOUR. I am not exaggerating. In the last month, due to the bad economy and the level of business coming in, Trey has decided that he is going to put Mary and I through "Lease School". This is good because neither of us want to be secretaries for the rest of our lives, but sometimes Lease School gets really awkward. It always starts out with a high school story from Trey, some kind of harsh statement that makes us really tense and then we start learning about real estate.

Today's Lease School began with a story about how Trey accidentally took drugs (high school story), then I asked Trey why he still chewed nicotine gum and he replied with, "So I don't kill people at work" (harsh statement) and then usually we proceed to learn about real estate. I don't know if Mary is feeling crazy today because of this Postum thing or what, but she decided that she wanted to chew some nicotine gum. Trey agreed to let her have some if she agreed to follow his instructions about chewing it. Chew four or five times, then hold it in the side of your mouth. Little did we know that one piece of it is equivalent to four cigarettes. You know, I may not remember what a cap rate is in five years, but I guarantee that I will remember that one piece of nicotine gum equals four cigarettes. Thank you for the education, Trey.

I'm telling you, the fun does not stop around here.

retracting statement....

I am officially no longer worried about the anxiety dreams that Michael Phelps may have had.

"He looked just as natural with a bong in his hand as he does swimming in the pool," one witness said. "He was the gold medalist of bong hits."

Good for you, Michael. Sweet dreams.

The Office

Yes, it's a TV show, so I'm not the first to come up with this concept that people at work are weird/entertaining. Really though, working with people is just a weird thing. You are with these people day in and day out...yet you set boundaries on getting to know them because you "work" together. It's like you know them, but you don't really KNOW them...or do you?

I've worked in a small office of 7 people for the past 2 years and there are still things that never cease to entertain me. For example, my 38 year-old boss and his new obsession with Facebook. He's on it more than a college freshman. Also, he is very impressed with the band, The Killers. I agree, they are a good band, but now that he likes them so much, I cannot think they're cool. There is just something about him that just makes it necessary to make fun of him at all times. You can't help it, he just makes it so easy. It's to the point where I don't even hesitate to call him out on things. "I saw your new album on facebook, Cory. That was a good one." The thing is though...he thinks I'm serious because I'm not a mean person. He causes me to be mean. This is ironic because I truly like him as a person, but it is impossible not to make fun of a man that tells the cabana boy when he is poolside at the Wynn in Las Vegas, "I'll have a pina colada...Malibu, make sure you make it with Malibu." Yes, he's straight, I promise...a wife and two kids. Just order a beer, Cory. No, of course, he can't.

Another constant stream of office entertainment comes from Kay. I've mentioned her before. Mary and I love her. She's a genius and the hardest worker I have EVER met, but there are things that I don't get. For instance, today Mary is putting cans of Postum on Ebay that Kay is auctioning. They no longer sell Postum, so Kay is thinking she is going to make a profit off of these superfluous Postums. When in Mary's life did she think she would be at work auctioning off Postums so that Kay could make $3.00?? These are the kind of things that happen here. Inexplicable, really. So as you enjoy the new episode of The Office tonight, just know that they don't have anything on RPI.

Happy Postum selling, Mary!

Friday, January 30, 2009

What's in a dream??

So, ever since I started dating this Robert fellow, I've been thinking a lot about dreams. Not for the cheesy reason that you think i'm going to say. "Because the he's the man of my dreams." --well, I take that back, because he pretty much is, BUT the reason I've been thinking about them is because he remembers his...vividly. It's so great. I only remember on rare occasions and if I do remember it's blurry and in bits and that's vivid, that's like seeing someone really famous because it barely ever happens. Once and a while though, right when I'm in that in the limbo between asleep and awake, my mind will retain the alternate world I was in during the last eight hours. It's so exciting. Almost as exciting as seeing Luke Wilson at Javier's on my birthday (that happened...true life, right, Ande Courtney.)

