Friday, October 22, 2010

Antoine Dodson - Most Wanted Halloween Costume of 2010

If you don't know who Antoine Dodson is I suggest you leave the country.

Just kidding.

But do watch these two videos right this second. Rightnow. Donotdelay.

You're welcome. I know. It changed my life too.

Okay, anyway. I was emailing my amigos yesterday trying to get their guidance on what I should be for Halloween. I have a bachelorette party Halloween night so it needs to be good. Good as in funny or really weird. That's where I like to take Halloween costumes. Jamie over at Velcro Dog was looking up funny costumes and came across the idea that I could be Antoine Dodson. Hilarious. Black fro wig, red bandana and black wife weather that says "Hide your kids" on it. I know I'm a white girl, but whatever it's Halloween. I've since vetoed the idea, but I saw this on Facebook today and had to share.

Antoine's promoting the costume of himself. A-mazing.

This just gets better.

What will Antoine be next?? I can't wait to see.


Amy R. said...

Oh my, I did not know Antoine until now. Thanks for the education. Hide yo kids! Hubby and I need costumes for next Friday night. I think we will have to think of something homemade for sure. Have a great weekend!

Amy R.

alexis scarff said...

So happy to spread the Antoine education, Amy! For a cute costume of my best friends went to a work costume party and there was a couple that was "Jack and Jill that went down the hill" and they were just dishevled and messey from tumbling down the hill...thought that funny and clever!