Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stand still.

So, I've quit reading books. Not on purpose, just gradually I began a habit of "not reading". I could blame Virginia Woolf since I'm about a quarter through "To the Lighthouse" and can't find the strength within me to pick it up again. Not exactly a page turner. Remember when "The Da Vinci Code" was trendy? I remember the buzz was that it was "such a quick read!" and "i finished it in a couple of days!" Dan Brown and those sneaky short chapters. Ol' Virginia doesn't have that same approach. I don't think I've read a page since we got back from Nantucket. OMG - was that in September? I need an intervention. A Lighthouse intervention.

Oh wait, pause, I've read two of the three books in the Stieg Larsson trilogy in there somewhere - "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and "The Girl Who Played with Fire". I know she's about to to "Kick a Hornet's Nest", but I'm waiting for that story to go to paperback. Am I thrifty or what?! (The old Alexis threw caution to the wind and bought hardbacks. She also bought rounds of drinks for people and other things on that shiny Visa that she couldn't afford. R.I.P. old Alexis.) I bet that paperback is out in Sweden.

Concerning my reading stand still, I'm thankful that I'm married to Bob, who is a reader, and pushes me to expand my horizons with great literature.

well, hey, Bob! happy new year to you too!

He set a goal for us to read a book per month off of Time magazine's list of the best English-Language novels from 1923 to the present. Here is the link. We looked at this list last year; which is why I'm (trying) to read "To the Lighthouse". This year, we resolute to get serious and start reading. 

Of course, typical to my experience with New Year's Resolutions, I've yet to read a word of any book in 2011. (well, besides a little of the best book..the Bible) BUT, this doesn't mean I can't start now and knock out "To the Lighthouse" by the end of the month and then proceed with others.

I've only got 4 on my list so far:
-A Clockwork Orange
-Gone With The Wind
-On the Road
-Naked Lunch

Here's Bob's list for the year:
-American Pastoral
-Blood Meridian
-A Clockwork Orange
-The Grapes of Wrath
-Infinite Jest
-Rabbit, Run
-Red Harvest
-Slaughterhouse Five
-The Sot-Weed Factor
-The Sportswriter

Hmm. He's got some good ones, some of those might have to hop on over to my list too. We're husband and wife...we share everything, right?

Maybe I should just bring a book to work to read just to see if anyone would notice. "I'll make that copy in a second, boss! I'm about to finish this chapter!" Wonder how that would go over? Just kidding! Like I would do that! Then I might neglect my blogs and WHAT would happen then? Probably the apocalypse .

I'll be sharing some of the Scarff resolutions over the month if anyone out there is listening. Hop on the board the reading train with us in 2011...yay literacy!


Sarah Smith said...

Hey Al, you can buy the Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest on your iPad for $9.99! That is how I am reading it. I didn't want to spring for the hardback either!

alexis scarff said...

yay!! i was wondering this!! we just downloaded the free ibooks last night. i need to bond with my ipad!

The Belden Family said...

alexis... so glad i happened upon your blog. you are too funny. good luck with your reading. i currently own two virginia woolfe books and havent even found the strength to start them, so you're ahead of me! ;) good luck and happy reading!!!

alexis scarff said...

Maggie!! HI!! you make me feel better with your Virgina Woolfe confession. we need a VW support group? haha. so glad you commented and you happened upon the ppppfffttt! i think Carter needs a Dallas girls weekend soon :)!