Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I'm a DailyCandy  reader. When I subscribed I really wasn't expecting much from the sporadic newsletter type emails. I assumed it would be mostly advertising. As usual, I was wrong. ha. I love Daily Candy. Always has good tips, interesting products, new companies and the skinny on what is going on around Dallas. Perfect diversion for the slow afternoon of an office assistant. Oh wait, I have slow mornings too. Hmmm. Perfect for an office assistant that does nothing!


At the bottom of the October 3rd Daily Candy, this caught my eye....

Three Branches
 A budding Houston-based site from two twentysomethings (and one’s wise ole aunt) that delivers health-conscious tidbits, from cute pink air purifiers to low-cal cake recipes. 
Why: They dish serious stuff, too, in an easy-to-understand manner, like the dangers of harmful laundry detergents, mattresses, and bedding.
When: Your next health kick hits.
Where: Online at threebrancheshealth.com.

I pay attention to all things Houston now, since Roberto is from there. Also, I love to see that "two twentysomethings" have started up a website. Very cool. 

After last weekend's OU/TX debauchery and let's be honest, almost every weekends' debauchery of food and alcohol, I always feel the need for a serious detox on Monday. This website sort of reopened my eyes today on the importance of what I eat and to continuously educate myself on how to get to take little steps to have a healthier lifestyle and I thought I'd share the wealth of information!

While, it's true that I still want to make pumpkin bread tonight and probably will and slather butter all over it I will know that at least I'm at least trying to learn to be healthier. Thanks, Three Branches!

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