Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten Things about The Social Network that made me feel dumb

Disclaimer: I loved the movie. Also, Robert loved the movie and he's not an easy sell like me :).

Okay, here it goes: 

10. I didn't go to Harvard. Okay, I didn't apply to Harvard, but it's probably a good thing because someone in the Admissions office might have choked from laughing due to glancing at my ACT score.

9.  The way Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) talks in the movie. Very direct. Very sharp. Brilliant vernacular under pressure. I'm totally opposite. I'm a bit of a mumbler, a bit of a repeater, a bit of a horrid story teller and tend to cry under pressure. I wonder how Mark Zuckerberg and I would fair in a conversation. Some one get me a thesaurus and possibly a speech coach.

8. Internet Code Stuff. All of those dashes, 1's and 0's?? What?? Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook out of that? HOW? That's a subject I try never to think about. It's far beyond my mental capability and I accept that.

7. Logarithms. At the beginning of the movie Mark calls his best friend, Eduardo, because he needs a logarithm because he is programming a site called Facemash which ends up being the precursor to Facebook. Why does he need a logarithm?? What IS a logarithm?? Should I know this?

6. Mark's character is portrayed to be sort of emotionless. He makes ruthless decisions and Facebook ends up being the success it is (remember this movie is fiction, who knows what really happened). Anyway, in contrast, I am a ball of emotions. I make decisions based on emotional reasons all. day. long. Hmmmm.

5. In the movie, Mark Zuckerberg has a blog. This is in 2003. I had NO CLUE blogs existed in 2003. Maybe by 06-07 had I discovered this? I feel like a Mom that just learned about skinny jeans.

4. I didn't go to Harvard. Covered earlier.

3. The mind of an inventor. Think about it. Facebook was in Mark Zuckerberg's mind and then he executed this. I can't even make up a cookie recipe without a breakdown. "Wait, where's the cookbook??!!! How much butter do I need?????"

2. In the movie Mark looks out for himself first. He has no problem taking credit of Facebook. I am just now learning to say, "Thank you" if someone tells me that they like my shirt and not vehemently trying to disagree with this person or give credit to another entity. "Oh this, please it's so ugly." or "Oh this, it was on sale at the Gap and ____ had it on a month ago, so I bought it."

1. Basically, the fact that someone invented and built Facebook puts me in state of wonderment. It really has changed the world and they way people communicate and connect. I mean, I don't think Mark Zuckerberg is Jesus or Mother Teresa or even John Lennon status, but would life be different without Facebook? I think the answer is undeniably yes. Throughout the movie, Mark focuses on trying to keep Facebook "cool". Who knows if this is true. Still, somehow Facebook still somehow remains fairly cool. Even with Moms joining, and people you've never met asking you to be a friend and advertisements on the sidebars...Facebook is still something I and millions of others check everyday and see what's up in their social web. Insanity.

Here's the trailer. Hope you like it as much as we did. Oh facebook, you'll find anyway to occupy my time, won't you.....

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