Wednesday, June 29, 2011

surely, this isn't my life...surely

I may or may not have mentioned this before, but often, I am sent to pick up lunch for my bosses. I've no problem with this. I'm not below going to get lunch. I'm glad to be the go-to girl when they need a Jersey Mike's menu. I'm glad! I'm happy happy about it!!!! (I'm bawling at my desk. jk.jk.)

Today, I let the newest guy in the office write out what he wanted. I usually take orders like a waitress, but I felt the new guy could handle it. (they don't teach the waitress bit in college. some might call me a fast learner.)

This was the result of New Guy's order:


a. Thanks for circling Cheetos. I might not have seen that.
b. Thank you for writing out the word "options" for a and b. I might not have understood where you were going with that. 

I like the New Guy. He's very nice and not cocky despite having gone to Princeton and having a large trust fund. He didn't mean to make me feel like the size of David the Gnome with his lunch order. I know that. He was just being clear. VERY clear. 

Geeeeeeeesssss. Circling Cheetos...I may never recover.......


Liz said...

Bahahaha what the hell

alexis scarff said...

hahahah i knowwww I KNOW.