Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i like this.

pugs make me so happy.

I wonder what else Paris and I have in common? 

I worked at the Best Western during the summer of 2002. Her family owns the Hilton franchise. I have a little sister, she has a little sister. I like to go to clubs with my friends, she likes to go to clubs with her friends. I breathe in oxygen, she breathes in oxygen. 

1. pugs
2. hotel business
3. clubbing
4. breathing in and out

Practically the same person. Okay, maybe not, but we both like pugs. Although, I'd probably like a convicted sex offender that liked pugs.

Speaking of.....has anyone ever received one of those postcards in the mail that a convicted sex offender lives near you? We got our first one about a month ago. Welcome to the neighborhood! Want to know the worst part about that? They put the mug shot picture of the person, what they did and how old their victim was. So you don't even have to imagine the creepy face. You see the real creepy face that you know assaulted a 13 year old. Really makes you want to go on a jog around the block, doesn't it? More like, really gives you nightmares. Everyone deserves forgiveness and a second chance. Must I be so judgmental of our neighborhood sex offender? He obviously has problems. Here I am stressing over guilt because I'm judging the sex offender that I should forgive that I don't even know??

How did I even come to this. This was just supposed to be about how I liked pugs. Oppsy. Pugs, Paris and sex offenders. Happy Tuesday. ppppffffftttttt.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad about not getting one of those things. We already have enough company with Kenny Rogers passing out in our front yard and the trash wagon bashing into our gate. I don't need to know anymore.
I don't understand what the Bachelor Pad is. Help me understand the concept.

alexis scarff said...

hahahaha. Kenny Rogers in the front yard!! i wish you had pics of that!

okay, Bachelor Pad. it's sort of like the Bachelor/Survivor in the way that the guys vote off the girls and the girls vote off the guys. each week there is some kind of silly competition and whatever girl and guy that wins gets the "rose" is granted immunity for the next rose ceremony/voting off AND gets to pick several guys or girls to go on a date with him/her. On the date, they give out a rose to the guy/girl that they like. The last person there gets $250,000.00...so, it's the whole are you there for love or money business. Drama, drama, drama! Last week was pretty blah, but next week looks pretty juicy, so i'm excited!

i need to get a LIFE. haha.