Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nantucket: Day Three

Saturday aka Gameday in Nantucket!! We did some exploring and Teri and I did some walking the town, but the boys hunkered down and watched football. That night we grilled out fresh halibut and watched the Texas vs. Texas Tech game, which was basically just a series of turnovers between the two teams. Texas prevailed. I was happy for my Longhorn husband and family, but still rooted for my alma mater. I didn't root too hard because I was afraid I might be asked to leave the room.

During the day, we drove over to an area of town called Bluffside. Obviously because there is a bluff. I don't think I've ever been to a bluff. Bluff is kind of a fun word. There's Robert and his papa looking over the bluff.

Baby on a bluff. 

Here's a house for sale on the bluff. Can you imagine the view on the top patio. Whoa. I could get used to that! And that fireplace on the bottom...amazzingg! This is the style of architecture that all of the houses are required to have in Nantucket. Isn't it cute?

Here begins our field trip to the Sankaty Head Light Station. 

golf course in the distance. 

I liked these signs.

Robert and Teri looking fly by the light house. 

This is where the light house was, they keep moving it due to erosion of the bluff. 

I felt like I was in a New England postcard.

Coast Guards- Bob and Al reporting for duty.

One last shot. 

And back in town in front of a bed and breakfast. Duh, of course, I made Robert take a pic in front of this.

That's the excitement of Day Numero Three...lighthouses and football, just a normal day in Nantucket...


Robert said...

the name of the area is Bluffside?

alexis scarff said...

it's my blog and i can make up areas of Nantucket if i want to. though i could have sworn your dad did call it Bluffside.