Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bachelorette Season Six: And the journey ends.....

Before Roberto and Ali break up or before another spin-off series is created from the Bachelor, I better just post about the final rose so that I can move on with my LIFE.

Try if you will to go back in time to last Monday before we knew that Roberto loves Ali and Ali loves Roberto. I know, it’s hard to imagine now a world where this doesn’t exist.

seeds of romance blossoming.

About Ali’s fam…Was it just me or did not one member of Ali’s family look like they had any relation to her?? Especially the brother and sister? Were those actors? I know families don’t always resemble each other, but I didn’t see one similar trait there. Obvi, I wasn’t there, so maybe there were things that I just couldn’t pick up on.

little too comfortable.

Chris L. played the Massachusetts card with the family and was feeling pretty loose and limber during his visit. He was certain he was getting the gold medal.  I’ve no doubt he was practically writing his wedding vows to Ali. He was using phrases such as, “this will be like my brother and sister and my mom and dad” and “WHEN I propose to Ali” while talking to Brother and Sister Fedotowsky.  IF, should have been the word, IF. Over confidence can foul friend, Chris L.

This brings me to the story of Sam Eaton and over confidence. One day, Mary and I were picking up lunch for the office at State and Allen. We saw a guy about our age in scrubs and Mary said, “he’s kind of cute.” Well, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself to him and tell him to email Mary and hand him Mary’s business card. He did email Mary. This was fine, a good move I thought. He then called her that night and asked her to do something. A little zealous, but okay. She couldn’t do anything at that particular time. He then proceeded to keep emailing and sent her a picture. And that was the fall of Sam Eaton. Too much, man, just too much. Rule one if you want to get in the door with Mary: Be cool. Sam couldn’t be cool. He couldn’t hold it in….wayyyy too over confident. I blame myself really, we probably inflated his ego approaching him the way we did. I saw Sam about a year later at State and Allen again sporting the scrubs. Weird. Anyway, lesson learned, over confidence and being wayyy too comfortable at the beginning is frankly a turn off. I think when Ali’s sister said Chris L. was flat out saying “when I propose to Ali”, it made Ali think, “not sooo fast there, Chris L.”

Green pictured on your left. hehehe.

Sam, hope you’re getting over Mary. She’s a maneater. (haha…jk jk)

Onward…Roberto taught Ali’s family to salsa. I ask you, could that be any more awkward?? White people salsa dancing to no music equals painful. But, everyone seemed to have fun, so maybe I should be nice.

Roberto and Chris both asked permission to from Ali’s father to propose to her. He conceded. What was he going to say…no?? Something tells me he would have said yes to anything during his free trip to Bora Bora courtesy of ABC. Someone pour Mr. Fedotowsky another rum cocktail.

So, while watching, at this point, I still thought Chris had a shot. I honestly did. I was watching with Kendall and she called that Roberto would be the ONE from the beginning. She said you could tell by the way she talked about him. Ali said Roberto made her “feel safe”.  There’s a lot to look into in that small phrase. When someone makes you feel safe, I don’t think it means that they are protecting your from Iraqi terrorists. That’s not what the single girl is scared of. The single girl is scared of completely being herself, scared of letting down her guard. Roberto made Ali feel safe, safe to be herself and that’s a big thing. Kendall was right on the money.

touchdown, Roberto.

Ali and Roberto have their final date. Cliché moment after cliché moment ensued. Maybe it’s good that Robert was in New York and wasn’t forced to watch this with me, he might have had to excuse himself from the room. They went jetskiing, they waded around the water with some sting rays (did anyone else think that was dangerous?? Hello, sting rays. STING rays.) Then it began to rain and there was some kissing in the rain. Later that night, they have dinner, they cuddle and Roberto says it, “I’m in love with you.” That was actually very sweet and a pretty intimate moment. You could tell in Ali’s eyes that she was ecstatic. She didn’t say it back, but I think that moment pretty much put the nail in the coffin on the Chris L. relationship.

And it was, because she definitely broke up with Chris the next day before their final date. Kendall and I looked at each other and agreed, “Classy.”  Yes, very classy move on Ali's part. She didn’t fake it one more day with Chris and make in go through the excruciating experience of possibly proposing to her. She knew she was going to pick Roberto, so she let Chris go. Chris was great about it. He thanked her, told her he wanted her to be happy and held it together. I was expecting a full out break down, so this response was great. He had fallen, but he was strong.

Of course, I teared up when Chris saw a rainbow and said that his mom told him to think of her when he saw rainbows. Chris said that he felt like his mom was proud of him and that he would keep looking for the right girl. He definitely will. I bet the Massachusetts chicks are beating down his door.    

he liked it and put a ring on it. a woah oh oh oh.

What is left to say, my friends? Roberto put a ring on it with a gorgeous asher cut ring and asked Ali to share her life with him. My sources tell me they are currently moving to San Diego, Ali signed with a talent agency and that they are thinking about televising their wedding. Best wishes to them, I hope it lasts, "Trista" style...haha. 

Over and out for the Bachelorette Season Six, it’s been real!


Jamie said...

I am setting Chris L. up with one of my sisters. He was my fav :)

Sarah Smith said...

I'd like Robert to do a weekly update on Craig M. on the Bachelor Pad. Hilarious.

alexis scarff said...

I want him to do a Craig M. update too, but I don't think he's "feeling it". Craig M. has totally delivered on the Bachelor Pad...can't wait for more!!!