Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Heavy Heart

Today, my thoughts and prayers are with my dear friends that lost a loved one unexpectedly last night. I'm praying for strength and peace as they mourn and grieve. I'm praying that they find Christ in all of what they are going through.

As we grow up and have to deal with life-changing events more and more often; I'm realizing that this is what  growing up is. It is more than just paying bills, going to work and doing your taxes - even more then marriage and having kids. It's all the experiences, good and bad. Sometimes, it's hard, it's sad, it hurts, it isn't fair and doesn't make any sense. We keep going, count and enjoy our blessings with the realization that it's not easy. We used to wonder how our parents did it all and survived...now we are beginning to go through those waters. We're not sheltered anymore because now, we're old enough to handle it. We're no longer being taken care of, but we are now taking care of others. That is what is scary to me, officially not being a child. Growing up, taking responsibility, dealing with what comes at us and not being able to use the "young" excuse any more. It's daunting sometimes. That is why I'm so thankful that we weren't designed to go through this life alone. We have to lean on family and friends in our weakness and most importantly on God, who is The only one that can satisfy and give us freedom and peace.

Life is so precious, friends. Cherish every moment.

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