Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nantucket: Day One

So, here I am, back at the office, home from a little island they call Nantucket. 

As sort of a travel journal for myself and and a picture for you of what it's like there, I thought I'd go through each day in Nantucket. What we did, where we were, thoughts I was thinking the whole enchilada. 

Let us begin. 

Well, hey Robert!! Here we have the first pic of the trip. We are in Boston, walking down a flight of stairs to go out onto the tarmac and get on the plane to Nantucket. Please notice Bob's hat. As most of you know, The Yankees and The Red Sox have a HUGE rivalry, one as big or bigger than OU/TX. Did I know this until a couple months ago? No. Robert will forever be teaching me about sports. Anyway, he did get a comment about his hat in the airport, only one- which is surprising. The lady that checked our i.d.'s at the security counter said something like, "you can't pass with that hat on." She did say it with a smile. I love a friendly sports smack talk. He did get a shout out from a New Yorker that we walked by in Nantucket. He said, "Go Yanks!" And I concur, Go Yanks. 

Here we have the kind of plane we flew in. We didn't fly in this actual plane. Our plane had an underground aquatic scene painted on it. I knew that our plane would be relatively small, but I don't think I knew it was going to be this small. Definitely the smallest plane I've ever been on. Luckily, I love to fly and it didn't bother me. I think it held 10 people. It was really fun riding this little guy.

Oh so close to the pilot. Hey pilot!

Boston skyline. 

Our first stop in Nantucket was for lunch at Robert's favorite pizza place, Steamboat Pizza. It is delicious New York style pizza. Homemade crust and just really good. This is Robert's, Eddie's. (Mary gets this.) To the rest of you, I'll explain. Eddie's is a restaurant that was in the strip center that we used to office in. Eddie was a friend of our bosses' and every day - literally EVERY day, our boss would have Eddie's for lunch. It became disgusting and we would be nauseated every time the smell of Eddie's came into the office. I also got to wash the Eddie dishes - I love my job. It was simply astonishing how he could have Eddie's every day, he never switched it up with an occasional sub sandwich or salad - Eddie's. In May of 2008 Mary and I went to a real estate conference with our company in Las Vegas. We stayed at the Wynn and our boss would have to eat at the same restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The man who can afford anything and could have his pick of the Vegas restaurants went with this same cafe style restaurant everyday. Obvi, Mary and I started calling it Eddie's and by the end of the trip we didn't even bother asking where we were going to eat. We knew the answer - Eddie's. In Nantucket, Robert went to Steamboat Pizza everyday for lunch, there wasn't any point in asking him what he wanted - he wanted Steamboat aka Eddie's. Hell, what am I talking about, I ended up eating it 3 times too. There you have it, the Eddie's of Nantucket for Bob and Al.

Bob and his adorable madre outside of Steamboat.
Our next stop was Aunt Leah's Fudge. This is a traditional stop for Robert's family. Robert's dad orders the fudge for his business clients and colleagues from here every year for Christmas. I highly highly highly recommend it for that "hard to buy for" in-law or grandparent, or even for yourself. This fudge is spectacular. We bought a one pound box and enjoyed it throughout the trip. Even Robert, the "I don't love sweets" person, likes it. The best part is, well actually the two best parts are that 1. you get to sample whatever fudge you want to and 2. Aunt Leah herself is standing there making the fudge and will chat with you. It's just nice to see a face behind the product in this world of internet shopping, ebay, etc. Her favorite flavor is chocolate praline and it is good!

Another part of the tradition at Aunt Leah's fudge is Robert buying candy. When he was little, his parents would let him go to Aunt Leah's and pick out all the candy he wanted to. He would lay it out very orderly on his nightstand, so he could keep track of it and decide what to have next. Oh what a cute little o.c.d. six year old. :). What I like about this is the realization that some things never change. Robert was still just as excited to pick out candy and I could just imagine him as a little guy doing the same drill. This time around he left the candy in the kitchen, I guess the nightstand part of the tradition is retired. Maybe he was afraid I would have made fun of him mercilessly. Which I definitely would have. 

After this we went back and got settled in the house we stayed in. Unpacked, toured the house. Then, look at that, it's cocktail hour! This became a nightly occurrence. I love vacations.  

This is my father-in-law, Boney. Boney was his fraternity nickname and the night of my rehearsal dinner, he said that from now on, I had to call him Boney. I haven't stopped since that moment. Besides my own father, I look up to Boney more than any man I know. He is the best father to Robert, a wise business man and just an all-around good and fun person. Plus, he likes sweets and wine - two things we definitely have in common. I look forward to many a happy memory in the future with Boney. 

Here we have my mommy-in-law, Teri and me. How perfect and cute is Teri? Pretty perfect and cute. We had a lot of good window shopping time and making-fun-of-Robert time on the trip. It was wonderful. 

That night for dinner we went to a place called Company of the Cauldron. I've never been to a restaurant like this before. They have a different menu every day - they post their menus weekly. The have a four course meal with a fixed price. Everything is fresh and local and you guys, it was delicious. Here's our dessert, a homemade pound cake, with a ridiculously good ice cream that I don't remember the name of. 

And there you have it, day one in Nantucket. Couldn't have been more perfect. 

I'll leave you with this last picture of Robert and I and the adult acne on my forehead. Pretty. ppppffffttttt.

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