Friday, October 22, 2010

My head hurts

Day two of a headache and I'm blaming the Halloween candy that was brought to the office yesterday. I can't refuse chocolate at the office. Zero will power there.

What's concerning me is actually having a headache (aka I'm in PAIN) and still having no will power to ingest the superfluous chocolate that I'm 90% sure is causing this headache. I mean I just had another fun size kit kat????

I'm even more disturbed that my candy intake has been a subject of office chatter.

I told one of the women here that I thought the excess chocolate might be making my head hurt as I downed 3 Advil this morning and she said "Yeah, I told Kay that you were having a good time with the candy in there."

Were you? Were you really talking about my candy consumption???

That's not embarrassing. AT. ALL.

candy, please go away and leave me alone.

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