Friday, September 24, 2010

How will I explain this?

These are my keys. Yes, I have a Taco Bueno key chain. Why, you ask? Well, one of my very dear friends, Ande Le Courtney used to work there. "Used" to. Sadly yesterday was her last day. She put this key chain in my birthday card. If you've never had a friend that works in corporate behind a fast food chain- you're missing out. Free food, coupons, merchandise! Not to mention - the great stories. Back to my key chain...if someone asked me before yesterday the reason I have a Bueno key chain. I could answer, "Oh one of my best friends works in advertising for Bueno!" Now, I would have to say that she used to work for Bueno and that just starts to sound like I could be lying and that I really got the key chain free because I ate my 100th taco or something along those lines and I'm just making up this "friend that used to work there" story. 

Regardless, this key chain is staying on. I will proudly display it because it will always make me think of Rhonda aka Ande Le Courtney. Not only was it her last day at Bueno yesterday, but her last days as a Dallasite are winding down. She's heading north to the bright lights of Oklahoma City. 

Can I imagine these last 4 years with out this chick living in Dallas? I cannot. I'm so thankful we had memories here together!! I know it's not a good-bye, but a see you real soon!! 

small ode in pics of Rhonda:

ppppfffffttttt hearts you forever!

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Kevin said...

We miss her too!!!!

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