Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hi Mom!!

This is weird, but after all of this time of having a blog, I just told my Mom about it last Friday.

Heyyyy, Mama, giver of life!! 

I just wanted to give her a shout out since she's been mentioned in many posts, including my first one and I've posted pictures of her without her knowledge or consent. (All good pictures and good things about you, Mom, don't worry :))

Why haven't I told my mom yet? Mostly because I usually write my blog at work during my free time here. Which is ample. I have AMPLE free time at work - I repeat. My Mom believes in working when you are at work and nothing else. She is totally right, I guess I should be cold-calling for our vacancies instead of blogging? I don't know? My life here at the office is a bit complacent or maybe I'm complacent? That's for another post at another time -- (Complacency, Who's to Blame?)

Anyway, I'm pretty crazy obsessed with my Mom. I love her more than anything and hope I can be a 1/10 of a human being and a Mom (someday!) that she is. I miss her so much today. Move to Dallas, Mommy and Daddy.

sidenote: I hope I did a good job at explaining what a "blog" is to her. I think her mind was a little blown at this whole new world of blogs I've introduced her to. "Sarah and Ande have one! and Jamie has one! and Kendall has one!! A lot of people have blogs!" Mom approved of this. She thinks it's good and very therapeutic. She's always been my biggest life cheerleader and now she is my biggest blog cheerleader :) 

Welcome to ppppffffftttttt, Franni!! 
(I had a headache this day, please don't judge. In the midst of wedding understand.)

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