Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pumpkins and Fairytales

At my little duplex, I have a little porch, my little porch has a little ledge. My little ledge is now ready for fall.

ehhh. my little ledge is kind of dirty. 

Why do women/girls love pumpkins so much? Is it the Cinderella thing? When the fairy godmother turns the pumpkin into the carriage did our female minds immediately forever fixate pumpkins into something that is whimsical and magical and associated with fairytales?

fairy godmothers do not eff around. 

When late September comes and the pumpkins start showing up at the grocery stores I become irrationally excited. Is it because I love fall? Is it because I need to get a life? Or is it because, deep down I still want to be near the fairytale? Pumpkins=Cinderella/Fairytale=Problems Solved

Regarding fairytales, I believe Carrie Bradshaw said something like "we have to rescue ourselves". My mom was constantly reminding me when I was single that "life isn't a fairytale". Needless to say the "fairytale" mentality is one that girls fight with especially after the bad relationship cloud of destruction enters the picture.

I happen to believe the delusional fairytale mentality sweeps far broader than the relationship/finding a Prince bit. For example, I meant a Prince Charming and still I clamor for things. I expect Robert and I to always get each other. I think sometimes, I expect him to read my mind. Now THAT is the fairytale - it doesn't work like that! We've got to constantly communicate and work on each other. When that's happening life is far from a fairytale, but I know that it's part of being in love and in a marriage. 

I also get caught up in wanting the fairytale job that I'm passionate about. There's nothing wrong with that, it's good to want a job you love. But, it keeps snowballing. Before I know it, I'm sure I'll be dreaming about a fairytale house with fairytale children and dog. It doesn't end. I'm asked when will it be enough? and When will I look around and see that I'm already living in the fairytale this very moment? 

Today, I was reminded that the root of me clamoring for these things in unbelief. Am I not convinced God cannot supply my needs and help me be content? My thoughts would indicate that I definitely don't. I'm convinced that I know what I need and it sends me into a cycle of unhappiness that I can't switch off. 

Until, I stop and remember God. The only thing that satisfies my intellectual questions, my spiritual needs, my emotional woes. Also, the only thing that can fix my jaded perspective when it needs it.

With that, when you see pumpkins this fall remember that even though life isn't exactly a fairytale it is a gift. 


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