Thursday, October 8, 2009

is any one else bothered by this??

Fast food is getting cheaper. See below. My question: HOW?

$1 Burger Offered at Jack in the Box

[2009-09-14] Jack in the Box is featuring its Big Cheeseburger—also known in Texas as the Big Texas Cheeseburger—for only a buck, excluding tax, at participating restaurants for a limited time.

"It'll be hard to find a more affordable burger that's bigger and cheesier than our Big Cheeseburger," says Tammy Bailey, division vice president of menu marketing and promotions for Jack in the Box Inc. "We know our guests' wallets have been pinched by the recession, so we wanted to offer an affordable option during these tough times."

The Big Cheeseburger features a jumbo beef patty topped with American and Swiss-style cheese, mayo, and ketchup and is served on a jumbo bun. The Big Texas Cheeseburger features a jumbo beef patty topped with American cheese, mustard, and pickles and is served on a jumbo bun.

I know we are in a recession. I know prices are going down on many things that Americans care about , so we will be encouraged to buy -but a DOLLAR for this cheeseburger. What I’m confused about is if these fast food chains (i.e. Jack in the Box) were just massively overcharging when this same burger was $3.99 or if they are now manufacturing the food in a way that it’s somehow cheaper? That’s a frightening thought. What is really in that burger? Are people out there, like, “YES! The Big Texas Cheeseburger is only a $1.00??”

That’s all I’ve really got on this topic…just baffled by this cheaper fast food thing….

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