Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthdayyyyy to Youuuuuuuu

name that baby!

Sorry about the quality of this picture. It's actually a picture of a picture taken by my trusty blackberry. That smiling chunk of a baby is Robert Scarff. Referred to often as Roberto or Bob here on ppppffffftttttt. My gosh, could he have been any cuter!! What a little tubbster!! I don't know what a tubbster is, but it looks as though Robert could be one here!

Fun Facts about the birthday boy:

He's a life-long fan of the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Longhorns. (Sorry, baby, didn't feel right about putting a longhorn on my blog the week of OU/TX, so it had to go upside down. Boomer!)

These streets made him feel brand new

He lived in New York City for almost 4 years after college.
He's working on a film based off of the book above, You Can't Win. In my humble opinion, the book is brilliant and insightful. Robert has found that it appeals to a pretty wide audience. My Grandma even liked it. You can buy it here, if you have any interest! He astounds me daily with his work ethic towards this project and I can't wait until it all comes to fruition. Obvi, you can imagine that making a film is NOT an easy journey, but I know the knowledge and experience he's gained from this process will be priceless. I'm so proud to be with someone who is pursuing what he loves, even when there have been bumps in the road. Those bumps only make you stronger, I believe. 

He's an only child. Surprisingly, not spoiled though! Though he did get confused once when I was using his brush. "You're using my brush?", he said. To which I replied, "Yes, only child, I'm using your brush." I don't know why I think that brush story is so funny. I mean that was his brush, why would I brush my hair with his brush? Hilarious. When you share a bathroom with a sister you grow so immune to her stuff being your stuff and vise versa. I forget that I need to phase Robert into this stuff instead of just cold-turkey using his brush without consent.

Lastly (and this is sure to make everyone sick) but he's perfect. Or at least for me he is. Not a day goes by where we're not laughing and having fun. He's endlessly teaching me things and making me a better person and more importantly he's endlessly loving me and showing me what love truly is. There's nothing I can't tell him and I'm just thankful that I know him, let alone that he gets to be my husband. I feel blessed beyond measure. So with that, I say happy birthday to my husband!!! I'm so glad you were born. 


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Roberto! See you crazy kids this weekend :)

alexis scarff said...

can we please get Robert to fist pump this weekend? hehehe