Friday, June 3, 2011


This moment, I'm thankful that the week is winding's almost here...can you feel it???

Freedom is almost here!!! Doesn't this picture just make you think of FREEDOM? They look awfully free.

Our weekend is wide open and free of any planned event. A weekend of freedom. But, with this freeness, I do plan to clean a lot, cook a little, read a little, yoga a little and relax a lot. I also plan to reflect and be thankful for friends, family and health and to pray specifically for people on my heart and mind. Sometimes we just need to stop being a busy bee and use our freedom to be still. Stillness is hard sometimes. Life is hard sometimes. When it gets too hard and there's nothing we can do, the only thing to do is be still and pray. Faith, time and the angels around us take care of the rest. My angels are have been my friends and family...over and over again.

All for now....and remember.... :) xo

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