Thursday, March 12, 2009

I heart RPI

I know I talk about work a lot, but I really am convinced that our office is unlike any other. For example, please read the below email regarding what we are doing this afternoon...

Sent: Thursday, March 05, 2009 1:33 PM
Subject: 1st annual Postum Picture Pitcher Party "PPPP"

Please accept this email an as invitation to RPI’s 1st annual PPPP at 2:00 on Thursday, March 12. Proceeds from Postum will pay for a pitcher of margaritas and some munchies to share.

If we all have our pictures here by Wednesday morning, Cory has volunteered to scan them so we can look at them on the TV. If possible, bring a baby photo, a grade school/middle school photo and a high school photo. Embarrassing (but nothing that would scandalize) would be fun. Or just something no one would believe is a young you.

Let me know as soon as possible if this day/time doesn’t work for anyone.


Postum is truly the gift that keeps on giving here at RPI. I get to drink tequila this afternoon and look at old pictures of Cory?? How did I get to be so lucky?? I'll be making the margaritas and Kay's will have an extra shot in it. I hope this gets really awkward and sloppy.

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