Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm not sure what this says about me as a wife....

My husband has never seen Dirty Dancing.

He has seen more movies than anyone I've ever known in real life. Good movies, bad movies, weird movies, foreign movies. Throw a movie out there, he's at least heard of it. He's kind of like an alive IMDB. Honey, who directed this? Honey, who's that actor? Honey, what else was he in? (hmm, I sound fun to live with.) He usually knows the answer to these movie inquires.YET - Dirty Dancing slipped through the cracks of his movie arsenal? How can this be?

Dirty Dancing was always playing on VHS in Cox and I's dorm room. Sigh. The good old days.

Last year, Robert and I had a Patrick Swayze memorial movie watching weekend at which we watched Roadhouse and Ghost. I'd never seen Roadhouse, he's never seen Ghost (again, How is that?!) and we didn't have time for Dirty Dancing. A travesty? Almost.

sidenote: How did I not know about Roadhouse?

Anyway, today, on this one year anniversary of Patrick Swayze's death (frowny face) I would like you to take a moment of silence and pray that Robert will know this year that - "No one puts Baby in the corner." and "I carried a watermelon."

Also, Jennifer Grey will be competing on Dancing With the Stars starting up next Monday. I wonder if it's because another contestant had to get an abortion and she was the only one who could fill her shoes?? (please somebody get that for my sake. hahaha)

She's like the wind.


Robert said...

don't forget Point Break

alexis scarff said...

i knew i was forgetting one!