Tuesday, October 26, 2010

music while driving thoughts and feelings

I had one of those, "ugg, I'm not in college anymore" moments the other day.

It crept up on me unexpectedly. I was leaving Cafe Express with my black bean soup a couple Fridays ago. Windows down, beautiful day, driving back to work and Lady Gaga comes on the radio. YES! I turn up the radio and I'm singing loud, dancing a little. Then I got a little sad. I sincerely wished that my car was full of my friends so they could have a Lady Gaga sing-a-long with me.

Remember in college when you pile in the car with like 8 of your friends and go to lunch, go to class or go out and you're all in the car together, jamming out, just feeling every word of the newest cult classic on the radio??

Man, those were the days my friends. Those were the days. Not a care in the world.

Presently, most of the time, I'm in my car alone driving my short commute to work Flying solo.College is so fun because you're with your friends all the time. There's just not another time like that in your life, you know.

Sigh, the passage of time.

On another note....

Robert and I heard this song on Sunday on the way to the grocery store.

It's really hard to feel cool on Sunday when you're on your way to the grocery store.


Unless, you hear this song.

This song=sure fire way to feel cool.

Stay hungry, my friends. - Dos Equis commercial (??? no idea what that has to do with anything)

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