Monday, October 4, 2010


I really should not be one to joke around about postpartum, especially since I already have an increased chance of suffering from it. Past depression phases=increased risk of postpartum. Lucky Robert, lucky our future baby and lucky ME! God willing, let's hope we dodge that cannonball and talk about today's current issue: 

Postpartum from OU/TX.  

Robert said he was suffering from it yesterday and I too am feeling it.

(Please don't speak out against us Tom Cruise. (Remember the whole postpartum/Brooke Shields/Tom Cruise debacle? Oh. Brother.))

Anyway - OU/TX postpartum. It's thick in the air today. My nails are still Boomer Sooner red. I still have on my OU silly bands from Sarah and I can't believe it's a whole other year til we get to do it all again. 

Weekend Highlights: 

1. red lips and leopard

me and Kendall

I haven't worn red lipstick since college circa 2005. Well, it's back on Al with a vengeance. I feel really girly with these red lips and I don't think I'll stop. Sorry nude lip gloss, we're on a break.

Also, as you can see I'm wearing leopard. Not kidding, every friend I had commented, "Ohhh, leopard!!!" Yes, I am in all leopard. Also, went by Target on the way home from work on Friday to buy leggings to wear with my leopard. Supposedly, it didn't work out because I can't read and accidentally bought tights.  Wasn't quite feeling the tights look so early in the season, so I went bare-legged and felt as if I was wearing a very short silk robe with extremely pale legs. ppppffffftttttt.

2. the forgotten shirt
Jack, Sarah and Ran

My very good friends Jamie and Jack Judd drove in from Tulsa on Friday afternoon. Jamie forgot Jack's shirt that he was going to wear out on Friday, so he wore his game day shirt. I think he was just trying to be the #1 OU fan and the whole forgotten shirt thing is a front.

Boomer Sooner, Jack!! 

3. A longhorn husband that loves my sooner friends

It's an emotionally charged weekend. You want to be with your people. My OU people love Robert and vise versa, so it was fun. But, Robert was a good sport and the only longhorn among sooners most of Friday, but at the end of the night we went and met up with his friends too. His friends were nice and said that it's nothing personal, but "they hate OU". haha. I wouldn't expect anything less. 

4. morning chaos

Robert woke up and promptly began playing the Texas fight song on repeat. UGG. We had a pre-fair party at Kendall's and I needed to swoop by and pick up Sarah, then Robert. Robert was antsy to go to the fair so we literally stayed at Kendall's long enough to take these three pictures and sprinted out the door.....then it was onto the FAIR!!

5. the fair - always a highlight

a pug!


Big Tex. Creepy, but great.

6. great seats

This was my second year to sit on the Texas side. It's definitely an adjustment hearing "GIVE EM HELL, GIVE EM HELL!! OU SUCKS!!" Do they have to say OU sucks every time?? I get it, you HATE us. The sensitive side of me wants to say "we do not suck, you suck!!" and then run out of the stadium bawling. Ha. JK. But seriously,OU SUCKS -every time. It stretched beyond the OU/TX game too, when they're playing like Baylor this is still part of their fight song. Robert has never said it because of his grandparents, so at least I didn't have to hear him screaming that in my hear for 4 hours. 

Next year, due to our standing bet, Robert and I will be sitting on the OU side. Oh yeah, did you hear OU WON THE GAME!! I don't think he's fully accepted this yet or fully thinks that it's going to happen. But, it is. Boomer Sooner, honey. 

Although, I don't think I'll be able to find us seats this good. I just really felt like I was a part of the action in our seats this year. Even surrounded by orange having these seats was so much fun. 

in my second life, i will come back as a Texas pom girl


show band of the southwest

fellow sooners in enemy territorry with me. 

love the OU drum major!

there he goesss

robert corrected his mother and i that this is NOT Bevo. his name is Hook 'Em. just fyi. 

Half Time!!

That's about it for this year. Final score 28-20. Great day had by all. I'm going to give this postpartum til tomorrow, it should wear off by then ;)


Anonymous said...

Looks like SO MUCH FUN! Sorry about the postpartum....check out web md and see what you can find'll probably make you think you have cancer but at least it will get your mind off of ou/texas

alexis scarff said...

hahahhaha. web md always equals cancer. but, you're right it will be a nice distraction til next years ou/tx. i was cheering for OSU last Thursday...great win!!!