Friday, October 15, 2010

Culinary Adventures with Bob and Al: Impromptu Baking

I love when baked goods are out when you walk into someone's house. It just feels welcoming.

So, when the Bible study girls were coming over on Wednesday I thought I should bake. I hadn't planned ahead, so I tried to think of what I could throw together with the stuff that I already had.

Sugar cookies came to mind. Here's the recipe that I used.

Here's a list of ingredients to keep these in your arsenal/pantry to be prepared for impromptu baking. Or maybe late night baking? You never know what the body wants after a long night at the bar? (Sarah, I direct this at you and your late night biscuit making.)

-baking soda
-baking powder
-butter (unsalted)

Have that and you'll always be good to go.

Dallas girls, if you want to come to Bible study, the invite is always open!  Some girls have moved away in this past year, so we're feeling a little skimpy lately. Our Bible study is a great time, a growing time, a time of letting down your guard. Last week we just had wine, cheese and cookies and chatted. I feel like I'm promoting it right now. Ha. Jenny likes to bring up that I go to Bible study at social events where I don't know anyone. "Alexis goes to Bible study!!" Oh, good times meeting Sanders Campbell for the first time. At least he'll always remember where I stand religiously. Good grief. haha.

Back to's a pic of the finished product

Sugar Cookies with a fall swagger. 

All for now....happy baking!

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