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Bachelorette Season Seven: It's Raining Men in Thailand!!!

I love when they start the traveling portion of this show. Even though I'm clearly loosing brain cells listening to Ashley about her "woman's intuition" about Bentley, at least I can walk away from this episode knowing I got to see how cool Thailand is.

For Ashley, this week is all about new beginnings. She can't lie, she is still thinking about Bentley, but she is at a better place now. She's moving on. She has great men here that she needs to focus on. Excellent idea, but poorly executed. Maybe if she stopped talking about Bentley that would help. I heard the name Bentley so many times last night...he might as well have been in freaking Phuket with the other 12 men. 

Ashley picks Constantine to go on a one-on-one with to kick of Thailand. He's the Greek guy that put floss around her finger on the first episode. I keep getting him mixed up with the winemaker, Ben F. They have that longish hair thing going. Anyway, here comes Constantine.

ben f. to the left c-tine to the right

Unfortunately, they get rained out of their plans for the day. They can't go on the boat and frolic about on the ocean. Ashley is going with the flow, but inside she is really bummed they can't go on the boat. Boo-effing-hoo. Seriously, you are in Thailand for FREE, just enjoy it. She and Constantine go walk around the shops arms wrapped around each other. Constantine isn't trying too hard and seems to be genuine. I like him okay, but I don't see a spark there. The conversation is very blah. So blah, in fact, that again she is thinking about, the ghost of Christmas past, BENTLEY.

Did anyone think it felt weird when they stopped the old Thai man and asked him the secret to long love was?? I thought they were going to ask him advice for something to do, somewhere to eat, directions?? No, they wanted relationship advice. This guy isn't Dr. Phil. Why are they talking to him about relationships? Granted I did like his answers about forgiveness and not winning. Ashley is ALL about the "not winning" answer. I think she's taking it the wrong way. I don't think he was competing for his wife on reality television for roses. I think he meant that in a completely different manner, but oh well, literally whatever takes Ashley's mind away from Bentley for 2 seconds is FINE with me.

most exciting part of their date. running in the rain. 

The day of excitement ends with a dinner in a cabana by the ocean. Sigh. It really was quite scenic. I looked at Robert and said, "I want to go on a date there with you!!" (Thank you producers of ABC on putting tremendous expectations on our husbands about "romantic dates".) Poor Robert agreed that it would be fun to do that on a date. Robert is holding on to a very slim thread of sanity while watching this season of The Bachelorette, but he's powering through it. Back to C-tine and Ashley. They discuss how fun the day was and that they really got to "talk". Ashley says she felt comfortable with him and that he really helped her feel better. (READ: My heart is still breaking from Bentley dumping me, but I'm trying). Constantine gets the rose. 

And now onto the group date....

go team!!

I think it is beyond cool that they helped paint the orphanage. I actually teared up a little. I know. 

The thing that was killing me was how the guys kept on complimenting Ashley on how great it was that SHE planned this project. ppppppfffffffffttttt. Boys, boys, boys. They could be unaware that each season there is some cause that ABC finds for The Bachelor or Bachelorette and his or her contestants to help with for an episode. Didn't Brad Womack and the gals do a public service announcement about donating blood or something?? My point being, though I'm sure Ashley is as philanthropic as the rest of us, the painting the orphanage thing was NOT her idea. Not that it really matters, it's a great thing to do regardless.

It became not so great when the guys were getting annoyed with Ryan P. for trying to lead everyone, oh and smiling too much. Lucas from Texas says, "we are all leaders here." I felt like I was watching an episode of the Real World and they are at their "job" and someone is being annoying. It's so hilarious when guys become catty and it's coming out. Ryan P. is annoying them! Who does this guy think he is? And all that smiling? Get him out of here!!

I've no doubt all of this would have been resolved if Bentley, the great communicator, would have been there. 

Ben F. paints a mural of an elephant on a wall and Ashley is digging it. A guy that makes wine and can paint a decent elephant.....this doesn't come around everyday!!! Jackpot!!! 