Last night, I remembered my dream in more detail than normal, it wasn't very cool, so I'm not going to really dive in. The jist was that I was in a dance recital and I didn't have the outfits I needed to wear and I was upset and I couldn't preform. Drama. Robert said that's my version on an anxiety dream and that some people have those about missing classes or failing tests and they are often recurring. I believe that dreams do mean something. My mom said after she lost my brother, she researched what dreams met because she thought there could have been some way she could have prevented what had happened. Far-fetched, yes definitely, I think she was just searching for any answer. I don't think she came up with anything valid that would have done that in any way whatsoever. Also, lots of people in the Bible in the Old Testament had visions from God in their dreams and FOLLOWED the instructions in their dreams...I don't know if I have that kind of faith. I want it, but that would take a whole lot. (I recently learned this about the Old Testament...I can't sit back and quote Leviticus, in case you're wondering.)

I've been thinking several I anxious? There's the normal stuff... bills, health of a loved one, driving (which I do everyday, it's not exactly a strength of mine) which make me anxious, but I really do not have problems. This spurred the question of what do other people dream...Obama, Michael Phelps, even my boss who has to make tough decisions all the time. What do people under real pressure dream? Actually, what is real pressure?? and what is the point of the pressure we put on ourselves when most of the time there is little we can control?

Feel free to comment, love to hear what you think...and to all 3 of the faithful blog followers, sorry I don't frequently post. I guess, I'm just not a blog-a-day kind of girl. I'll try to be better!

Matthew 6:25-27
25"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? 26Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

NYD - why??

Okay, maybe I have a thing with acronyms (see previous post regarding OOTG), but I heard a new one last night and it caught my attention. NYD - New Years Depression. I was at a birthday dinner with 5 other girls and as soon as the term was brought to the table, I noted that we were all nodding in unison about the experience of NYD. Though the sources of NYD varied and the levels that it was experienced for this particular year were greater than others, I saw that we were or had been plagued by the NYD.

This leads me to ask...why? Wouldn't you agree that time of year we call "New Years" contradicts with the mental state we call "Depression". If I had to play that game where you say the first word that pops in your head after a phrase or word with "New Years" - I would probably say, "resolution". If I had to play it with "Depression" - I would probably say, "death". Okay, maybe not death, but nothing that goes with the word resolution. So, why?? Why the NYD? I don't think this NYD a new phenomenon. I also don't think it's because of the bad and getting worse economy we're dealing OR even with our realization that the extra candy and liquor we've consumed from November 26th-January 1st, has caused our pants to feel a little snug; so, again, I ask why? Why the NYD?

Last nights' champion in the "validity category" for NYD went to Ande Courtney. I'm sorry to use you here, Ande, but this story needs to be told. Afterall, your story is all you have or so says Benjamen Button, yes, everyone go see it. Anyway, Ande's NYD began when the venue that she was at on New Year's Eve didn't allow alcohol on the dance floor. Ande, always thinking outside the box, decides that she will get around this rule by putting a beer inside her purse. Long story short, the beer spills, the iPhone and camera break. Obviously, the NYD ensues promptly on January 1st. I've broken many a phone and lost many a camera, so I have complete empathy for this case of NYD. I guess it's not really NYD, it's more of something that I've suffered with since college, an ailment called, WPD, short for "I Wish I Could Stop Breaking all of my Possessions when I Drink Depression." I guess this example, doesn't completely fit the typical NYD mold, so I still ask, why...why the NYD?

The reasons could go on and on and on: the looming challenges of the new year, the awareness of how quickly time goes, the deliberation of which resolution to choose that will actually be effective, etc. etc. You know what I think it really is... this stress of the "clean slate" you are supposed to feel like you have at New Years. I am a huge advocate of the "clean slate" and have had to give myself several "clean slate" moments to move on in life, so I feel hypocritical in saying this, but, honestly, do we ever have a clean slate? I'm realizing that the second we are born the slate is clean and from that point forward the slate fills and all we can really do is process and move on. So, perhaps, it's the stress of wanting to feel like we should have this "clean slate" in order to better ourselves in the new year could have the potential to bring on the NYD. Who wants a clean slate, really? How boring, right? Everyone needs to litter up that slate and least a little bit. When they say "no alcohol on the dance floor", you say "oh there WILL be alcohol on that dance floor"...right, Ande? Right. Happy New Years, everyone.