Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Longer Newlyweds

A mere 22 days ago, December 12th (which somehow already feels like a longgggg time ago), I celebrated something I've never celebrated before, a wedding anniversary. Yes, Robert and I marked a year of making it official/legal/public that we are together and will be come what may- sickness, health, rich, poor, better, worse, etc. I'm going to state something that everyone says about everything, myself included, but, I'll go ahead and say it anyway: Time goes so fast.

One day were dating and definitely in love the next thing I know we were engaged and planning a wedding, fast forward and we've been married a year. I like to reminisce of our first weeks and months of being married. What we cooked, what our duplex looked like. Everything was new, the uncharted territory of marriage and living together.We had fun then and we have fun now, but naturally I can feel that there's growth in our relationship, our closeness grows, our memories together grow and it feels good. We know each other more and differently than we did when we said our vows and it's a great place to be. Marriage feels good. Sometimes it just hits you, "we're really in this together aren't we? it's not just me anymore?"

so newlywed there. nye 2010 at the Cunninghams. 2 weeks after our wedding.

It's not all fun and games and running through fields of daisies holding hands- this marriage stuff....being vulnerable and letting someone see all sides of you is not easy. It's actually terrifying sometimes. Refining yourself by letting your spouse see who you are, especially the dark parts, is all a facet of God's plan for marriage and how He shows us how strong his love is for us. (learned this from the marriage sermons from Tim Keller - like I'm that insightful) Even when it's hard, it is what makes the relationship between married couples so beautiful.

ANYWAY, I didn't mean to get a in-depth analysis of what I think marriage is, I actually wanted to talk about something superficial, like what Robert and I purchased each other. First anniversary gifts to one another are traditionally - paper. That's just the way it is. Since, the beginning of time. Just kidding, but I really couldn't tell you why those traditions are still around? I can tell you for some reason that I like them and I think it's kind of romantic to stick to those traditions. Even though, Robert and I are more into saving money these days rather than gifting each other, we both surprisingly got one another paper themed gifts.

I got Robert, stationary. I'm sure he wanted cry when he opened it. BUT, everyone needs stationary sooner or later. I got him notecards with his name and separate ones with his companys' name. Thank you to the talented Miss Cari Rankin at m.press who helped me with this!

That's what they looked like. I think it's going to be kind of weird on the blog. Just think vertical notecards with font on the bottom. I was scared to do anything creative with these because he might find them to be girly. So, I kept it as basic as possible. 

His gift to me was way better. He's way better at gifts than me. It's just not fair. 

He made me a picture collage of all the things we did together over the last year. So proud of him for sticking to the paper theme by the way. I adore this gift. It's with me at work, so it's a lot harder for me to have a bad day now that I can just look over and think of all our great times together. 

i loathe pics of myself, but this makes me happy :)

also he made it magnetic and some of the pics are removable picture magnets. i know, i was impressed too. so crafty!

So, as we start a beginning of a new year for the world, it's also the start of the second year for Robert and I and our path together. Thankful for every moment and excited to see what the year brings. 

Marriage quote...Socrates is a regular Will Ferrell just making jokes left and right. :)

By all means marry. If you get a good wife you will become happy, and if you get a bad one you will become a philosopher. -Socrates

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