Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rosstober is here

The Carlsbad Cavemen are representing on the San Francisco Giants and it's so exciting.

Cody Ross is the reason. He is on the San Fran Giants and is seriously blowing up!

Check out this article about him is the WSJ!

Cody Ross went to my high school and dominated baseball. After high school, he played in the minors and got drafted to the majors. I think first to the Dodgers, then Marlins and recently was transferred to the San Francisco Giants. You can read more about him here.

He is doing AWESOME in the playoffs against the Phillies. I'm not a huge baseball person, but it's really fun to root for someone that you know. From what I can tell in facebook status updates our little town is blowing up with excitement about Cody's success.

Also, a rap song has been posted about him, which I find pretty cool too.


Go Cody Ross!!!! Hope you're having the time of your life!!!

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