Friday, October 7, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

It's OU/TX weekend. 

I love this weekend. 

I met Roberto, three years ago on this very weekend. What a magical weekend of love was OU/TX 2008. 

I mean...what is better than the Cotton Bowl on OU/TX Saturday??? 

The fall air...the running into people....the beer in the waxy cups....the Fletcher's corny all gives me chills. Cherished memories flood my mind when I think back to this weekend. My Daddy drove all the way up from New Mexico, 10 years ago!, and took me to the game my freshmen year of college. It is one of my favorite memories. Even though I was a little hungover under the weather, it was the best day ever. This weekend now serves as a reunion weekend for my best friends that went to OU. It used to be a time where we all stayed in hotel rooms together, shopped together, did really dumb things together, went to the game together. The key word there is together. We were all together, not a care in the world (besides what we were wearing) and it was amazing. Now, we are lucky if we can schedule a dinner altogether. Time passes, things change, but OU TX still comes every year. It's still giving us an excuse to be together, still reminding us how awesome it was to be in college and still creating new memories for us. I love this weekend and I love my friends and I want to cry now???? 

I'll refrain and just say BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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