Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween for Wesley the Dino

Balloon given at storytime on Halloween Eve was a hit. It's one of the words he can "say" but comes out "boon boon".

An attmept at the group picture at the storytime Halloween party. I kept on picking up Wesley and setting him in the group and he would promptly walk away and just stare at everyone? I don't know? 

Dino's need water too.

On Halloween we had to run to get a few things at the store and Wesley wanted to wear his costume. And let's face it I wanted him to wear his costume. Stage mom. ;) The check-out lady was so nice and insisted on giving Wesley a blow pop. But it was one of those things that was nice but I was like "wait maybe not??" But then, I thought you know what it's Halloween- whatever...let him have a little sugar! He would probably have a couple licks and get sick of it anyway!!! No no, that didn't happen. Somehow by the time we got to the car there was blow pop all over both of us and when I tried to get the thing out of his mouth he would clench his jaw really tight. That's the stage we were at in the above picture. 

Eventually I took him trick or treating to a couple of the shops that we live behind and he was so distracted by the other trick or treaters he let me take the blow pop out of his mouth. He had sucked all the way to the gum? Intense. Baby's first blow pop.

As I mentioned the shops in downtown Guthrie do trick or treating for the kids. Lots of kids come...hundreds! So Wesley and I braved that for a very short while. He held my hand and we stopped at a couple stores and they would put candy in his bag. As long as he held my hand this system was working. But he tires quickly from holding my hand and thinks it's perfectly ok to run through the streets alone. 

Runaway Dino. Wrong way buddy...trick or treating is in the other direction.

We finally had to call it a night after he kept insisting on running away. When I brought him home he was crying so hard. He wanted to go back outside and trick or treat. I told that to Robert and he said it sounded like it was a successful first trick or treat. I guess his theory is leave them wanting more. Wesley the Dino definitely wanted more Halloween and blow pops.

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Apollina said...

Look at you blogging! I had no idea you were back. I haven't looked at my blogs since google killed their rss feed. OMG, Wesley is beautiful congrats! And I have no clue how moms blog either. They amaze me with all their time, and drive, and photos and writing. I know how you feel with moving and instability and indefiniteness of future. Life is so precious, why waste time with stability;) Good to see you again friend.