As a little one, I loved writing stories, I loved writing letters and notes to friends, I loved writing anything. Journals and diaries were a big part of my life too. I had many of them growing up. I remember a pink one with cat on it, a couple with locks, so my parents couldn't read them. I had this urge to record what I was feeling and what was happening. I didn't want to forget, I wanted to hold onto every moment.

Getting older, the middle school years, notes were a big source of fun for me. My mom actually has big canvas bags full of notes that I saved during that time. (How awesome that she will keep those to this day? I mean, I'm 27.) In high school my best friend's and I would go through those middle school notes and laugh and laugh at what we wrote.

When I got my first email address in high school, the infamous, lexi_neal@hotmail.com (no longer in existence), I realized that this was just digital note writing and immediately loved it. I remember my first "group email" to some of my high school friends. I loved email.

I began to love it in another way in college. A funny thing happened while away over summer break after freshmen year and I HAD to share with my new college friends. (It may or may not have been my first experience with THC.) I remember sending a group email to the girls and loving the responses and reading them over and over.

Little did I know that those group emails to my dear college friends would be what would keep me connected to them when I transferred to a different college 2 years later. The emails would keep us being friends. It was my effort to show them how much I loved and missed them. They became some what routine and I loved sharing things in my life with them through these silly emails - whether they be funny, sad, something I had learned, etc. It was somehow important to me to show them my heart through these emails.

The emails continued after college and out of extreme boredom one day at work, I thought I'd start a "blog" that my friends could go to and read my ramblings, instead of my old school group emails. I think my childhood desire of journaling and recording what was happening and how I was feeling creepped in through this too.

So, here we are on year 3 of my blog and I'm still posting and really enjoying sharing a little bit of my life via this blog.

I'm sublimely happily married to my aspiring film maker husband-going on a little over a year now. My best friend dragged me to a concert where we happened to stand next to each other. Crazy? Yes. Lucky and Blessed? Even more yes. I work as an assistant in commercial real estate and I'm still just trying to figure it all out, how to find what I love and work passionately at it.

My favorite term/word is ppppfffffftttt. Someone texted it to me once and I haven't been the same since. It can just mean a myriad of things and is so necessary to say at times.

And thanks for reading. It strangely means a lot to me and just hope it adds some sort of happiness, humor or hope to your day.