Friday, January 7, 2011


Why might today be special you ask?

Because this is the day that Sarah Smith was born and what would the world be like without her? It would be lacking, incomplete, void of sunlight. HA. At least, my world would be because she is my best friend.

Our friendship started out in the halls of the OU Kappa house and budded over singing "We didn't start the fire" in the back of Matt Hanna's truck on the way to a Fiji party at a pledge's house, was his name Wes? I love college and going to people's house's that you don't know the name of. I just remember instantly being friends with her and feeling like I had known her and Jill for years. That is when my love affair began with Edmond North Huskies. "Feels like homeee to me, feels like hooooommmee to me...." - sorry to anyone who wasn't an OU Kappa, you probably won't get that, but they were a little slice of home to me. Cox, Sarah, Jill, Merideth, Curley, Scheel were like my little family freshmen year...others too, Dewan, Adrienne, Jenny, Brookey, Jamie, Grant. They didn't know it, but they helped me navigate and enjoy what turned out to be what I will remember now as one of the best years of my life.

So, freshmen year of college is when I met the birthday girl and it's been a wild ride since. Living together sophomore year during my constant breakdowns and her run-in's with standards (one day at a time..haha), visiting each other after I transferred, visiting her when she was studying abroad in France, relationships, break-ups, jobs, successes, failures, losses, vacations, visiting her when she moved to Dallas, long conversations, wine, secrets, fights, laughter, dinners, moving to Dallas, being roomies for 3 years. Mary hates when I say this...but if I had a nickel for every great memory I have with Sarah, I'd be rich.

Glad you were born, Sar, I look forward to many more years of a beautiful friendship.

heyyy there
toasting to me the day before my wedding. that would be worth several nickels
i like to say we are Miranda and Carrie. She is Miranda. Duh. i am Carrie because SJP and i have the same body type. hahaha.
taken last year 1-7-10
HBD, Sar!! hehe
hmm, your bday dinner last year is going to be hard to top, but i think we can do it tonight! you only turn the big 2-8 once!

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Sarah Smith said...

Alexis! I love this. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. This above all else, to thine own self be true :)