Monday, June 13, 2011

Never say never

I pretty much swore to myself that I'd never join Twitter.

Why on earth would I want people to know where I was and what I was doing all of the time? I would never want that. Not that anything I do is secretive, so I don't know why I would care. (Except when I'm being shady. Winky face) I just questioned that with Facebook and a blog, do I really need any more social media and cyber connection in my life? I always answered that question with- no and went on my merry way.

BUT, when you have a lawyer for a best friend, you tend to succumb to her powers of persuasion pretty quickly. Sarah has been telling me how much I would like Twitter for weeks now. Jenny has been on my case about it for months. Soooooo, I'm doing it.

Will I tweet? Idk. Will I love it? Probably. Here we gooooo

Tweet me!


Ryan said...

Oh man, augusta has been on me for months about tweeting. I've had one for almost 3 months and I think i have 4 tweets? however i love to look at everyone else's. You are going to be so into twitter!

alexis scarff said...

i know Gus is all about it!! i definitely don't feel like i have a complete grasp of what i'm doing so far?? tbd, if i'm going to be "one that tweets"??

Augusta said...

love the new background!!!!!!! #twitterrocks #imatweetheart