Monday, August 23, 2010

In mourning...

To those of you who watch the Bachelor Pad: please have a moment of silence tonight for Craig M. who is no longer on the show due to Gia and Nikki and their horrible strategy and decision making skills.

Craig M. made the show, nay, he was the show. Tonight will be like watching paint dry, yet I know that I will still be glued to the screen. Somebody that I live with, whose name I won't mention, got really sulky and declared he wouldn't watch the Bachelor Pad anymore because Craig M. was no longer on. (He's an only child/ not used to NOT getting his way). I'll keep you posted on whether this certain individual follows through on this statement. hehehe. winky face.

Anyway, Craig M., where ever you are I say, thanks for lying to crazy Michelle about not voting her off, wearing your fedora around the pool and flashing those pearly whites whenever you had the chance. Good luck and God's speed.

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