Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good News!

The economy is not doing that bad. Now, I know what you're thinking, unemployment is at an all time low, Obama is attempting to stimulate the economy, BUT I now know that things are not as dire as they seem. How do I know this?

I know this because someone out there is willing to pay $56.00 for 3 cans of Postum. That's right the bidding frenzy has begun and there are 6 bids-the highest at $56.00. If there are people out there that can afford Postum, a beverage that doesn't even have caffeine, then I think the economy can't be in that bad of shape.

Also, I don't think this Postum top bidder is exactly Melania Trump. Postum is not for the black American Express card holders or the Merrill Lynch executives who received large bonuses last year. It's just for the normal person, like you or I, working the 9-5. So, it's official, the normal person can still afford life's tiny luxuries and to someone that luxury is, you guessed it, Postum.

Melania Trump, thinking to herself, "No thank you, hold the Postum."

Yes, it's true that times are tough, but the bottom line is as long as people out there still can afford Postum, no one needs to be throwing around the term "depression". We're all going to be okay. You heard it here first, not exactly the Wall Street Journal, but whatever...

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Jamie said...


Sorry to tell you, but most "normal people" work longer than 9-5...