Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rangers Pandemonium

It can be seen on the streets of Dallas and it is definitely in the walls of my office.

One of my bosses' is wearing a Rangers hat AND shirt. (Mary, guess who? ha.)

To this I least try play it cool, Rangers fans. At least act like this isn't the first time in franchise history the Rangers have see the world series. I mean, maybe save your gameday gear for the actual game??

Then again, what do I know about being a diehard baseball fan? Not much.

My gosh. The postman even has a Ranger cap on. Is this a uniform violation?

Maybe my problem is that I have a deep dark secret......I'm rooting for the Giants. Sorry, Texas, but I have to stay true to my roots and cheer on my Carlsbad, New Mexico hometown boy and MVP of the NLCS, Cody Ross!!! Plus, they have the pitcher that looks like the kid from Dazed and Confused and that's fun. PLUS, I'm really happy from my new blog friend, Amber, who is a big Giants fan. (Thanks to HipLip for exposing me to new blogs and Amber :)!)

Robert told me that he's a big deal because he's so skinny, yet throws SO HARD. 

Yes, I've lived in Dallas for 4 years and yes, I'm excited for the Rangers. But, I'm way more excited for Cody, his wife and adorable kids and his whole family! Carlsbad Cavemen for LIFE!!!

Go Giants and Go Cody!!!!

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