Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well, what a coincidence!!!!!!!!!!!

I've always thought my life mirrored Britney' high school she coming into her own...I was coming into my own. Then, she became really successful...I got into college. Then, she had a shot-gun wedding in Vegas...I asked a random to Kite and Key. Then, she dated Kevin Federline....I had a boyfriend that liked Linkin Park. Then, she had kids....I got Doug the Pug. Then, she had a mental breakdown...I began therapy. Then, she has a comeback...I start a blog. And now today on this very day, I was 30 minutes late to work, and check B. Spears last night, ya'll..........I'm telling you, the same wavelength, she and I, the same wavelength....

Spears' Vancouver concert halted for 30 minutes
2 hours ago

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — The new and improved Britney Spears apparently isn't a fan of cigarette smoke — or any other kind of smoke, for that matter — while she's performing.

The 27-year-old pop star left the stage for about 30 minutes during a concert in Vancouver on Wednesday night, apparently because of smoke in the audience.

According to The Vancouver Sun, Spears' concert was halted about 15 minutes into her performance, and an announcer told concertgoers to put out their cigarettes. Some audience members grew impatient while waiting for Spears and her troupe to return to the stage, the Sun reported.

After she returned and ended the show, Spears — who has been to rehab and is on the comeback trail after a long stretch of troubles — told the crowd, "Don't smoke weed."

Spears' publicist, Holly Shakoor, issued a statement apologizing to fans about the delay. The statement said "crew members above the stage became ill due to a ventilation issue."

Spears began her "Circus" tour of the United States, Canada and England on March 3 in New Orleans. Her father and attorneys are exploring the possibility of expanding the tour to include more shows in Europe and Australia.


Ande said...

this is ironic... you live in dallas and dallas banned smoking in bars today...brit brit bans smoking at her shows. mmm hmmmm....

Sarah Smith said...

actually i think tonight is the last night you can smoke at the loon.