Friday, February 6, 2009

Cory's facebook status...

Okay, I'm totally exploiting my office lately, but I almost have to share this. Cory's facebook status last night.

"Cory has decided that Facebook and Blackberry's combine to create a blackhole in the middle of my existence... must uninstall."

Cory, get off facebook and spend time with your wife and children!! My gosh, what is the world coming to.

Today's status:

"Cory is recovering from an attempted assassination by his personal trainer yesterday... I am S-O-R-E."

Really, I can't take much more.


Rachael said...

Almost as bad as-"sara smith is a lesbian."
that one will NEVER get old...
or.."havn't seen you out and about, do you live in dallas...?"

Sarah said...

thetford, it is sarah with an h thank you very much.

Alexis Neal said...

for the record, i wrote "sarah smith is a lesbian" on my own wall. AND--for my own redemption, i never have updated my status sober or drunk, so i'm not at cory's level...YET. just don't let me wine sample at Cork without supervision during and afterwards.