Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Free Salad day at Eatzis???

Cory just walked into the office claiming that it was "free salad day at Eatzi's". The little price tag that they stick on the salad to determine the price was.....wait for it....wait for it.......BLANK. Is this a fluke? Is this fate? Is Cory blessed by the lunch angels? He did get free chips at Qudoba once. He claims that he signed his credit card receipt and it was only four dollars for two Pellegrinos and his salad. Confusion then struck him, "This should be more like $14." he claims ran through his head; the cashier just put the salad in his bag, which caused him to peer into the bag and notice the mysterious unmarked price tag.

What gets me is that he just waltzed out of the store? Did he even ask someone what was going on? Granted, times are tough and if life hands you a free $9 salad, you take the free $9 salad, but is that ethical? Who am I kidding, it's Cory...Cory believes that whatever Cory does is always right. So there you go.

Just thought I'd let the Dallas citizens know that today could possibly be "free salad day" at Eatzi's. So head on down and be sure to pair yours with a Pellegrino (or two) just like C-Mac did.

Ahhhh! He just walked by with a classic C-Mac quote:

"Everything tastes better when it's free."

Does it Cory? Are you homeless? Who wants to bet he says something in his facebook status about the free salad?


mary said...

Tool and a half...

Nick said...

i love me some C