Tuesday, January 25, 2011

T is for Tuesday, T is for Tomato soup, T is for Traffic court

Today, Tuesday, January 25th, I spent two glorious hours in municipal court for a traffic violation. I was pulled over for talking on the phone in a school zone. All other 60 people in the courtroom with me, who were taking care of similar traffic violations, were dismissed because the cop that pulled them over didn't show up to prosecute them. They didn't have to pay a fine, be on probation and it is not on their record. Of course, the cop that pulled me over has some wild vendetta against me and was there to take me down. pppppppffffffffttttttttt. Funny thing is about 6 months prior I was pulled over IN THE SAME school zone by THE SAME police officer for speeding. I had to go to court for that ticket and she did the SAME thing- showed up to prosecute me. Omg, leave me alone!

This is just the kind of luck that I have when it comes to all things driving related, so I don't blame the cop.

I was pulled over the day I got my license at the ripe age of 15. I'm not making this up. I just got a warning that time, but good grief, me+driving has always equaled catastrophe. But, it's not exactly one of those things you can just quit doing.

"You just need to be more alert." - Robert (about my driving)
"I don't want to be alert."- me

I don't want to be alert, but I really have to try to especially when I'm on probation. Which I am, until June. Please pray I can stay away from any more "run-ins" with the law until then.

After this exhausting experience sitting in court and feeling like I was being tried for murder, I felt that I deserved Starbucks. Skinny mocha and low-fat cinnamon swirl coffee cake. Yes. I had this at about 11, so I thought maybe I'd be able to skip lunch, but no, my stomach was eating itself at 2:30. I had Campbell's Tomato Soup with me at work. My mom got me a Sam's style 12-pack case of it for Christmas. I've always loved tomato soup. Tomato Rice was my favorite, but they don't make that anymore. Why Campbell's, why? Anyway, canned soup can be so depressing. Municipal court was about all the "roughing it" I could take for the day, so I thought I'd treat myself to La Madeline and get their Tomato Basil soup. It's one of my favorite things. I love that soup. So creamy, probably 5,000 calories per serving, but hits the spot on a cold January day.

That about wraps it up friends, Tuesday, Traffic court, Tomato soup. Good times.

Sorry if yesterday's post caused you to worry about my well being. Robert called me today after reading it to make sure I was okay. I am. He knows I am. I just have moments, moments of doubt negativity, stress. But, life is good and I'm not in the "bell jar"....just sorting things out, you know?

p.s. I have 6 days to finish To the Lighthouse. Still haven't touched it. New Year's resolutions...pppfffftttttt

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