Friday, August 20, 2010


It doesn’t really matter how busy or bored I am at work on a Friday because I’m always ancy. Time drags, I look at the clock every two minutes and I’m ready to be anywhere other than my desk. This Friday is no different.

THIS JUST IN – as soon as I started this riveting blog, I was told by my superior that no one was going to be in the office for the afternoon so I am free to go. Is this a joke? I don’t think so! Looks like I’m going to be finishing up this perservatives filled Lean Cuisene and heading out – OUT of the office. Freedom.

Early dismissal is such a gift. One that I don’t take it for granted. Why am I still here?

I hope everyone’s afternoon flies….TGIF!

random pic of Tulips my Dad took when we were walking down Swiss Avenue. This picture just makes me happy. Okay, I'm really leaving now.

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