Thursday, October 14, 2010

Culinary Adventures with Bob and Al: Bob and Al plan to meet their idol

Bobby Flay has a new book out. That's it right there.

He's going to be at the Borders at Preston and Royal at 5:00 next Monday signing it feeding his culinary empire.

Guess who's going to the signing? Bob and Al. I've never been to a signing. I wonder what it will be like, who will be there and how many people will be there??

If I meet and get to talk to Bobby, will I get the courage to tell him that he mispronounces "chipotle"? Probably not. I predict I will be star struck. Even though I feel like I practically know this man. We watch all of his shows on the Food Network. We are pretty tight with Bobby. He's unaware of this, but we are.

When we were shopping around in Nantucket, we got into a conversation with a girl that works in one of the boutiques. The girls' boyfriend happens to be a chef and somehow Bobby Flay comes up. As soon as he was mentioned she said that "she's met him and she hates him and that he's arrogant." She said that the night that she met him he kept telling her that she was saying "guacamole" wrong, that it is pronounced "wa-camole". She said she kept purposely saying guacamole just to make him mad. Hilarious. Even more hilarious/sad, being the avid fans/psychos that we are, we've actually seen the episode where Bobby's wife from Texas (Dallas, actually!) is on Boy Meets Grill and they have the "guacamole vs. wacamole" debate. His wife insists that it is wa-camole and since she is from Texas, I guess he believes her? I'm no culinary mastermind, but I grew up in New Mexico probably the birth place of guacamole in America and I've only heard guacamole. Tomato - Tamahto, Bobby.

Keep you posted if we stick to going and if we meet Chef Bobby Flay. Maybe I'll whip him up some cookies? No, that's pretty nerve-wracking, think I'll just stick to showing up and avoiding the word guacamole.....

"I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate." - Julia Child


Anonymous said...

Love him! We were just watching "Throw Down" on the Food Network last night. My sister used to hang with him when she lived in NYC years ago. I don't think they ever talked about guacamole though. Whatever.

alexis scarff said...

i love that you love him too!! how great is Throw Down?! i wish your sis was still up there so they could discuss guacamole and she could set him straight...haha