Wednesday, September 1, 2010


August is over and that means the winds of change are blowing....FALL is upon us. Yayyyyy FALL. Yayyyyy no more 105 degree days. Yayyyyyy Robert Scarff's birthday month!!! 28 on the 28th!!! Getting up there old man!!!

In high school my favorite season was summer. Allll about the summer. The hotter the better. Fry me. In my old age, I've determined that summer is too hot and I think my favorite season just may shift to fall. My best friend since birth, Lauren, her favorite season has always been fall. SHE IS GETTING MARRIED THIS FALL!!!! BEST FALL EVER!!!! All things fall remind me of her. Pumpkins, candy corns, scarves, boots, Halloween...all very Lauren. I just love it. The fall belongs to her, especially this fall :)!

Obviously, this fall, I am most excited for Lauren's wedding......

Lauren and her fiance. Could the be any more perfect? No. I love them.

but I'm also excited about, the return of pumpkin spice lattes (Mary, you know my excitement.)

i'm so serious about this latte. it is such a good time. non-fat with whip.

football. duh. especially the 2:30 p.m. OU/TX kick off time


Ghostland on Halloween - haven't technically bought tickets but planning on going and getting really weird

Obvi - it's not hard to get weird at one of these concerts. Or meet your future husband. Winky face. 

and last but not least my first Thanksgiving with my in-laws. maybe I'll dress up like a pilgrim and act like it's a Neal family tradition and see how they react...

oh yall don't do this too??! 

Cheers to autumn everyone....cheers. 


Anonymous said...

you are so funny! i noticed at starbucks yesterday that the pumpkin spice is back...i almost got one, maybe tomorrow - it's my fave!

kjp + bwp said...

confession: even though i work at a super hip coffee shop that loathes SB, i also am in absolute love with the pumpkin spice latte (grande, non-fat, 3-pump, extra hot...seriously). i have been at SB on THE day it comes out for the last few years, but i was working that day this year. so i plan to spend much time there on my day off tomorrow, enjoying every sip!

love the blog. great to hear from you!!

love love,

alexis scarff said...

i didn't know the pumpkin spice came out so early until i was notified by a facebook status update yesterday!! so exciting!! i think Saturday will be my inaugural latte. yayyyy pumpkin spice!

kendall, if you get to Dallas and need a super hip coffee shop, The Pearl Cup is the place for you :). voted best latte by D magazine!