ABC brings out some bikes and some soccer goals and balls. In a very touching scene the kids come out and Ashley and the boys respond splendidly and fraternize with them. 

J.P. is changed forever. Touching, really, no sarcasm there. It was sweet. The Bachelorette - changing lives. (Lots of sarcasm there.)

Okay, it's cocktail PART-AY time!! Ben F. tells Ashley that he felt her "buzzing around him" throughout the day. Dude, she dug your elephant!! Ashley tells Ben F. that he really impressed her today. Ashley and Ben F. smooch. Connections are being made. Then she and J.P. have some alone time. According to Ashley, J.P. is the best kisser ever!!! My roomate in the dorms my freshmen year kissed this guy, Bordy, and told some people that he was a good kisser. It got back to Bordy and he got a big head about it and it was annoying. When this gets back to J.P., I hope he can stay grounded.

Ryan P. is continuing to smile and rub all the guys the wrong way. 

Throughout all of this....Ashley is still thinking about, Bentley with the heart of darkness. 

Ben F. gets the rose. And scene.....

Time for the one on one with Ames!!!!


Ashley knows Ames is smart, but not much else. Today, she's excited to get to know Ames (while fantasizing about what could have been with Bentley). Ames has already been to Thailand - mountain climbing and cooking school?? This guy is a renaissance man!! What else does he do?? They get to go on this awesome yacht type boat. Ashley tries to make a Titanic reference, but Ames either ignores it or was too busy reading Ulysses to see Titanic and has no idea what she's talking about. 

Then, they get to go canoeing around a beautiful island. Ames keeps comparing canoeing to being a relationships and love. "you never know what's going to happen, you just have to be brave and you could end up somewhere really beautiful." It's so painful, BUT, when Robert and I drove the road to Hana in Maui, I remember thinking, "this is just like marriage!! so many twists and turns and ups and downs!!" So, I'm guilty of this too - comparing excursion type activities to relationships.  

Ashley and Ames actually start talking and are having great conversation. I'm not kidding, it could be the best conversation that I've ever heard on this show. 

She's shocked that this guy can talk!! Whoa!! And he's funny!! A talking, smart, funny person on the Bachelorette??!!! This IS weird. 

Ashley and Ames talk about how much they have in common. They both have "nerd boards" in their house?? Ames says his are everywhere. I'm afraid Ames apartment might look like that scene in "A Beautiful Mind" with all those lists everywhere?? Maybe not....

She admits to the camera that she probably would have looked Ames over if Bentley was still here. pppffffftttt. She also talks about how she wants to raise her kids differently than how she was raised. "Umm, Ashley, your parents are probably watching this??"

I totally fell for Ames on this date. I want him for my best friend Sarah, not Ashley. But, Ames, is still on the Bachelorette train. Ashley likes all this "conversation" and Ames gets a rose. Cheers!!

Time for the rose ceremony!!

The middle school squabble comes to a head with Ryan P. Blake questions his sincerity. Ryan P. is not happy. WTF, guys?? I like smiling!!! Smiling is my favorite!!! Maybe the P stands for Pollyanna?? I don't know, but Ryan is freaking. He keeps his composure in front of Ashley, but this was not a fun night for him. 

Ashley and Lucas talk. Lucas is divorced?? Who else is divorced?? Geeezzzzzz, guys, stop being such statistics. 

Ashley talks to West about whether he is really ready to get married again. She's not sure she can fill those "big shoes". Anddddddd.....she doesn't even want to try because West is the ONLY guy that doesn't get a rose. Awkward. 

That's all for this week!!

p.s. Really enjoyed the out-takes of her hanging out with the personal trainer....5 more reps!!!

Oh and Bentley's back next week??!! That is really just wrong. Is ABC trying to kill Ashley for the sake of entertainment??? I don't think she can take it?? I don't know if I can take it!!! 

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